Monday, July 9, 2012


You know, you can say it backwards, which is " dociousaliexpilsticfragicalirepus "
but that's going a bit too far, don't you think? "
Mary Poppins to Bert

There's an 11 year age difference between John and myself - which is nothing really I know - but add to that that he isn't from North America and sometimes the gap is literally an ocean wide.
11 years.
Nothing really.
Except when you think that:

When I was sitting in a movie theater awestruck by the magic of this movie - at 5 years old - he was sitting in a pub drinking " pints " with his buddies
When I was having my first communion - he was getting engaged
When I was watching David Cassidy and literally having heart palpitations over him at 12 years old - he was already married with his first born son
When I was going to discotheques - he was reading bed time stories to two little boys
While I was babysitting to save up enough money to go to rock concerts ( 10.00 can you imagine ) he was working to save up enough money for a downpayment on a home

He doesn't know the Brady Bunch - or Gilligan's Island - or Petticoat Junction - or I Dream of Jeannie - or Bewitched - or the Beverly Hillbillies etc while I, on the other hand can still sing the
opening ( and in some cases ) the closings of all of the above.

And although of course he knows who Rod Stewart - the Stones - Bob Dylan etc are - he still
can't sing along - he does not know the words to any of the songs that made these guys famous in the 70's - I happily belt them all out as though it still is the 70's.
( I also remember the words to Echo Valley 26809 but you have to be in your 50's to know which one that is and I'm not telling you either, lol ) 
And He has no idea who Bobby Goldsboro is - or April Wine - or America - or BTO - or Cheap Trik or Doctor Hook etc

He never had a Big Mac until he came here - never tasted a hotdog - didn't know what Pizza was - or smoked meat ( pastrami in the States ) and he still has never tasted KD and refuses to, period. He did not have a bar b q in his back yard.

He never did the " hustle " ( a very popular dance in the 70's ) didn't wear levi's until his 50's
Never owned a pair of cowboy boots and never smoked a joint - now I know a lot of people have never smoked a joint - but he never even knew anyone that did - and don't forget I'm
talking the 70's here - even if you didn't do it - you got high just being at parties there was so
much going on in a room.

So he simply cannot relate to my pop culture - at all.

Tonight there was a commercial on and it was set to the sound track of Grease

OMG I tell him - I watched that movie at least 10 times when it came out, do you remember it?

And he sort of mumbles something under his breath.

I am absolutely incredulous at this - 

Don't you know the movie John?

Yeah - of course I do

What's it about John?

Grease, Suzan, it's about Grease, I'm not an idiot you know.

An ocean I tell ya - sometimes it's as big as the atlantic ocean...................


Oh and by the way I made this sign tonight - it's my pop culture - and I'm embracing it, lol

just in case there's a lull in our conversation - I can point to it and belt out the word,
( because if you say it loud enough..........................)

One coat of ASCP - old white


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  1. Such a cute sign! Glad you can roll with the differences :)

  2. Great sign Suzan! My hubs is 11 years older than me I understand really I do!! Suzan Poppins it has a ring to it :)

  3. Lol - that is too funny :) My hubby and I are born in the same year so when a song comes on the radio that we both recall from our teens and we say, "oh, remember this song" and start singing our kids think we are crazy :) Love the sign!

  4. How fun is your that my husband is 12 years older...he always thinks I'm so young!!

  5. DIDN'T KNOW WHAT PIZZA WAS???? Sorry, i can't get over that. Really fun post :)

  6. This post is too funny, your stories about your husband and yourself make me laugh so much. There is not age difference between my husband myself, but I got married very young and thats where the difference is. My husband has a 9 year old daughter, I have a 17 year old grandson. When we got together he instantly became a grandfather of 7. I remember him coming to the house at Christmas after we had only been dating two months. I had stockings hung up for the kids,their spouses and the grandkids, 17 stockings in all. He kind of went white when he saw them, and I told him this would be the time to run lol But he didn't and we are still together 6 years later. In the 70's he was out partying and I was raising babies. Its makes for interesting conversations at times. I love your sign, how cute is that. I used to be able to sing it backwards and spell it, thanks for bringing me back in time, to my carefree childhood days. hugs Tobey

  7. ha ha! i always wondered how to spell that. :)

  8. You are so funny! Bless his heart...he missed out on the 70's in America. :) Cute sign! Some day I'll have to share a story about that word. I know you will need Depends!


  9. Love this sign! My family went to see Mary Poppins in New York 2 summers ago and my girls still sing this song! I might have to add this to one of my girls rooms!

  10. That sign is totally cool! You should make those to sell!

  11. Love your post. I can relate to most??? no all of what you refer to regarding the 70's. I miss those days. Lol.

  12. Ok. You gotta tie him up and force feed him KD. Everyone must experience KD.

    Great sign, it's a word that says it all. Literally and figuratively!!

  13. There are 5 years between my husband and I. He grew up in Texas, I grew up in Georgia. Trust me, some of what you go through is universal... life is just like that. Now if I can just get that song out of my head (of course I hear Julie Andrews singing it...)

  14. Love it! The paint color is just beautiful!

    Take care,


  15. Lol. Oh knowing the two of you, i can just hear the conversation. Love it all. $$$ good luck.

  16. I sing this song to my grandchildren all the time. Love the sign and appreciate you sharing this at the Open House Party.

  17. Suzan
    Love this post about pop culture. My husband and I are the same age, grew up just a few towns over from each other. attended the same college, and have been together since then (39 years -yikes!). Still he would not recognize most of the pop icons you referred to. He was a history major and ignored current events. He may recognize the sign though as I do sing that annoying song sometimes!

    Distressed Donna Down Home
    P.S. What is KD?

  18. I'm almost 14 years older than my husband. He loves reminding me that when I graduated from high school he was 4.

  19. I love this sign! and the story! Thanks for sharing at the All Star Block Party.


  20. SO.... gonna steal this {and pin it}.... but steal this idea!

    Thanks SO much for sharing. Stopping in from Bliss Ranch {Hot Fun in the Summertime}... and am now following you. I wouldn't object to your awesomeness following me ;)


  21. LOL! I love being in on your conversations! Being a child in the 70's rocks! Thank you for sharing another hilarious post at Freedom Fridays!

  22. What a hoot! I love your blog - my first visit and I am an instant follower!

  23. Oh how I love Mary Poppins. First movie I ever saw and I had (have) every song memorized. Love the sign! pop culture is certainly relative!

  24. Talk about a blast from the past! My first concert was at 13....David Cassidy! Started dating my an April Wind concert! Oy vey!

  25. This looks amazing!!!
    My husband and I are 13 years apart and I can so relate to what you are saying...when I was in kindergarden, he had just joined the service......
    It's a jolly holiday with Mary.....

  26. Cute sign. Mary Poppins is touring again so you're very timely.

  27. In Italian would be

  28. I ♥ your sign!!! Just hopped over from Show & Tell Friday and I'm your newest follower! Would love to have you stop by for a visit! Blessings ~ Judy

  29. HYSTERICAL! Gotta love this story as well as the sign!Great work:)


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