Saturday, July 7, 2012

Makeover of a Makeover

I decided last night to redo a piece I had already madeover - do you ever do that?  It hasn't sold and I thought it was time to give it a little extra's not a drastic change but
hopefully enough to make it truly unique enough for someone to say " I've got to have this "
This isn't the first time I've done this either - I did it HERE and than again HERE - the striped one sold within 2 days of its remakeover - and someone is coming to look at the eiffel tower to use as a vanity in their bathroom.

So hopefully this will do it for this little number -
Remember THIS ? In case you don't feel like looking at the link - this is what I'm referring to

and though I did a little distressing -

It just seemed to be lacking a little something something

And now she looks like this

I added numbers -

and layered 3 more colors on top of the Paris Grey - I added a wash of French Linen -
then dry brushed Paloma - and finished with a dry brushing of Old White - the French Linen
" dirtied " it nicely I think

close up of the layered colors

So what do you think? Am I going to have to makeover my makeover of a makeover?

Ok so here's where the hilarity comes in ( once again ) I made the pom pom's for staging - but the
colors are all wrong - anyway I couldn't sleep and had to do something so whipped these up while
watching t.v.

They should have been all white - but what the hell - they're kind of fun and I actually love the Tiffany Blue

and hung them from the curtain rod as a backdrop for the vanity - and then off I go to bed
thinking I would just take them down in the morning.
John wakes up very early in the morning to go for a pee - around 3 a.m. and I hear him standing outside the bedroom door for a lonnnngggg time - here's what follows next.....................

John says:  What the hell is hanging from the living room window?
Suzan says: Pom Poms
John says: I know that but what are they doing hanging from the living room window?
Suzan says: I think they look nice - I'm going to use them as window treatments
John says: NO. YOU'RE. NOT
Suzan says: YES, ACTUALLY I AM - they're all the rage John, all my blogger friends are doing
this - I think it's fun - and actually top designers are saying this is a fast easy cost effective solution
to window treatments..................
John says: I don't give a damn what top designers say - It looks like a ^&%*& clown's house
Suzan says: Gawd - you so don't know style
John says: Really Suzan? I think something's happened to you since you started blogging - you used to have great taste
Suzan says: I'm evolving John - now let me get some sleep - please
Suzan says: Is that your final word?
John says: Yep - Good God the neighbours are going to see them hanging from the window in the morning you know, I can't believe this.
Suzan says: Good night John
John says: Good night Sue ZANNE - ( that's what he calls me when he's really mad at me lol )

I am telling you moments like this can keep me going for a week - I am laughing as I type this -
He just makes it too damn easy................

Anybody want some pom poms lol?


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  1. Oh My Gosh! This sounds exactly like a conversation I would have with my husband! You are cracking me up! These poor guys... Every once in awhile I find myself having to "Makeover my makeovers." I have a little round table that is now on its THIRD paint job.

  2. I have 3 themes--I think you meant to add it under the 2nd theme--Its So Very Creative. You added this to the Pinterest Followers.


  3. Ooh! The vanity came out great! Thanks for stopping by my blog and following! I'm following you now too ;) - Susan

  4. I think the vanity is great the way it is I wouldn't redo it I would leave it be.


  5. Oh Suzan, you're hilarious!!lol! I would like some of those pom poms in my clown house! :) I love the new colors you added to the vanity!

  6. ROTFL! The husbands ought to start an online support group... You're too funny, Suzan!!

    I love the vanity. Do you sell a lot of stuff on Kijiji? I'm a little paranoid about having strangers come to my house, but I have to start selling stuff, otherwise we'll be on an episode of Hoarders...!

  7. Want to add my husband to the list? Maybe I should make some pom poms and he can join the support group I love the vanity. Turned out great!

  8. Love what the addition of those numbers did for the vanity...and that conversation with you husband is too perfect! Our poor husbands and what we do to them...


  9. Oh My God, Suzan!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA!!!!!
    At 3 in the morning??? Sure whatever I will take the pom poms out... LOL!
    Yes, please, send them to me!!! I love them to have it as a party decoration, actually!
    ANd yes, I loved the dresser, and yes, I have had to makeover a makeover before! I actually had it painted Paris Gray with clear wax. I distressed some more, and added dark wax and voila! It was gone in 3 days!! Hugs!!

  10. Hilarious! Men just don't "get it" do they?


  11. The vanity looks so good with all its many layers of colors now AND numbered drawers even! That is a REALLY funny story about the pom poms! I have a husband who has to get up (sometimes several times) during the night. Maybe I should try a DIY blogger late night suprize for him too. I saw your post over at "Between Naps On the Porch".

  12. Ooops... forgot to say something (which is one of the main points I came over to say...sorry, I have CRS syndrome..."Can't Remember S___")in that comment above which is that I am not too happy with the piece I painted this past week and may be doing a make over of that make over.

  13. I'm in your boat. I too am pondering making over a makeover. This looks great!
    Thanks for linking it up to Marvelous Mondays!


  14. This is my first time here and I laughed so hard when I read your conversation with your husband. I have those conversations with my hubby all the time lol If it were up to him we would have a bed a TV and blankets on the windows. He goes along with most of my crazy schemes (you know happy wife happy life) but sometime he looks at me like I have two heads and says "your going to do what?"
    I love what you did with the dresser and I will be a regular visitor. thanks again for the laugh

  15. Looks very pretty. Same thing happened to me yesterday, have a piece sitting for months now, finally decided it was time to redo it. Hopefully yours sells quickly :)

  16. That happened to me a few weeks ago! I was tired of a piece I did sitting around, so I repainted it again. And wouldn't you know it sold within a few days :) I love your layering of paints!

  17. Love it! And I like the poms too. Thanks for sharing at the All Star Block Party.


  18. looks wonderful, love the touches of the numbers.

  19. I love that..."is that your final word?" hahahahaha bad gurl.....teehee
    Oh shi* I forgot what my comment was... Oh yeah'! I vote for the 2nd redo!

  20. OH MY! I am laughing so hard, my hubby thinks I have lost my mind now! It's so much fun to be a bloggy and even more fun to watch our hubby's survive us. The dresser looks just beautiful and it just might be fun to continue with the pom pom curtains, Lol. Thank you so very much for sharing this at Freedom Fridays!

  21. Way to funny about your hubby! I love to get my man going on things too. They are way to gullible! I like your made over make over, and am stopping by from financial Friday.

  22. Suzan - If John cannot accept your pom-poms for what they are, you two may need couples therapy. A woman's pom-poms can be a serious issue!
    As for the numbered vanity. I love anything with numbers on it. I have refinished and refinished things in my booth for years. Funny story: I had a yellow candlestick table that had sat months even through sales without any interest. I took it home and painted it a soft gray. A customer came in as I was placing it in the booth and said she wished I had painted it yellow like the last one, she was looking for two of them!
    Distressed Donna Down Home

  23. Found you at the Sundae Scoop Link Party and wanted to say hello. Love your furniture makeovers! And, your conversations with your hubby had me in stitches! Pretty sure I'm going to enjoy following you. :)

  24. My last chuckle for the night. Thanks for the entertainment. You and John should take it on the road. Love the redododo!

  25. Im totally gonna have to do more Kegel exercises because Im laughing so hard right now!You guys are a trip and a half you could have your very own sit-com on TV:) Good Stuff!!! lol Im sooooo gald I found your blog.

  26. OMG. I was laughing so hard the dog came to check on me. You made my day. I'm going to show this to my husband. I'm coming back for more laughs!

  27. AHAHAHAHAHA! This is better than Laurel & Hardy, Suzan! lololol! What a hoot!! He does make it easy for you, doesn't evil girl, you. Nothing better than an ignorant husband who walks right into those hilarious conversations and doesn't realize he's the funny one. hehehe! Adore you, girl!! Thanks for making my day with this belly laugh!

    xoxo laurie

  28. Oh- I have a hubby just like yours. MyHero just doesn't "get it". He is like my straight man many times. I love it-

    Laurie from Heaven's Walk sent me over and I am your newest follower-anybody that can make me laugh is a BFF! Blessings, xo Diana


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