Sunday, July 8, 2012

100 ( plus ) followers give away!!!!!

I didn't realize until I went to link a couple of makeovers at Debbie Doos that I can no longer party with her!!!  The limit is 100 followers - and I don't know when I surpassed that number but lo and behold I have!
I am so touched that people actually take time out of their busy chaotic lives to view my little blog - and drop me a line - I understand now how important pen pals were back in the day - and how special receiving a letter from them must have been.  My grandmother had a penpal from England - and though they never met, she always referred to her as her " very dear friend ".  I never " got " that - couldn't grasp the concept of caring and sharing with people one had never met.
I get it now Nana....................I get it.

And now on to my 1st giveaway!!!

The winner gets this - since most of us bloggers are sentimentalists I thought this may be perfect for mementos - it measures 11" X 14" so can " house " a  few things that are close to the heart.

 and this necklace and earring set from Avon - compliments of 
a very good friend who's sister works for the company

and lastly this Piorra 

Piorra is pear in Gaelic - and happens to be the 
name of my favourite store in Montreal - 
it's also an ASCP stocklist.
To see more on this wonderful whimsical shop you can visit here

I purchased this little ornament not knowing who it would go to - 
tonight I realized I would love to include this as a gift to one
of my followers

So drop me a line - winner will be selected by 
next Monday - 
Pls can someone remember to remind me, lol

And to all my " very dear friends " out there
thanks from the bottom of my heart



  1. Congrats on reaching 100! That is my goal right now and I'm heading right towards it. :) I love these items that you are giving away. Good luck to all who enter, including myself. :)

    Have a great day!

  2. Nice Giveaway! Congrats!!! I would love to win :)

  3. Congratulations on a 100!!! (I've been blogging longer than you and I only have 40. It was 41 until last week... ;^( I feel like my cat who's been on a diet for a year, but somehow managed to gain a pound, lol!)

    You deserve it, you have great furniture and you're funny!

  4. Congratulation of your 100th. Time does fly by. Your giveaway is lovely.

  5. Congratulations! I don't doubt the reason so many want to come here ~ fun, first of all and then informative. :-) Your giveaway is very generous and I'd love to be included if the U.S. is eligible.


  6. Congrats Suzan! I would love a chance to win put my name in the hopper! Pick me - pick me. I remember when you started blogging and now you have 129 "peeps." Way to go! Here's to the next 100!

  7. Congratulations Suzan! Add another one to your list -- I'm excited to be your newest follower :)

    Thanks for stopping by Match Made on Hudson!

    Charlie @ Match Made On Hudson

  8. Congratulations! Before you know it you will hit the 200 mark.
    I have linked up with linky and I have you on my side bar.
    Lovely giveaway.

  9. Isn't Debbie the best? I loved participating when I first started out but still visit almost every week to see what's posted by others plus she has so many great ideas herself! Congratulations and thanks for all of the goodies in your give away!

  10. Congratulations! I love the giveaway - thank you for the chance to enter - I collect Pears (hence my blog name "The Painted Pear") and think the pear is lovely!

  11. congrats on hitting 100! And fabulous giveaway!!! I'm crossing my fingers :)

    Love Jenny XOXO

  12. First off congrats, second thanks for the wonderful mention and compliment. Keep going!!!! Love reading your blog. Always plants a smile on my face :)))


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