Monday, July 30, 2012

There was an old man named Michael Finnegan

he grew hair upon his chin-a-gan
the wind came out and blew them in again
poor old Michael Finnegan, begin again
there was an old man............................

Does anyone remember that song, lol?
I think I'm related to Michael Finnegan - because I certainly have hair upon my chin a gan................

I don't know about you but I spend a ridiculous amount of time on anything hair related -
I'm either shaving it - or plucking it - or having it streaked - or waxing it - or putting it up or one thing or another.
The other night while shaving my legs I noticed that I don't have as much as I once had - a couple of days
had gone by and I almost didn't have to shave ( they weren't smooth to touch - but they looked smooth and that's almost as good, right )?  And that may just be the one and only positive thing I can find about the aging process EXCEPT - and this is a biggie - you young'uns can turn away now, thank you, I really don't want to scare you unnecessarily - it starts sprouting up in areas where you really don't need it to.
What the hell is it with turning 50?

I've noticed that I have a chin hair that grows very long before I realize it's there.
I painstakingly put my makeup on - have my hair done - do my nails - and off I go with a bloody long hair dangling off my chin ( seriously - it grows long enough for John to pluck it out with his fingers in the car - because I only notice it's there when we're on our way out ) And I'm screaming at him - GET IT OUT -
I'LL DIE IF ANYONE SEES IT - and he frantically starts pulling at my face while driving - can you imagine
what people in the next car must think?

Why do they start growing on our chins at precisely the time our eyes are going and it's impossible to use tweezers?  If they grew there when I was younger and could still thread a needle it wouldn't be a problem - it would have just been part of my daily ritual.

What's next?  God forbid if I start sprouting hair out of my ears or nostrils.

And we will NOT talk about what's happening in the Netherlands....................because I'm just plain in denial about that..

I knew an old man named Michael Finnegan.......................



  1. Bless your heart...I am not even going to TELL you what happens in your 60s!

    1. HI Suzan – if it involves less hair where I need it – or more where I don’t – then I don’t want to know about it!!!! LOL

  2. I'm 41 and, unfortunately, have been dealing with chin hair for several years now. You'd think checking for it would be part of my routine now, but it's not. Like you, I wait until I'm in the car going somewhere and then panic after about three unsuccessful pulls with my fingernails. One of these days, there will be a 'no-plucking and driving' law because of me. lol

  3. LOL!

    Yup, I know the feeling! I can't see them even with my glasses so I have to use a magnifying glass to catch them before they sprout out too long. Drives me insane too.

  4. Girl.. I feel your pain! If it's any consolation, the wiry, prolific chin rascals suddenly disappeared around mid 50's thank God!! I have not words of encouragement about the other..... ripping off pages of the calendar year after year is just for the birds isn't it!

  5. The chin hair issue is easily dealt with. One word - electrolysis! A couple of zaps and it's gone. The rest of the hair issue, I have no answers to. Thanks for today's belly laugh! ~ Maureen

  6. You are so not alone! Weird but hey, it is better than the alternative of not being here, right?

  7. Giggle, I hear you! I purchased a 10x magnifying mirror so I never miss the little hair on my chin-a-gan. LOL thank you for sharing and for the giggles. xo

  8. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog.....I'm a new follower of yours too :) That hutch that you repainted is just beautiful :)

  9. LOl something else to look forward to in the not too distant future....

  10. OMG.... I have the same hair on my chin...I noticed it one day driving along in traffic, caught a glimpse in the mirror and freaked out....Oh yah, plucked that baby out in a mere second. Sad, isn't it....just plain sad!

  11. Thanks for stopping by with your wonderful comment. I'm a new follower too! Great job on the hutch redo!


  12. I thought I was the only one! It is a strange turning of the tide I must say. Thanks for letting me know I'm not alone, I was thinking of consulting my doctor, but was too ashamed to mention it!!! LOL
    Have a great week!

  13. thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things Hop my friend xo

  14. So true and it just gets worse. I was never a hairy type, only had to do brows 1x a mo or less. Now I find myself plucking everyday!
    Do 3 things. 1: Big Lots carries little 12X mirrors for like $7. Life saver! Very tough little mirrors. Never miss anything now. I got them for all my friends. So helpful w eye makeup, tweezing everywhere! 2: Always pluck in a well lighted window w sun. 3: Get a Wahl Personal Trimmer wet/dry kit w rotary sissor and tiny electric trimmer, also Big Lots for $12. Rotary scissor works for nose hair and hubby's ears! No worry about getting cut, washes clean! The itty bitty trimmer blade is perfect for trimming and shaping brow hair and around brows, over or under lip, sideburns. No more embarrasing incidents and much kinder than scarring up your skin.

  15. LOLOL! Oh my gosh, Suzan! I think I peed my pants when I was reading this post, girl! lololol! You are just a hoot! Once again, I can empathize with you about turning 50. It's been all down hill the past 4 years, let me tell ya. Hair in places I don't want it, wrinkles in places I don't want them, lumps and bumps and sags that would scare a Neanderthal. When I was 13 y/o, I can remember informing my mom that "I'll never weight more than 105lbs." She laughed at me and I wondered why.

    Uh-huh.......NOW I know why.

    xoxo laurie

  16. OMG, I know about those chinny chin chin hairs. My husband and son thought it wise to point them out to me when we were in a restaurant eating Easter brunch!!! I kept feeling something tickle my chin and was positively horrified to see them on my chin when I got home. Oh yeah, husband and son will NEVER make the mistake of pointing something like that out to me in public again!

  17. Do you know what is the scariest place in the world? Bed Bath and Beyond! I was in there a few weeks ago, in the cosmetic's department and came across one of those BIG light up mirrors that MAGNIFY TEN TIMES OVER! I almost cried!!! For those of you who feel brave enough to do it....go on over there and take a look! I will feel your pain!

    1. LMHO !!!
      Well I for one will not be going there any time soon then !


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