Sunday, July 22, 2012

I've been lazy...............

I have received the Sunshine Award a few times ( and if I am missing someone, I am so sorry but my computer crashed a couple of weeks ago and I lost EVERYTHING - ) and the only 3 names I can think
of are the below great bloggers

Claudine from
Kathy from
Pat from

Thanks so much ladies - it means so much just to be mentionned on your blogs - and I appreciate it more than I can say!
Please drop by their blogs if you're reading this - they're fun people with great posts!

Here are the " rules " of the award!

1) Thank the person who took time out to give you the award - and link back to them -
2) Answer the following questions about yourself
3) Forward this award on to 10 other bloggers - and let them know you have done so!
4) Copy and paste the award on to your site ( preferably not waiting a month like I have done )

And then?
On with the show ( this is it - the night of nights )

1) Favorite Color?
Sorry guys - I simply cannot pick one - it has to be Black and White - and Gray - OK - if I have to pick one it' ll be Black - no I mean White ( you see what I mean???? )
2) Favorite Animal?
NOT A FAIR QUESTION GUYS!!!!! Love too many of them - but I currently have a dog who really is my 4th child - I cook all her meals for her - because she is just too special to eat dogfood ( I mean isn't that for dogs? And she is so much more than that :)
3) Favorite Number?
Have to go with 3 - I have 3 kids!
4) Favorite Drink?
I notice a lot of people are picking soft drinks - SORRY to break the pattern here - but it would have to be
a glass of red wine - and to further buck the rules - I plop an icecube in mine ( yes - - I'm a rule breaker lol )
5) Facebook or Twitter?
Good God I'm terrible with FB  - but Twitter? That is so beyond the realm of my
understanding - fuggedaboudit - leave me alone - I'm still beaming with pride and grinning from ear to ear that I sort of - kind of - understand the blogmosphere.
6) Good book or Good Movie?
This is the only question I can answer without hesitation - BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!
7) My Passion?
Ok - another impossible question - I am ( like most other bloggers ) passionate by nature - so everything in my life gets included in this one - EVERYTHING
8) Giving or getting gifts? 
GETTING ( lol - had to type that in - of course it's giving - but I'm not going to lie, I really like getting gifts too, lol
9) Favorite Day?
10) Favorite Flower?
Any WHITE flower - but top of the list are hydrangea's

and now this award is being forwarded to the following awesomeness!!!
Vicky from DECOR & HARMONY 
Julie from JAM'S CORNER
Ok - Ladies - time to spill the beans!!!



  1. HaHaHaHAHa! You crack me up! :) I LOVE your list here you remind me of ME!!! lol

  2. You are not allowed to kill future son in laws. You can't even kill them after they become one. There are rules about this and I know because I checked. Thanks for the award! I shall make every effort to be sunny all day, now! ~ Maureen

  3. It is a beautiful place. I think it will be beautiful.

    I always say stuff like that to my kids, about being careful. They tell me that I jinks them, when what I said would happen, does. They think if I said nothing, that nothing would happen. I just say,"no, I just know what will happen." I'm a mom, I know these things.


  4. Thanks for the award Suzan, I'm honored. It may be a few days before I get a post written up about the award. I think I'm moving to Wordpress tomorrow so who knows what will happen. Oh, and you are going to have such fun with the wedding details!

  5. Thank you so much for the award, Suzan! I will be doing a post very soon! :) Julie

  6. Suzan, Congrats on your Sunshine Award and I appreciate your nomination! I was tickled pink reading about your Tom Boy daughter, thankfully she only suffered scrapes. Ahhh, but the wedding sounds like it's going to be a scene from a fairy tale - so many beautiful lights! Take care.

  7. Suzan congratulations on the award and I appreciate the shout-out, but I have accepted it before. I have decided after doing a couple of these to become an award-free blog.
    I hope with all the wedding plans for a year, you do not stop blogging because I think this is going to be a total trip! Hope your daughter's road rash heals soon.

  8. I love your answers! I sent that award to you too. LOL Guess it's all over blogland right now. You truly are Sunshine to me!


  9. Hi Suzan! I enjoyed reading more about you. Congrats on your award.


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