Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Verdict is in.....................

Thanks so much everybody for your helpful suggestions with this

It was an overwhelming WHITE - with blue background - however the customer chose Versailles background from the ASCP line - ( I used her pure white as well )

And although I am not finished - here she is so far

HOLY MOLY BATMAN - amazing right?  Can you say Antique Country buffet?
Good - now say it again please - I couldn't quite hear ya!!!!

I've only done a minimal amount of distressing - because if the truth be known " Jessica " ( the owner of this beauty ) scares me a little.....................If you're looking at this Jessica - please say you like it!

Still have to paint the upper doors - and they're going to be a " pane in the glass " although actually I've removed the " piping " and the glass panels - but still getting in and out of each panel...................uggh that's one part I really don't like on furniture makeovers.................
And then the waxing begins - and that's going to take like forever on a piece this size - but she's coming along quite nicely, no?

And this is sitting on my desk

Because I will nevah - evah - remember this if I just count on my paint saturated brain,  but I'm so super excited I can't tell you - it's the first time I'm doing this - and I just love her blog - check it out and you'll see why!   KEEPING IT SIMPLE - her name is Kaysi and she really is a sweetheart!

And now I'm off to paint the doors - and vaccuum - and clean the bathroom - and change the sheets - and wash the floors - and .....................everything else that's been sorely neglected this week - if anyone knocked on my door today - I would seriously vomit right on the spot from embarrassment.
And maybe the vomit would take their minds off the train wreck my place looks like right now.

All or nothing - either it's so clean you can eat off the floors - or it's so horrible that I can't look at it myself - there is - and has never been for that matter - no medium ground in my life.....................
AND if you think I'm exaggerating - here is the before

and here's the after

and before

and after

come on in - can I get you something to drink?
perhaps a nice cold glass of French Linen - with a little plate of Dark Wax?



  1. Sounds, tasty. Thanks for keepin' it real. And NICE job on the hutch. The scary lady will love it!

  2. LOL! Yes, thanks for keeping it real, makes us all feel better. BECAUSE WE ALL DO IT, LOL! And in my opinion, a house that's always clean is a sign of a boring owner. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

    The piece is looking gorgeous!! I never cease to be amazed at how much better stuff looks after a makeover. The Duck Egg blue would have been amazing, but the Versailles is nice too.

  3. always make me laugh. I think we all have days where stuff is covering every available surface. Others like, have weeks like that! No biggie...just keeps the lights dim. :) I LOVE this cabinet with white and the stained pretty!

    1. Thanks so much Angie! Weeks would be a little much - think I'd have an anxiety attack, lol

  4. Wow you are really good at this make over business love it and the contrast of wood and paint yum! I was also reading you post about the cussing very funny old ladies and I love the write up you did had me smiling ;0)

  5. Love the cabinet, you did an amazing job. We all have those weeks where our houses come second to our projects. Where we look like something that just crawled out of a ditch, because we get up and start working on projects in our comfy painting clothes, no makeup hair a mess, covered in paints and stain and sweat. We even scare ourselves when we catch our reflection in a mirror, but we don't care. Its our obsession with what we are working on and its our love for what we are doing. One day you and are will both have that amazing work shop, than our houses won't look like war zones.
    hugs Tobey

  6. LOVE the hutch its looks awesome great job

  7. The hutch is looking absolutely fabulous! I didn't imagine it would come out looking so fantastic, you are really working your magic on this one! Great choice. You are AWESOME!!!

  8. WOW!!! I'm so happy you linked it to the Thursday Hop XO


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