Friday, July 13, 2012

Another John says - Suzan says and a makeover

Yesterday I posted some small pieces I was going to makeover - here's one of them.....................

and now she looks like this

I used ASCP paris grey - with a white wash over it and a little bit of distressing -

Here are some close ups

Hmmm - let's see now - I think I used 6 different arrangements to put on the table - ( haven't posted all of them ) I AM THE LOUSIEST PHOTOGRAPHER OUT THERE so this is my feeble attempt at trying to make something look good -

You see the 1st photo?  With the branches sticking out precariously near the foyer?

Are you ready for another John says - Suzan says?

As I'm whipping around the table like the professional photographer that I try so hard to be - kneeling - bending - ( you should see me lol a lot of effort goes into it - I just can't seem to get it )
Anyways John decides he needs something out of the foyer....................

JOHN SAYS - Dear God - I really can't take this anymore
SUZAN SAYS - What? What have I done now?
JOHN SAYS - It's like trying to maneouver through a jungle living here ( as he tries to unhook several branches that have gotten caught in his sleeve )
SUZAN SAYS - I'm taking pictures for my blog
JOHN SAYS - You've changed the table I don't know how many times - I mean, what's wrong with you?
SUZAN SAYS - You don't get it
JOHN SAYS - I don't even think your followers get it Suzan -
SUZAN SAYS - I bet you they do John - and by the way you broke a couple of those branches off, could you be more careful, do you think?
JOHN SAYS - Are they your priceless heirlooms for God's sakes - just go out and steal a couple of more from the neighbours why don't you? ( he's referring to this escapade
JOHN SAYS - why don't you tell your bloggers you're still in your night gown at 12 o'clock noon, eh,
why don't you tell them that?
JOHN SAYS - or do you just want to tell them all the things I say and do?
JOHN SAYS - if only people knew......................

SUZAN is peeing her pants like usual - 
and I really do believe it's time to go get dressed now
the secret is out of the bag.................


Going to a party!

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  1. You make me laugh daily...and I thank you for it! The table is gorgeous, as usual. And I still wish you were closer. Of course then I wouldn't have any $$$ at all!


  2. Oh my goodness! I picked up the exact piece in Salvation Army last year and painted it Polished Pearl! I love that little statement in my formal living room. Great job!

  3. Lol - you made me chuckle once again - love your conversations :) and of course your piece looks amazing!

  4. Great table and such a fun post and yes your readers do get it!!!

  5. John may be surprised to learn that we DO KNOW and we do get it!! :-)

    BTW, love the table makeover. I'm looking at old furniture in a new way now, thanks to you!

  6. Laughing so much right now, and yes we do get it. My hubby and John need to get together. Maybe they could start a husband of bloggers therapy group. When I met my hubby he owned a duffle bag of clothes, he is a biker and would like our house to be all Harley Davidson. He has come along way in 6 years but he still shakes his head at many of the things I do. I do the same thing for pictures, he just heads outside and gets out of my way lol. I love your projects and your posts, so glad I found your blog, your posts really make my day. hugs Tobey

  7. Hi Suzan,
    I am laughing so hard again. You guys sound like my husband and me. Everytime he goes to eat something I have to tell him to wait, so I can get a picture. Poor guy, then he once said. People actually read this stuff. He just doesn't get it. He can join John and Tobey's husband in the therapy group.
    Will you link this to my blog, also.
    Adorned From Above

  8. Hi Suzyq thx for being my first follower. I like what you did with the end table, actually I have something similar that I need to spruce up. Thanks for sharing your adventures and yes aren't men something special?

    Take care and God bless,
    Patricia (from da Gloriam Deo)

  9. lol how funny this sounds like me and my daughter the table looks great i love how it turned out

  10. Again. I don't read books at bedtime anymore I read your blog for an end of the day chuckle! I love, love your peices. Just posted them to my site. Slow process:(.

  11. Lol! That commentary sounded so familiar! We have those talks all the time at my house. I'm not a very good photographer either but you get better as you go. Just remember to place your pieces where there is a lot of natural light. I love your little table and would love for you to share it at my party "Totally Transformed Tuesday" @ Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful day. Peggy :-)

  12. Found you from the Iron NEst Transformation Tuesday party. LOVE your table and the convo!! Amazing!

  13. LOL!!! I think any of us can relate. :) I thought that was pretty funny. I love your little re-do! :)


    P.S. my favorite thing to do is stay in my jammies till .... the next day! :)

  14. Love the transformation. Thanks for sharing at DIYbyDesign.

  15. Great job on your table! Love the transformation!

  16. You've been a busy girl! The table looks great. Thanks for sharing at the All Star Block Party.


  17. so pretty- i love the very subtle stripes!

  18. Love the table and your "dialogue" is LOL funny!

  19. Very funny and the table looks great! Thank you for sharing your creativity at Potpourri Friday!

  20. Very pretty table. New follower from the blog hop. :)

  21. Great job! I like the subtle stripes on it. Thank you so much for linking this up to Rustic Restorations Weekend!

  22. The table looks great! I would love to invite you to share this on Saturday Show and Tell: ( I know that my readers would appreciate this and some of your other posts. Thanks and have a great weekend.

  23. Suzan, you never cease to amaze me with your work. :) Thanks again for linking up to Fabulous Fridays! :)

  24. Your stories crack me up! I love how this piece turned out- well done : o )

  25. Love the table. I just got done painted two end tables with Paris Gray and Old White Annie Sloan paint. Love, love love chalk paint.

  26. Hi Suzan!

    Too funny! Not the cute little end table with those darling stripes... but the story of your husband's total lack of understanding about the "the photo shoot" and blogging in general. Trust me... it will never get any better. Even when you get a gazillion hits to your site... unless of course you are making money.

    Thanks for sharing at the Bunny Hop!

    xoxo Bunny Jean

  27. Your pretty table redo is a feature this week! Thanks for linking it up!

  28. Love your table and congrats on your feature. I am not very brave with furniture -- this looks great. Rhonda

  29. Thanks for linking up at Shabbilicious Friday.

  30. lololol! You are just hilarious, Suzan! I love hearing the conversations (discussions...??) that you and John have together. It's like being a little mouse in the room, ya know..?? lol!

    Maybe I should start writing posts on how "helpful" my husband is trying to be when he think he "gets me" and my "style" and brings home an old weird looking bottle from the 1970's filled with yucky vegetables (from the 1970's) floating in some vinegar concoction (from the 1970's).

    Him: "I thought it looked French."

    He turns to see me staring at it and trying not to puke.

    Him: "You just paint the top white or something and sell it, right...?"

    Me: "Ummm.....yeah. Right. Thank you, hunny....."

    xoxo laurie


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