Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Little things...............

I have a large dresser being delivered tomorrow by a customer for a makeover - so didn't want to start any big projects - I've decided it's time to give this little beauty some TLC.....................

It's missing two of the rounded " caps " one of which is in the front and kind of obvious - I'm not
Kristi - ( FOR THE LOVE OF WOOD ) and have absolutely no woodworking skills - so thought
oh well - it's still an antique - and I do not charge antique prices - so someone will just have to buy
it as is - and turned it around to remove the seat and lo and behold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TAPED TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What are the chances of that - I'd better buy a lottery ticket tomorrow, lol

I think this child's rocking chair is gorgeous and unique - I haven't seen one quite like it ( not right now I know - sort of looks like something out of " The Shining " ) now why would I go and say that???  I won't get Jack Nicholson's face out of my head now!

Better go paint it quickly so I can erase that thought completely!!!

It smells something terrible - needs a good cleaning - and of course I have to reupholster it - but still I'm loving it too much



  1. That is awesome! I have had this issue in the past, so I just took he sections off of the rest of the legs and sanded so it looked like that was how it was meant to be... Never had the pieces taped & waiting for me to find them...Lucky girl! - Susan

  2. What a great find! Love the details on the rocking chair :)

  3. Someone was wise and smart when they taped the pieces under! It's a gorgeous chair! Can't wait to see the finished product.

  4. Quick - recover it or Jack will get you!
    But I think your luck will hold out - after all you did find that cap!

  5. Cute chair! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a kind comment. Now following you too-

  6. Looks very good. Thank you for stopping by!

  7. Such a cool find go get your lottery ticket just on case lol


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