Thursday, January 30, 2014

You don't bring me flour anymore...................

Two posts in one day - because I cannot freaking believe the conversation that just took place.

I know some of you may roll your eyes in the air - but these conversations DO happen - OMG they DO - and on a frequent basis.................

Sometime's I can barely believe them myself - as in this case in point - this morning.

John was on the road - I called him - because I need some flowers in my world right now

Suzan says - Could you do me a favor?
John says - Sure - what?
Suzan says - Could you bring me home a big batch of white flowers?


I waited for the punch line - impatiently -

None came.

Suzan says - Are you serious?
John says - Dead serious - you asked me to pick some up - don't you remember?
John says - I think you're losing your mind you know

Possibly - this may just be the straw that broke the camel's back

Suzan tries again - pretending the first part of the conversation did NOT take place
Suzan says - could you bring me home a big batch of white flowers do you think?


John says - Look - I don't have time for this - I already bought flour
John says - You always use 5 Roses - I TOLD YOU I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THIS  I'll talk to you later
Suzan says - I want a batch of WHITE FLOWERS - F.L.O.W.E.R.S.

because this is all wrong for the living room - as resourceful as I am - I just can't make it work.

When it's good for you 
And you're feelin' alright 
Well you just roll over 
And turn out the light 
And you don't bring me flour flowers anymore ..................

( unless you count the 5 roses he so gallantly placed in my hands last week ) 

Have a great rest of the day - I'm going to try to arrange the flour............


He redeemed himself 

enough for a glass of water in the kitchen ( next to Audrey )

I fancy the glass up  a little with a glass coaster

and some in the living room

and because he brought them home I'm making him a beef stew

And which I'll use the first bouquet he bought me to thicken the gravy with :)

Much love,

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Headboards behaving badly

Good morning everyone !!!

When I last left you with this dresser I showed you the headboard that went with it

Often - more often than not actually - I have no idea where I'm going with a piece of furniture until I sit down in front of it - I know it sounds ridiculous but furniture speaks to me ( I'm a furniture whisperer didn't you know )

Sometimes the direction it takes me in is not a direction I would have considered at all - the brush has a will of it's own almost - and when it comes face to face with a petulant headboard all hell can break loose, I swear ( by the moon and the stars in the sky )

in this case it wanted to have a little fun
I argued with it
I told it it was being silly
I told it I had a reputation at stake

but it insisted

what the hell was it thinking?
this has to be the ugliest headboard makeover I've ever seen
stupid thing - and I'm even stupider for listening to it in the first place.

John says - I like it - I really like it
( well isn't that just typical ? )
Suzan says - I hate it - I really hate it
John says -  Leave it a day - see how you feel tomorrow

Today is tomorrow - I hate it more

John says - Why don't you list it with the dresser and see what happens
Suzan says- I CAN'T do it - it makes me sick
John says - Why do you have to get so dramatic over everything?  For God's sakes - just list it - if it doesn't sell - change it
Suzan says - Can we say YOU did it?

But I just couldn't live with it - I ended up changing it when he went to bed - it's blotchy because the paint is drying............not because I tried to make it look like brushed suede LOL

Ok the reason I'm showing you this fiasco is this.
It's OK to make mistakes - ( especially with chalk paint - because it's so easy to sand off )
It would be nothing to even bring it back down to the wood with this paint - so don't be afraid to try!
AND do not listen to furniture - listen to your gut - them's golden words friends :)

Here it is dried -  and ready to stand with it's partner - the dresser ( you can see the dresser HERE - who, by the way, was far more complacent..............)

Headboard says- Hey stop it - what are you doing?
Suzan says - Ah - shut up already...............

Sometimes a little tough love is in order.

Well not that tough I guess - I did add a little something something in the end.

And that's the story of Headboards Behaving Badly - stay tuned - the 2 spoiled little end tables are coming up next

ASCP - Coco and Old White

Suzan says - OMG - I forgot to paint the finials for the top of the bed posts - where are they?
John says- WHAT the hell is a finial?
John says - WHERE do you come up with these words?

God love him

You can see this transformation

to this ( HERE ) still my favorite one

Have a great day all
Much love,

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I WANNA live there Wednesday # 65

Good morning everyone !!!

I'm craving some warm weather - so I thought we'd head on back down to New Orleans this week - sounds good right?

French Quarter
Built 1825
3911 square feet
4 beds - 3 baths - 2 1/2 baths
Off street gated parking
Guest house included

Of all the houses in this series - the New Orleans ones just may be my favorite - I love everything about them - from the unassuming fronts - to the glamorous interiors and all the magic in between :)
I think I'd probably be arrested if I lived in N.O. - I'd probably become a serial peeping tom - I would not be able to resist running up to windows and looking in.........

You can see a few more gorgeous French Quarter homes - HERE - where this home was featured

and HERE - where this one was

I need to visit this amazing city one day - it calls to me it really does............. I'll take a little bacon - and I'll take a little beans  ( and of course I'll feast on jambalaya - crawfish pie and fillet gumbo once I'm there )
Son of a Gun - I'd have me fun..............................

And that's all she wrote

For today!

Much love

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'Morning everyone :)

I bought this dresser to use as a bathroom vanity -

John says - It looks kind of big for that space
Suzan says - It'll fit - don't worry
John says - Do you have the measurements?
Suzan says - I don't NEED the measurements - I can tell just by looking at it
Suzan says - In fact - it's not long enough - but we can work with it
John says - Why don't we go measure the space and come back?
Suzan says - It'll be perfect - the plumbing can fit behind those doors - and we have all those
drawers for storage...............

It's too big - it doesn't fit - I don't know why he lets me do these things LMHO

John says - furious - What are you going to do now - make a niche in the bathroom too?

No John - I'll just give it a makeover and sell it -
Along with the 2 end tables and headboard it came with - which were included in the price.

I used ASCP Coco and Old White  ( only because I didn't have any Paris Grey on hand LOL )

I sprainted ( my word for spray paint - feel free to use it lol ) the knobs because they were in pretty rough shape

There was a lot of precise detailing on this piece - and then I added to that by deciding to follow the pattern on to the drawer tops - because it's kind of nice when you open the drawers and see it- just a little extra something - something, right?

 and then I went back to my old habit - of numbering the inside drawers ( haven't done the last one yet
 forgot which number came after 2 )  but I mimicked the back plates of the handles to frame the
 numbers in.

and if you're wondering why I haven't shown the whole dresser yet - it's because I keep running up and down the stairs trying to get a decent one - God it's so hard being a sucky photographer -
depressing actually - because I look at the piece and it's quite beautiful and I take a photo and it looks blah!!!!!!!!!!!!

anyway - this is as good as it gets - I think it would be great in a dining room actually!

Next up - the headboard

I know they look kind of pristine in these photos - but these pieces were badly damaged -
We bought them at the ReStore - where they had apparently been sitting forever - no one wanted them.

Hoping someone wants them now :)

Have a great day everyone

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Monday, January 27, 2014

Ramblings of a crazed blogger.................

Thank God Mrs. Hughes bit the bullet - because that story line was becoming hard to swallow.

Seriously ridiculous. Not the rape - but the handling of it all - it was enough to ( almost ) make me stop watching.
I mean, c'mon Anna,
Who is that noble?

That's why I would have not fit in that era - I would have been like
or I would have blogged about it and exposed the creep lol

So how does the next cliff hanger end?

Bates kills the valet?
Edith gets dumped?  ( and pregnant ? )

Here's hoping it doesn't involve Bates again - because to be honest with you I was sick of the whole prison thing as well :)

I would have just let him quit personally.

And please write Thomas out of the story already - it's the same old - same old - every. single. season.

Ok - on another note :

I found these 2 mirrors at Target - what do you think?

Except I could have sworn I bought 2 matching ones - and I didn't like the one below as much as the one above.

so..........they've sat there for probably a month now -

DON'T SAY IT - JUST DON'T !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can think it - by all means - BUT DON'T SAY IT OUT LOUD

Because seriously?
This drove me nuts -

All those posts I do on what a genius I am ( a thought I still believe to be true )

And it took me a month to figure out I just had to turn the frame around ?

I think Einstein had moments like this too though :) I heard that at a Genius Only Conference I once attended................

Just when you think your blonde moments are a thing of the past - up pops something like this.......

Have a wonderful day everyone!!!