Friday, January 24, 2014

Another Door - where ARE you, Annie Sloan?

Hi Everyone !!!

Some of you may remember when I redid this door  ( you can see the technique I used HERE )

before and after vintage door

decorating with vintage doors

and how I gave it to Caroline from Piorra Maison as a " second store opening " gift

some of you may even remember that I got Annie Sloan herself to sign it !!! ( HERE )

Annie Sloan at opening of store

Annie Sloan signature

Well - when I bought that door - and 2 others - for almost nothing I might add -  I didn't notice until a week later that he had a few more outside in the garbage  ( he was renovating his house and getting rid of them - lucky me ) they're from a 120 year old Victoria flat - and I decided last night it was time to make one for myself.
This one is identical to the one I made before - 2 others are huge doors with windows on the upper half ( outside in the garden this summer? ) and the last one - well you'll see it at the end of the post :)

I haven't put in any of the stencilling yet - but I will - I need that little chandelier on it :)
And I didn't use the same technique as I did on Caroline's - I simply did a white wash with ASCP Pure White - white washing allows the darkness underneath to show through - very faintly - ( I wanted to write subtle ( y ) subtly - doesn't that spelling look wrong to you ?

White washed Vintage Door

and then I decided to add a little shelf to this one

Adding a shelf to a vintage door

I also had a scrolled metal piece of art

Vintage Door in living room

The shelf holds 2 hearts that my daughter Ashley made me a few years ago - I just love them
My ode to Valentine's day

 my rusty old keys

and a small tea light are just enough for this small shelf

The only thing that's missing is..................can you spot it - isn't it glaringly obvious?

Where is the Ambassa-DOOR when you need her?

Annie if you don't get back here - I'm afraid I may have to take matters in my own hands

hmmm - maybe I can transfer her signature on there LMHO

I have a beast of one that I'm working on for the kitchen

John says - Oh c'mon now - this is ridiculous now
Suzan says - Ya think?
John says - How many old doors do you need in one house?
Suzan says - You can never have too many old doors John - never
Suzan says - Ask Annie
John says - Annie who?
John says - I can guarantee you Annie does not have a house filled with old doors
Suzan says - Well if she doesn't - she'll want to when she sees the kitchen one

We're old buddies after all
Well maybe not OLD buddies - but my eyes a-door-ed her ........................

but she's a million miles away from me ....................
( or I'd get her damn signature )

( ok - I won't tell you that we had dinner with her and her husband also ) 

Have a great one all !!!
Much love,

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  1. Suzan,

    LOVE this transformation! How 'magnifique' and unique that you added that shelf and the metalwork!! Such vision, (from the doors of perception, maybe?)! All you need now is for Annie to walk through one of them!;-D


  2. This door is so amazing............I am loving your posts----I am high on pain meds following ankle surgery so maybe they aren't as funny as I see them---at any rate---I am laughing and my John keeps asking me what is so damn funny during the movie? ha

  3. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the door. Where did you place it? Can't wait to see the other one!

  4. It looks fabulous. I also love the natural wood too before the paint. The house is coming along great.

  5. The door looks amazing! I love the shelf and those hearts! swoon...
    Hm, I think Annie needs to pay you a visit and sign your door! Lol
    Waiting impatiently to see the other one done!

  6. Love your what a transformation!! Love the little shelf you added!

  7. Uh-oh. When you visit me perhaps don't bring John. I've got old doors all over the place and I believe we determined a while back that he wouldn't be happy about my abundant glass domes either..... When you are here, I'm going to have YOU sign a bunch of stuff. You're such a celeb. Serio.

  8. The door looks fantastic, Suzan. Love the shelf (and the hearts). You should tell Annie that she need to come for a visit.

    Wish you a great weekend

    Big hug

  9. Gorgeous doors! I like the added shelf. Will you paint the new one in the kitchen?

  10. Suzan,
    A girl after my own heart. You know me and doors. You can never and I mean never have too many old doors. This one came out fabulous!!!! LOVE IT! Great job. Annie would be proud.

  11. I am so jealous, I WANT this door!!!! Pretty Please with Sugar On Top, LOL??? Sad a pathetic I know but I had to give it a try.


  12. I think it looks great!
    It looks from the hearts like your daughter shares your style of creating!

  13. love the door the shelf the song which of coarse is now stuck in my head lol

  14. The door looks fabulous and how lucky not only meeting Annie but having her sign the door...what a gorgeous signature, with flair thats for sure. I am always envious of people that can sign their names so beautifully.

    Lee :)

  15. Your DOOR is almost as aDOORable as you are. I think the KEY to DOORS is that you can have a dozen of them and they will all fit in your house. Poor Annie- Gone but not forgotten (except by John). xo Diana

  16. I didn't realize you got the door signed by her. Adoorable (sorry couldn't resist) is that!! Wouldn't that be sweet to have this one autographed. Dang, wish I had thought of having her sign something for my house when I met her...see we're old buddies too *wink* *wink*.

  17. I love your door and I didn't even notice you bragging... again. Haha. Seriously, you're amazing! I can't get over how you can take something "bla" and make it look beautiful. Another great project!

  18. I love old doors! Love this one better than the one Annie signed. You can send one to Texas anytime. :)


  19. Sorry, but I think you have done too much to the door, by covering half of it with that wire scroll-y thing. I still love your blog and most of what you create (except, of course, that funky kitchen floor that you hate too).

  20. Love the door!! How fun to meet Anne Sloan!

  21. Holy shmolie girl, you and Annie are besties! lol Can't believe that you had dinner with her and her hubs, too!!! You lucky duck! :) Loving the technique on your doors and how you added that sweet shelf. You're doing amazing work, girlie!!!!

    xoxo laurie

  22. Love old doors - in fact I just bought a bunch from a friend but haven't told my hubby yet! we might have a 'john says/suzan says' conversation!

  23. Hello old buddy! Great to hear from you and say hi to John, and kick him from me for not remembering me! You and your doors! Love what you've done and it reminds me I am searching for a door from France for my shop counter front. Old doors are cool!

  24. Old doors are awesome and yours are spectacular Suzan! Love the shelf and love that you are calling this a valentine project ...LOL!

  25. Youre a better woman than me... I'd never been able to part with that door signed by Annie! How lucky you were to have met her! In person, and then to sign your work! I love what you did with both doors. I've got one out in the barn just waiting for some AS Chalk Paint... Paris Gray I'm thinking...

  26. Awesome...I love the door and yes, it will look 10x better with Annie's signature! The window doors in the garden in the spring will look wonderful, too!
    Debbie :)

  27. The doors are all gorgeous, yours with the shelf is particularly nice! Love it!

  28. I think I told you when you showed your refinished door, that only YOU can decorate a door! I mean, who else would think of that ?? Love that you put a shelf on it, and the scrollwork. Where oh where did you put it? Can wait to see what you have planned for that kitchen door.

  29. I am so jealous that you got to meet Annie Sloan and that you had dinner with her. When she was in Ontario I was on in BC, and when she was out in BC, I had just moved back to Ontario. I wish I had to money to become one of her stockist and open my own store. I would love to do that. I love your doors, All of the doors in my new house look like that, well not quite the before, they are all painted white, But definitely not as nice as the after. Now I have to do something with them. did I tell you my kitchen has 7 doors like that, 7 exits off the kitchen lol no wonder I don't have any cupboard space. But at least if there is a fire in the kitchen I don't have to worry about a way out. Want to come and paint my doors, please please, I am so tired. I only have 10 of them shouldn't take you more than an afternoon lol. hugs love love the door and everything you added to it. hugs Tobey

  30. Seriously with the amopunt of free advertising you do for ASCP I'm surprised she didn't come and sign the door.

    Looks great, I love those hearts!

  31. Hey Suzan,
    Love the door, and all the other things too.
    Have a great week and thanks for sharing at Wednesday's Adorned From Above Link Party.
    Debi and Charly

  32. It is absolutely beautiful! Love the shelf!

  33. Wow, if you're going to pick a besties your sure did good! Love your door and the treatment. I just did a vignette in our kitchen with an old door. Who knew our new love would be old doors, but yours was signed, only one who signed mine was falling dust!

  34. Your door is beautiful, Suzan--I love the shelf you put on it, and the flourish at the top, and the pretty hearts that came from your daughter. It's been a while since I've stopped by, but just wanted to say hi!

  35. Lucky you on so many counts! I love your door and the shelf you put on it - and those two little hearts - gorgeous. Beautiful post!
    Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

  36. You know I have a thing for old doors and windows. This turned out really sweet. I never thought of adding a shelf.

  37. AWESOME!!! I am SO thrilled with and for you!! I'd be going gonzo over finding those doors and your finishes... I a-door them... .. and Annie Sloane.
    Thanks bunches, Christina in Cleveland


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