Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A.G.O.N.Y. ( and kitchen counters )

Over the top
Never again will I have a tooth
Yanked out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On top of renovating a house - I now have to renovate my mouth...................

4 stitches -
As the doctor was sewing me up

Suzan says - can you just poke that needle through each cheek and somehow pull my eyes up?
Suzan says - Please?
Doctor says - well I can honestly say, that's the first time someone's requested that

AND the cost of my marble counter top will now be replaced with an implant - so here we go with making do.

( I'd rather have the counter top - but I have to be realistic - I hate being realistic - but a toothless cook would not suit a marble counter top anyway )
Sooooooooo - yesterday I bought marble tiles instead - it wasn't the " dream " but it'll have to do for now -
For the back splash I bought marble " thresh holds " - you know the pieces that go on the floor of the bathroom door jamb?  They match perfectly - and at 20 for 3 feet - they were the perfect solution because they're bevelled on either side - allowing a beautifully bevelled top part - and a bevelled edge to rest against the tile.
( go on - you can say it - I'm a genius aren't I ???? )

If you're standing from a distance - it looks like a marble slab - so I'm just not going to let anyone all the way in the kitchen LMHO

Now for the checkerboard floor - which all of you agreed was the way to go - I CAN'T FIND IT ANYWHERE HERE IN MONTREAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wanted to go with stick on tiles - in case I didn't like it as much as I think - it would have been a very easy fix to switch it out - and I'm not sure if I want to go with a permanent one for exactly that reason.
I have one more place to visit today - and then if they don't have them - I may go with this " click on "
vinyl flooring instead - thoughts?  It would bring some warmth into a very " cool " kitchen.
It's grey and ebony - perfect colors for the kitchen.

I DID find some perfect black - and white - stick on tiles on line - through Walmart - but only for U.S. - the Canadian site doesn't have them -
I even tried to fool the system -
They offer pick up - and since Montreal is close to Plattsburgh I entered a phony American zip code
and clicked on pick up LMHO - no way - the message I got was " THERE SEEMS TO BE AN ERROR WITH YOUR ADDRESS "

I'm entitled to a gift card from Ikea - 10% of the total kitchen costs - which is incredible since the cabinets were already a deal and a half.

I'm off today to pick up the following ( which is basically a gift from them - so THANK YOU IKEA )

2 of these - one for either side of the window ( I will not be having upper cabinets - other than my buffet/hutch )

Plates will go in the upper section - glasses below - and perhaps cups on the hooks?
55.00 each - and I think they'll be a great storage solution - the window frame will be black as well.
and 2 of these - galvanzed steel - on either side of the range hood - I'm going for a sort of industrial look for the cooking area - these will rest on the counters and almost reach the ceiling there since the ceiling is lower in that section ( allowing ducts for the hood )
15.99 each - what a STEEL - and a STEAL !!!!!!!!
The look won't be for everyone - but wait until you see it before you judge lol !
Keep in mind that the hood is somewhat industrial looking itself................

and 4 bar stools - they're stackable - only 2 will be in the kitchen and 2 can be stored in the mudroom for when we need them - they're only 17.99 each

STIG Bar stool with backrest IKEA The stool can be stacked, so you can keep several on hand and store them in the same space as one.
The crown molding has been installed - so the kitchen should be ready by next week -

I don't know what style it'll end up being - country/industrial/modern ?
We'll just call it a Simply Vintageous Kitchen - because for finish I don't think it'll fit in any category at all LOL

You all have a wonderful day!
Much love,


  1. I love it all!! Things are coming together!
    Sorry about your tooth!! Feel better... Vicki

  2. I had sticky black and white tiles in an apartment....oh they were pretty but stained easily. Such a nightmare in the end. I like the click flooring that you are showing.What a project Suzan!!!

  3. I love the marble tile bathroom counter! I also love the new choice of flooring. I've also seen the look of towers on the side of the stove; it's cool. What's nice about IKEAs shelving units is that they already have the ability to attach them to the wall. I also love those plate racks, and one can't beat the price. I wanted their plate rack, for a wall, but it was just an a inch to wide, and since the holes were pre-drilled I wasn't sure about cutting the boards and putting it back together. At some point, we may to try to build one.

    I'm sorry about your tooth. That stinks! My spouse had to get a score of stitches in his hand and finger. He came into the house and said he was getting a "band aide", but blood was dripping everywhere.

  4. Oh- So sorry about the tooth, Suzan. That was all you needed on top of everything else. You can probably order those tiles to be shipped to a Walmart just across the border from you and pick them up there. (if there is one that is close to the line) That way you won't have to pay shipping either. Otherwise, I like the other choice of flooring, too. I think you will be happy with it. I think your plate racks and shelving are going to be fabulous AND the marble tiles are the perfect solution!!!! xo Diana

  5. Of course, the tooth issue had to be now! That's the way the cookie crumbles, but your alternate solution looks great! Just tell people that's what you planned to do anyway. Only the ones that read your remodeling details will know and we won't tell! I think you should be ready for a day or two off simply to rest and putter...not work. Hope you are staying warm.♥♫

  6. a) You are a genius. ANYbody can redo a house with an unlimited budget. What I enjoy is seeing what people do when money IS a factor, and typically it's more original, unique, and impressive than the big money job. Genius.
    b) If you walk around toothless with a big attitude of confidence then you may inspire a trend and suddenly everyone is getting teeth yanked to emulate you. True story.
    c) We limit ourselves when we try to dictate a 'style'. Call it Suzan-esque, or New Montreal, or something that suits YOU. My house's style could be labeled "All Over the Road". That's how I like it.

  7. Love the marble tiles - they look really good. Everything is coming together. So sorry about your tooth - seems like something always happens when you are not expecting it to.
    Good luck on the flooring. Love the shelving....
    Have a great productive week.

  8. I can't wait to see it all. It looks so good! Those are some of my favorite surface selections too,

  9. you are a genius!!! and if you're taking suggestions...STAY AWAY FROM THE STICK ON FLOOR TILES! I've used them and they kept shifting out of place. especially in front of the refrigerator where "apparently" I spent most of my kitchen time. lol

  10. I used a very similar floor in my laundry room called Traffic Master Allure Ultra Aspen Oak Black from Home Depot. It was a small area and the flooring went together really well. Some of ours were damaged on the ends, but we were able to make them work. I do like it, but I already have a big scratch right when you walk in the room so I'm questioning durability. Phil was probably trying my high heels on again.


  11. Susan,
    10 years ago we built an island in our huge kitchen. It's 40" x 8'. The cost of a granite countertop (with the cooktop cutout) was over $4,000, reason being we were off the beaten path and had to pay x# men to deliver/install. I settled on granite tiles set on point. This really thrilled Brad who has been in building since '68 and has laid miles & miles of tile. I make it a point to be unique and give him challenges :-) We redid the rest of the kitchen last winter and I went with Ikea wood countertops around the them!!! A third unit had to be ordered to create backsplashes - this also let me decide to have a ledge around the whole area - coffee scoop now has a home.
    I have one thought about your beveled edges......if the bottom is beveled you may not be happy cleaning wiping residue from inside that area. The marble can be cut flat on the underside with a wet saw.......and caulking will seal it nicely.
    Can't wait to see the whole room finished!
    ps.....can you buy your floor tile in the U.S. and bring it home? Would the duty make it not feasible?

  12. I LOVE what you are doing Suzan. Your kitchen will be beautiful, I know it! Meant to share this blog with you some time ago. This woman lives in my neighbourhood and her style seems a lot like yours. I tell you what....She is amazing with a saw and hammer!!!! Check out her kitchen and her home reno.....very recently SHE installed a coffered ceiling! I swear....SHE DID IT! It is amazing. Have a great day and take a minute to drink a cup of tea and rest for inspiration! XOXO

    "Just Beachy"

  13. The floor will look fabulous and just as great I think. Ouch, on the tooth and the wallet. Chin up, soldier on and the tiles will be great because you went big, with fewer grout lines. Sarah Richardson would be proud of you, as we all are! Patty/BC

  14. Susan; sorry to hear about your tooth. Hope it gets better real soon.
    Have you checked with a Home Depot in your neck of the woods for the black and white checkerboard tiles. If they don't have it in the store then maybe they can order it for you.

    Might also want to check out these links as I don't know if they are available in your area.

  15. I think the marble looks great. The thresholds are brilliant, I don't think I would've thought of that but John would have. I like the flooring choice. I think it will add warmth. I can't wait to see this all done and in stages of finishing. The tooth thing I am right with you. I am going for an invisilign consultation and I can get a HUGE discount. If they say I have to get a tooth pulled forget about it. I had my wisdom teeth puled at once an three were boney impacted and I suffered. My front teeth will have to stay crooked, final!!!!


  16. Love the countertop - even if it isn't what you really wanted. And do you have a friend in the US who could get the tiles you want for the floor and then ship them to you? Or you could come down and get some!

  17. It's all going to be great!
    I'm looking forward to see it when it's all completed.

  18. Suzan sorry about your tooth. I had two implants not too long ago so I feel your pain. I think the second choice flooring is pretty too so what ever you go with it will look great. Hope you feel better.

  19. I have to say, I do like the second flooring better, I love the black and white, but this is more muted. I can't wait to see the counter finished as I have been thinking of doing the same thing. Sorry about the tooth, I have had an implant also and almost choked on the price when all was said and done. Yowza!

  20. Oh sorry about the tooth, bloody dentists can their time really be worth that much!

    I mentioned to you the other day I'm doing black and white and I'm using peel and stick (hopefully I can find the here)

    I like the countertop tiles I know they're not what you wanted but they look good

  21. Ouch. Sorry about your visit to the dentist. That is one place I don't like to visit and I go for my check up in a couple weeks. That's too bad about the tile you wanted but I think the click floor is really pretty and will go well with your beautiful marble countertops. How smart are you?! Great way to 'settle' for the look you want at a much cheaper rate. How I wish there was an IKEA down here. I can't wait to see your kitchen when it's finished. Take care and have fun.

  22. Sorry about your tooth...been there, done that and it isn't any fun. Love the second choice of flooring too. I think it would look great in your new kitchen.

  23. Ouch - the dentist is no fun. And now that we are on Medicare, we have no dental insurance after 40 years of coverage. Fortunately our dentist is a good friend and has offered us a better rate.

    Take care and good luck with the checkerboard. I had a blue and white checkerboard floor about 10 years ago in our kitchen. I used linoleum and dreamed of it being shiny all the time. That was never the reality. I could not get the shine with plain old wax and my room was too small to get someone to come in with a buffer - they only wanted big jobs. We swapped it for 2 inch white hexagon tile and love it.

  24. Oh, whatever you name the style, it's going to be gorgeous! At least, you'll have a kitchen to prepare some mashed food, so you can eat, even if toothless!

  25. Hi Suzan!!!

    Sorry for the tooth and it happening in the middle of renos!!!!

    The color scheme looks great in the kitchen. I can't see why the stores aren't carrying the black and white. To me it's a staple...Black and white!!! Silly really!!!

    Enjoy the rest of the week!!!


  26. You are a genius Suzan! Your counter top looks great! I'm curious about your metal shelves and can't wait to see them. Wish I was even close to finished on my kitchen. Loved the barstools too...where did you find them?

  27. Ow, sorry about your mouth - that is awful to have to deal with on top of everything else!

    I think the marble tiles look beautiful and yes, you're a genius! :) don't you love it when you can use something other than it's intended purpose and it's perfect? Hope you find your floor tiles but if you don't, I think the grey-toned click together will look good too. It's all going to be beautiful even if not exactly what you wanted.

    Love the IKEA choices too.


  28. I'm likely to be a little jealous when you are done . . .

  29. Took the words right out of my mouth - Genius! Oh, sorry, that was insensitive of me to say "mouth" given your dental issue :( I read a later post, and know you are not happy with the floor solution...I'm betting on you, though, to find something great!

  30. Well, now I'm reading your posts backwards, since I already know the outcome of your floor. lol Have a great day, Suzan, I hope your mouth has healed.
    Debbie :)


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