Sunday, January 19, 2014

Top viewed posts 2013

G'day all :)

Seems everyone is doing a post on this - which made me curious - so last night I checked my stats for last year - and here you have it - the 10 top viewed!

No. 10 

This headboard transformation - ( it's fun to go back and look at past makeover's btw - try it!!! ) 



No. 9

My Farm Table ( which is what I have in the current kitchen also ) 



No. 8

June's  ( aka April ) dining room buffet



No. 7
My John Denver Pallet Art ( which we used at Lindsay and Tony's wedding and which now hangs in their bedroom ) I think I have to make another one for myself !

No. 6 
My bedroom update  ( the last house !!! ) 

No. 5
My Vintage window " with a view "

No. 4
I WANNA live there Wednesday # 53 - tiny farmhouse ( I'm starting that series again this week :)

No. 3
I WANNA live there Wednesday # 49 ( still probably my favorite ) 

No. 2
This was the most viewed in 2012 - and was still going strong in 2013 - Country Sunshine !!!



And the No. 1 most viewed post of 2013 ( shocked me more than I can tell you )
was the home we sold ( I feel a little sad looking at the photos again - a quick jolt right to the heart )
For all that it had wrong with it - it was the one home that owned my soul - literally.

Oh and my BEFORE AND AFTERS were viewed just under 26,000 times -
With JOHN SAYS - SUZAN SAYS coming in under that -

People prefer my transformations more than my conversations LOL

Well that was a self indulgent boring post I must say...............

Have a wonderful Monday everyone

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  1. I enjoyed seeing your top 10 for 2013. Some of them I had not seen before and I love the John Denver wall art thing. I looked at that buffet and hutch painted cream and looked up at my own in front of me looking like the original of yours. Oh would I love to paint it!! But, hubby won't let me. It's just so country looking now and would look so cottage (darn spell check won't let me spell that word but you know what I mean) painted cream. I'm looking forward to Wednesday's posts again. Have a good day!

  2. Many, many well deserved views. You put a lot of work into them.

  3. Self-indulgent? So what! Boring? Never!


  4. This was a welcome post, Suzan. There were a couple that I hadn't seen - thank you!

  5. Hi Suzan!!!

    I didn't see it as boring!!! I saw it as, 'Man this woman keeps busy!!!'

    I keep looking back at what colours of paint you used and how it looks. I confess, I have a beautiful vanity that was given to me years ago. I sanded the icky dark brown paint and have never been able to pick a colour I liked for it. I've come very close a few times and then changed my mind. Drives me crazy!!!!

    I love seeing what people were looking at the most on your Blog. The before and afters always get a reaction from me. Some of the afters seems like the before isn't really the after picture because of the remarkable difference.

    I love your talent with redoing anything and most of all your personality!!!!

    Have a great week(And YAY!!! I Wanna Live There is coming back!!!!!)!!!!!


  6. I'll never forget number 2, that hutch is still stunning! It's not surprising your conversations have so many views! They are classic...
    Debbie :)

  7. You've accomplished so much...your work is always beautiful! I LOVE that sign!! Your other house was stunning too. Lots of things to look forward to in 2014 ~ you're always creating something wonderful.


  8. LOL self indulgent...really isn't that what blogging is all about. btw I love yours and Johns convo's always entertaining.

  9. Ha! I love all of your makeovers but that dining buffet was my FAVOURITE!!!!!

  10. I remember each and every one of those posts. Lovely!!!! You do wondrous work and have amazing taste! xo Diana

  11. It is fun to look back at stats and see what people loved best!

  12. I was just looking closely at the traditional grey buffet that is the third before and after. I think I own (if not the twin) the sister! Take a peek!

  13. this is amazing! visiting via MMS and hope you'll visit me back:



  14. Ooooh I always love the best of posts! :)

  15. I loved all your before and after however that huge buffet was my favorite.
    I wish I knew how to find stats to see about most viewed post?


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