Tuesday, January 28, 2014


'Morning everyone :)

I bought this dresser to use as a bathroom vanity -

John says - It looks kind of big for that space
Suzan says - It'll fit - don't worry
John says - Do you have the measurements?
Suzan says - I don't NEED the measurements - I can tell just by looking at it
Suzan says - In fact - it's not long enough - but we can work with it
John says - Why don't we go measure the space and come back?
Suzan says - It'll be perfect - the plumbing can fit behind those doors - and we have all those
drawers for storage...............

It's too big - it doesn't fit - I don't know why he lets me do these things LMHO

John says - furious - What are you going to do now - make a niche in the bathroom too?

No John - I'll just give it a makeover and sell it -
Along with the 2 end tables and headboard it came with - which were included in the price.

I used ASCP Coco and Old White  ( only because I didn't have any Paris Grey on hand LOL )

I sprainted ( my word for spray paint - feel free to use it lol ) the knobs because they were in pretty rough shape

There was a lot of precise detailing on this piece - and then I added to that by deciding to follow the pattern on to the drawer tops - because it's kind of nice when you open the drawers and see it- just a little extra something - something, right?

 and then I went back to my old habit - of numbering the inside drawers ( haven't done the last one yet
 forgot which number came after 2 )  but I mimicked the back plates of the handles to frame the
 numbers in.

and if you're wondering why I haven't shown the whole dresser yet - it's because I keep running up and down the stairs trying to get a decent one - God it's so hard being a sucky photographer -
depressing actually - because I look at the piece and it's quite beautiful and I take a photo and it looks blah!!!!!!!!!!!!

anyway - this is as good as it gets - I think it would be great in a dining room actually!

Next up - the headboard

I know they look kind of pristine in these photos - but these pieces were badly damaged -
We bought them at the ReStore - where they had apparently been sitting forever - no one wanted them.

Hoping someone wants them now :)

Have a great day everyone

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  1. It turned out great and should sell easily for you. I noticed the stone fireplace in the background, are you painting it also? Dianntha

  2. Wow it turned out beautiful...what a transformation!! Love the colors and the numbered drawers in the inside!

  3. That is one handsome dresser, and the headboard will be stunning, too! Too bad it didn't fit, it would make a fantastic vanity.
    Debbie :)

  4. I wouldn't have wanted them before. I would want them now.

    Damn, I love your fireplace.

  5. Bummer on it not fitting..Love the re do...always look forward to your post Thanks for sharing. Sheryl

  6. Your house is coming together WAY faster than mine. B!$#%. I never should have bought Phil that giant new TV. Nothing will ever get done now.


    p.s. Your not-vanity looks gorgeous. :P

  7. Wow! Looks wonderful! I can't believe how fast everything is coming together!
    You guys are amazing!

  8. Love the dresser ... too bad it did fit in the bathroom.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  9. You have such talent for seeing the "what it could be". Hope you find the project furniture for the vanity!

  10. WOW! It's fabulous, you've got a great eye.


  11. absolutely fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  12. This turned out fabulous, I love Coco and all the details. I would do the same thing to my John but I would have lost. He would have MADE me wait until we measured.


  13. oh someone will its gorgeous as usual susan

  14. OMG-You sound so much like me it is scary. Of COURSE it will fit (the word idiot implied)...and then it doesn't....Gotta have a sense of humor.

    That thing is gonna fly out the door, Suzan. And....you are painting furniture because your house is finished?;>) xo Diana

  15. Oh no, that must've hurt when it didn't fit! Gorgeous makeover though and that headboard is going to look amazing too. Suzan how do you have time to be refinishing furniture in the middle of a major reno? You amaze me!

  16. it looks great. and don't worry, I never measure either. Life is more exciting that way. :0)

  17. The sideboard looks really nice. I Iike the numbered drawers. Your living room looks really nice!! I hope you give us a tour soon.

  18. Love your makeover! Looks great now - hope it sells quickly!

  19. I never measure either. I like what Debbie had to say, "Life is more exciting that way!"
    Love your makeover, as always, you do such great work. :-)

  20. Looks great Suzan. You really work wonders on the furniture to get. Anxious to the the finished head board.
    Have a great day.

  21. Hi Suzan!!!!

    Can you send it to me? I love the way it looks now!!! I'm looking for one to put under my hutch. My hutch didn't come with a bottom, so, I put two night tables under it, but, now I want a dresser to put under it and this would look awesome!!!!

    Beautiful job My Lady!!!


  22. Suzan, I love the little extras that you do with your painted furniture. Sorry it wouldn't fit..would have been lovely. Someone else will love it now!

  23. Lovely! It'll sell fast... Have you found an other one that'll actually fit?

  24. it's worse when they remind you that they were right, sucks it didn't fit. It looks beautiful I wish my chalk painted item looked half as good. (it seriously sucks I hope I will eventually like it.)

  25. I like the little extra touch on the drawers, and I think the finished product is very nice!

  26. You are so talented, Suzan! The white contrast looks great, and the sprainted pulls do, too. I have some chair legs to paint and I am terrified that if I do it, I will ruin the chair, so there it sits. I admire that you can transform everything into a beautiful piece!

  27. Don't you hate it when they are right??? Gorgeous dresser though!!


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