Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I WANNA live there Wednesday # 65

Good morning everyone !!!

I'm craving some warm weather - so I thought we'd head on back down to New Orleans this week - sounds good right?

French Quarter
Built 1825
3911 square feet
4 beds - 3 baths - 2 1/2 baths
Off street gated parking
Guest house included

Of all the houses in this series - the New Orleans ones just may be my favorite - I love everything about them - from the unassuming fronts - to the glamorous interiors and all the magic in between :)
I think I'd probably be arrested if I lived in N.O. - I'd probably become a serial peeping tom - I would not be able to resist running up to windows and looking in.........

You can see a few more gorgeous French Quarter homes - HERE - where this home was featured

and HERE - where this one was

I need to visit this amazing city one day - it calls to me it really does............. I'll take a little bacon - and I'll take a little beans  ( and of course I'll feast on jambalaya - crawfish pie and fillet gumbo once I'm there )
Son of a Gun - I'd have me fun..............................

And that's all she wrote

For today!

Much love

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  1. Oop de do, this house is gorgeous, and that closet in the ceiling room gave me great idea for my home. Love everything about it, and that outside is to die for. I'm drowling! Thanks for letting me know my comments weren't working, all fixed!

  2. Lovely! The character and charm just oozes out all over - even in the pictures :)

  3. Now I will have that flipping song running through my head all night- sometimes I really can't stand you, you know?;>) lol LOVE the houses. New Orleans is an animal unto itself. Do you follow Ron, The Uptown Acorn? He lives right in The Big Easy and was featured in a book -which I am proud to say he sent me an autographed copy of....I love the area, too. I have not been back there in years but would love to go some time in the not-too-distant future.

    Ummmm...speaking of FLOORS- what is going on with YOUR kitchen floor now? xo Diana

  4. Wow, what a gorgeous home that first one is! The outside is so unassuming isn't it. I wonder if it was flooded in the hurricane. Hmmmm. I enjoyed your singing at the end. :)

  5. Gorgeous!!! Love the exposed brick so so beautiful.

  6. Who doesn't want to live there? I love it! Thank you for sharing it with us

  7. I need an help to close my mouth... =)
    Love absolutely all, also the outside with red bricks.
    Thank you for share

  8. Suzan,
    First of all thank you dearly for reading my new post on being featured in A/B but you must come back later because I was making a big correction with about a paragraph that was missing from my post!
    Now as for a move....can I move there with you, I can be your neighbor and you can peek in my windows anytime :)
    I hear you girl, I too would become a peeping tom, we can share a jail cell together as well, because I would be your partner in crime :)

    I have done this very thing, my friend here in my town would go as far as knocking on their door asking, but first telling them were not some crazed crazies, but could we look around your gardens and how you decorate your beautiful home? We have admired it for so long and have wanted to meet the owner. she the owner was more then happy to show us her home. So you see Suzan, I could get into some trouble in New Orleans right along with you...lol!

    Thank you for sharing this home, how about that kitchen and its brick walls...dreamy!

    Beautiful dreams to you my friend.
    An inspiring February.


  9. I am swooooooooooooning over those light fixtures. Elegant yet simple.

  10. Gorgeous! I just love exposed brick. And the lighting in the house is just fabulous. I could plunk myself right down and ignore the summer heat and humidity. (Actually, heat and humidity would be nice right about now!!)

  11. I was a Peeping Tom as we walked the streets of New Orleans. But then, I do that in any cute little place I am walking.

    That house is gorgeous.

  12. Suzan these are GORGEOUS!!!! I think and I may be wrong, not the first time, I saw that second home on HGTV once. I would be in trouble there too for peeking into homes. Truth be told so would John he is very nosy, LOL!!!

  13. Oh my, this house is fantastic. Love every single room here.


  14. Oh Susan this place is dreamy I could so live there. I love how you do this post so much fun!!! Have a beautiful week

    Kate xoxo

  15. Wow, so pretty! I really, really love that brick wall in the kitchen - just dreamy!

  16. That house on the corner was so unassuming on the outside....who knew the beauty within?! I, too, think I need to go down and check out all the beautiful homes. :)


  17. Hi Suzan!!!

    New Orleans has such a great identity with their homes. The classy style of the outside and beauty it holds on the inside makes these homes irresistible!!!!!

    I just LOVE(!!!!!!!!!!) the bricks showing in the kitchen, and the beautiful wood floors!!! The houses come across as having a personality!!!

    ...And talking of personality....Pictures please of what's happening to your beautiful to- be-home!!!!!

    Enjoy the rest of the week!!!


  18. What beautiful homes and even more beautiful rooms in them. Your pictures are wonderful and I'm like you, I would love to live there. Thanks for sharing.

  19. New Orleans is an incredible place. The first time we went there was to see the architecture of the homes on St. Charles Avenue and I feel in love, and then we found the French Quarter - more love and then we moved there for about a year. It is a very interesting place. Everyone should visit New Orleans. I have never seen a place like it again and as far as I know there is not another place like it in the US.
    Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

  20. Beautiful home! So open and bright! Love the floors, the brick and all the windows!

  21. I live close to New Orleans and go there often, but don't get to see inside the houses, so this is a treat! Such a beauty! But I hate to break it to you, this past week, New Orleans had an ice storm and was in the teens and 20's during the day! Not much warmer than your place!
    Thanks for the beautiful tour!

  22. The floors, the kitchen, the exposed brick! I want to live there! Beautiful!

  23. I want to live there, too! I have never been to New Orleans...gotta get there someday, but I'm afraid I won't want to leave.

  24. I do love New Orleans architecture! We visited the French Quarter last month and, like you, I wanted to do a lot of peeking!


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