Saturday, January 25, 2014

LMHO - no really !!!

Ok - I'm going to play Dear Abby here today -

Every now and then I get these comments - ( I know they're garbage ( spam )  and always delete them but sometimes they strike me as too funny not to share )

I'm still laughing about this, seriously.

This was on my post - The spy who loves me

WOW nice article, i just got the phone call from my hubby as promise by Dr Kamiru i just want to share a few testimony about how my marriage got saved by . I had a fight with my husband and he got mad at me and decided to bring in another woman, i know i did wrong and was scared of loosing him, when he brought in another woman to the house, i thought i have lost him already and that was when i had to use and i was amazed the way the spell cast turned the table around and made my husband start chasing me and want to be with me again. am so happy now that my husband is back to me and me alone. So if you are facing any divorce issues waste no time contact him now Via email.
Chloe Holtz

Dear Chloe

Fighting occasionally is normal -
Your husband getting mad at you from time to time is normal -
His bringing another woman into the house IS NOT NORMAL
And although I hate to say this - it would appear that you are not normal either.
You need Dr Kamir to put a spell on you my dear - a big fat potion of SELF ESTEEM would do
wonders for you.
As for him chasing you around - I'd turn around and swat him like the bug that he is.
I think he and your Doctor should both be castrated, but that's a personal opinion.
Thanks for writing to me - and for your concern -  I am not - however - facing any divorce issues at the moment.

Kind regards,
Dr. Vintageous.

Have a great Friday all :)


  1. I am cracking up down here! I know you are a savvy girl and you replied on the blog only. My, that is a funny but scary comment. Scary in their thinking someone would take it seriously and go to that link.
    Stay safe and warm,

  2. Oh, yeah, some of these spam comments are hilarious!

  3. Oh my! And to think I don't usually even read these! Look what I'm missing. Great response Doc!

  4. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You are hilarious.

    'Loosing' him would be the best option. If this comment is supposed to be selling something, I fear for the poor soul that is buying.

  5. OMG! You missed your calling!!! Advice column is in your future!

  6. What??? You got that as a comment?? I can't believe it. I've gotten lots of ones - laughs, gags, etc…that go on and on - car deals too. But, NOT one like that. That's just too weird. I'm so sick of those spam comments aren't you? The are so annoying. Love your response though. LOL

  7. OMG, I can't believe that someone would send you that. Although, nothing surprises me anymore. Hope you had a good laugh on that one.
    Have a great weekend - miss your comments to me.

  8. LOL- OMG- WAIT? She didn't offer to PAY you to visit her "savior"? What is WRONG with that picture. We all know there has to be a deceased relative in those emails somehow! xo Diana

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. I love your answer, it is really hilarious!

  11. Oh my - soooooo funny! Thanks for the good laugh!

  12. At least you gave her some "normal" advice. LOL

  13. HAhahaha! I'm coming to YOU the next time my husband and I have a fight, Dr. Vintageous! lolol

    xoxo laurie

  14. oh, that is too funny!!! I don't ever get spam (I don't think). If I do, it's never this funny.

  15. LOVE it! Perfect response ~ :)


  16. OMG...LOL, had this one too but just deleted it!

  17. Hysterical! I think you may have a new career opportunity -- or a new blog idea, Dr. Vintageous!

  18. ROFLMHO Amen Dr. Vintageous!

  19. I just love spam comments! Once someone offered me to help me find a mistress to cheat on my husband! My cats were pissed!
    Mostly I love that their English is often so bad, they make me feel like I'm Shakespeare!

  20. Oh that's hilarious! You gave her some good advice Dr. Vintageous!

  21. OMG Coffee just came out my nose....

  22. ha love it!! Spam comments are so funny... and annoying!!

  23. Suzan, I love that you had the guts to do this, if true, this person needs to get a clue and FAST!!!


  24. Um yeah hubby and the doc need a good smacking!


Due to a large amount of spam ( that I'm tired of going back to posts and deleting ) I'll be using comment moderation from now on !!!
Can I beat these spammers at their own game? Probably not - but I'm going
to try my damnedest !!!