Monday, January 27, 2014

Ramblings of a crazed blogger.................

Thank God Mrs. Hughes bit the bullet - because that story line was becoming hard to swallow.

Seriously ridiculous. Not the rape - but the handling of it all - it was enough to ( almost ) make me stop watching.
I mean, c'mon Anna,
Who is that noble?

That's why I would have not fit in that era - I would have been like
or I would have blogged about it and exposed the creep lol

So how does the next cliff hanger end?

Bates kills the valet?
Edith gets dumped?  ( and pregnant ? )

Here's hoping it doesn't involve Bates again - because to be honest with you I was sick of the whole prison thing as well :)

I would have just let him quit personally.

And please write Thomas out of the story already - it's the same old - same old - every. single. season.

Ok - on another note :

I found these 2 mirrors at Target - what do you think?

Except I could have sworn I bought 2 matching ones - and I didn't like the one below as much as the one above.

so..........they've sat there for probably a month now -

DON'T SAY IT - JUST DON'T !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can think it - by all means - BUT DON'T SAY IT OUT LOUD

Because seriously?
This drove me nuts -

All those posts I do on what a genius I am ( a thought I still believe to be true )

And it took me a month to figure out I just had to turn the frame around ?

I think Einstein had moments like this too though :) I heard that at a Genius Only Conference I once attended................

Just when you think your blonde moments are a thing of the past - up pops something like this.......

Have a wonderful day everyone!!!



  1. Don't be so hard on yourself Suzan...I would never have thought of that either. Never.

  2. hahahahaha I TRUE BLUE had to keep staring at it for about 5 minutes before I read the end. I felt like I was looking at one of those Can-you-find-10-things-different-about-these-two-pictures" picture. Ha!

  3. I bought that exact shape mirror at kohls a few weeks ago. I only bought one...and i had it turned the right way. ;)


  4. Hahaha! I love that you will call yourself out on these things....and you had me cocking my head sideways and squinting my eyes and thinking....hmmmm.......what if?

  5. I'm not watching DA. Sounds nasty though. Oh my I had to laugh at your mirror dilemma. I was going back and forth looking at them and thinking, "What's she talking about? Just turn it sideways!". Sorry. :-0 They do look nice. Where are you going to hang them?

  6. Isn't it amazing, the same exact mirror is beautiful turned one way and not so much, turned on it's side. I had to look at it twice to see what was going on with them. They will be so nice when you hang them.

  7. You had to prove it to me this morning...I woke up with a bad headache. And more snow on the way.♥♫

  8. LOL
    I need to start watching "Downton Abby" ....
    thoughts and shots
    diane @

  9. the mirrors are gorgeous but not going to say another word about the looks of each in your first photos :} Oh yes I am. I thought to myself; well, they are the same; just give the other mirror a turn. :}
    There, I just had to say it...............sorry.
    I have to say; we all have moments like that at one time or another. I know I have

  10. Oh, Suzan, you crack me up - seriously! I've been there! When we had a house cat, I bought a fairly pricey litter box with the hood. You know - to give the kitty his privacy. The only hitch was he didn't like it. He would go right outside the litter box. I tried everything I could think of to coax him into using it, but I'd finally had enough. I grabbed my bag and my keys and headed for the door. Hubby asked me where I was going. "To get a new litter box. Kato doesn't like the one with the hood." He gave me one of those looks and just said, "Why don't you just take the hood off?" Don't you just hate that!

  11. Ok Suzan you just made me laugh I mean really laugh!!!! You are the cutest blonde ever! I am not sure I would have figured that out either about the mirrors ha ha but I am blonde too!
    I agree with everything you said about Downton Abby I feel the same way on all counts. Thanks for the smile today.

  12. Sooooo funny about the mirrors!!! Maybe I'm laughing because events similar to this have happened. My response is usuallly, DUH!!!
    About Downton Abbey, Mr Bates just can't go to jail again...and you know that valet is going to show up at that party they're planning because Mary will invite his boss. Unfortunately, it was and still is, blame the victim, during those times and even now. I do understand that part.

    And poor Edith. The poor woman carries a sign, KICK ME, on her. All of her "get up and go" she recently acquired since being jilted will "get up and leave" when this horse's ass editor she met shows his true colors. I'd love to see a happy ending for her. ...and you say you're obsessed with this show!!!!!!! PS Thomas Really needs a comeuppance.

  13. I have such faith in you that when you said you didn't like the second one, my first idea was "they are the same", then "if she says they are not, then they aren't" and I scrolled back up to see the difference... I couldn't see any and I was beginning to think I was such a blonde not to see a difference when obviously all other readers would see the same as you!!! I don't know if I'm relieved at the end or very ashamed!

  14. Darling....pls alert when there will be a Downton plot spoiler mentioned! I am in the midst of packing the house and getting ready for THE biggest downsizing sale Vancouver Island has ever seen. Ok, I didn't see the mirror thing either. You and I shld start the reno packing burnout group. We'd be the first two grand dame members. Start pouring the booze! Patty/BC

  15. OK...I'm a brunette, but had the same 'blonde moment'. LOL I did NOT see that possibility until you pointed it out! Oh boy! I'm glad I'm not the only one!

  16. hahahaha. I was looking hard and trying to figure out what you were saying. even after you told us to turn the mirror, I still had to look hard to figure it out. hahaha
    and since they killed Matthew off (why oh why???) it all seems a bit anti-climatic. And I have the strong urge to yell "Cora, pick you head up woman!!! You're going to walk into a wall!"

  17. I personally think Edith is already pregnant and will get dumped...again. Thomas drives me crazy...really, they didn't learn what a snake he was the first time? And yeah, let's keep Bates as a good guy and no more bad temper thingy.

    Ha, I had a thought about turning the mirror but it didn't look like it would until you don't feel bad about that. I think they are nice mirrors - where are you going to use them? Inquiring minds want to know! ( hey, there must be a lot of us who are geniuses from the other comments about the mirrors) LOL.
    Have a great week!
    Hugs, Cecilia

  18. HAHAHAHA!!!!!! Oh Suzan.... I really needed a good laugh today. Thank you so much!!! I guess I shouldn't laugh too hard though because I'm blonde as well and have had my moments. This crazy winter has us stuck at home again because all the roads are closed. Seriously I enjoy a good snow day holiday every once in awhile like everyone else, but it's getting ridiculous. Thanks for the laugh!

  19. I thought you had bought two different ones too, if that helps.

  20. Hi Suzan, I have no idea about the first part of the post. Regarding the mirrors, that's something I would. I felt so stupid when I figured out the David Copperfield post I did recently.
    You just want to kick yourself.
    I am waiting to see where you put them
    Love to you, Ginger

  21. We've all had that moment, even if a mirror wasn't involved. :)

  22. If it makes you feel any better...I thought you bought two different mirrors by mistake. How dumb am I? ;)

  23. I've never been a fan of Bates. Someone in the family needs to kill the rapist because they will get away with it. The whole Thomas being gay thing has gone quiet. And poor Edith is such a misery.

  24. I am way behind on DA so I need to catch up tonight before I know everything that happens without watching.

    I love your mirror mistake - someone else is a ditz like me!

  25. LOL- at the mirrors.
    Now-Downton Abbey- I am glad Anna told him. I think in that day and age it was so shameful that most times it was never mentioned. I am sure that Bates "knows" who it is and I suspect the valet will end up dead at the hands of "someone"-not Bates and he will be blamed for it.

    I think that paper that Edith signed probably gave away her birthright to Downton Abbey and there will be Hell to pay. The "man" is out of the country for an undetermined amount of time and so watch that tie in with what she signed. AND I am pretty sure she is pregnant....
    I see Thomas has a new "partner in crime" with the lady's maid.
    I still love the costuming and setting(s) though.

  26. I still love Downton no matter how redundant it gets. I think she is definitely pregnant and something bad is going to happen.

    Now, about those mirrors. My first thought was. If they have been on the couch for a month where was she sitting. LOL!!!

  27. OMG you are hilarrrrious! And I stopped watching Downton mid season 3. Just couldn't take the soap opera-ishness of it. Cool mirrors. Glad you worked out that they did indeed match. I thought only I did crap like that.

  28. Oh for pete's sake! I didn't see it either until you showed the 'right' picture! Duh...
    And who the heck are Mrs. Hughes, Anna, Bates, etc? I guess it's a TV show...but no idea what you're talking about. Um, just saw the comment above...Downton...that's why I was clueless, I've never seen it. Sounds like I don't need to.
    Debbie :)

  29. OMG, I would've been the gal at the Target customer service desk returning the bloody thing. Hilarious and I'm blushing alongside you.

  30. i must be having a blonde moment cause i still see two different mirrors didnt you have to return one?? lol

  31. You are too funny! Thanks for a good laugh about Downton! I am ready for the resolution to the rape episode too! I love the matching mirrors and I can see how they could have been mistaken since they were so similar.

  32. I think we all have those moments. Love the mirrors...they are so pretty!!
    I just recently started watching DA and watched all the past seasons, so I'm all up to date on it now.

  33. Hi Suzan!!!!

    I can't stop laughing!!!!!! I went back and forwards looking at the mirrors and I tellya
    I'm not a blonde and I still fell for it!!!! LOL Really Loud!!!

    As far as Downton Abbey, I thought Anna acted exactly how a raped victim acts. It's surprising how we won't tell the hubby about the rape or sexual assault because we fear he will do something to harm the rapist and land himself in jail. It took me 2 days after for my hubby to find out about the assault.

    I really had a hard time after watching that scene. Crazy how I still feel it after 12 yrs.....

    Oh well. I have to keep reading your blog to take me away from it. Which I have to thank you for, so, THANK YOU for being you!!!! I LOVE your personality!!!!!

    Have a great week!!!!!!

  34. Well, call me blond, because I didn't see that they were the same either. Took me a second even when you said to just turn them. It's the simple things that go over the heads of geniuses! And I do like the mirrors -- both of them, in fact :)

  35. Oh my gosh...I almost wet my pants laughing! It sounds like something I would do. We blonds have to stick together you know :)

  36. You could just return the one on the right......buhhahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Sorry had to say it.


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