Sunday, January 26, 2014

It's down to the books!

We had such a great spot in our last 2 places for books -

The last place was in a very large foyer - facing the front door actually - I kind of loved that it was the first thing you saw when you walked in to that old Victorian flat -

Billy Book Shelves with extension

But no such luck with this place - and truth be known there's no place really for them in this house - but I can't live without them - I really can't.  They're like my security blanket - I feel good just knowing my favorite words are tucked inside - safe and sound.  ( and I DO reread books )

Anyway - they were not going to work as brown units - ( they're just IKEA billy cabinets - so only wood veneer for you wood lovers :)
And so they were quickly white washed - very very quickly.  Too quickly.  They'll have to be redone when I have the time - but I needed to get the book boxes out of the front porch - it's getting embarrassing now - 2 months later - that we still have boxes to unpack!!!

Here's a sneak peak - and only a sneak peak because I'm not finished yet - I still have more to do
in the living room - but I'll let you see the bookcases lol
you get to see how the colors of the books bring a bit of vibrancy into the white walled - white ceilinged living room :)

Don't they look cottage-y ?

Books are like the Tofu of Interior Design lol -
They blend in seamlessly with any type of decor - I've never seen a room filled with books that I thought to myself
" hmmm, no - those books don't belong "

I'm really liking the 2 leaded glass windows on either side of the fireplace ♥♥♥

It's the easiest painting technique there is - bar none - seriously

And just like that - 2 months later - tonight it felt a little more like " home "

In case you're wondering - I removed the backs completely - since the walls are panelled it wasn't necessary to keep them on ( and they're very very flimsy to paint ) we secure them to the walls anyway so we didn't need the extra support that the back panels give :)

painted ikea billy bookcases

and the view of that little red house goes with the colorful books, don't you think ?

 Think I'll read a little today - just got in our order of 4 more Maisie Dobbs books :)
 And I have Goldfinch sitting on my end table ready to devour!

 Have a wonderful Sunday everyone
 It's the day of rest - try to remember that ♥
 Much love,

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  1. I love how you have whitewashed them. I can't imaging not having my books close by either. I have finished the Goldfinch and it was wonderful. xo Laura

  2. I think it looks fantastic! We had built-ins made, and they line an entire wall in the library. I'd like to have another wall done, but it'd be hard to align the furniture since one wall is almost completely a window. I do love the room though, the shelves just made it perfect for us, like you're saying for you. :)

    And is that a mirror on the fence? I like it!!! It almost looks like a cut-out in the fence!

  3. Books definitely warm up a room and give te appearance that someone really lives there! I know Sunday is a day of rest but "ala Suzy Q" I decided to start painting the coffee table last night. As soon as the last coat on the legs is dry I am going to flip it over and wax it quickly. I have company coming this afternoon!!

  4. Oh I am glad you found somewhere for your books. Great idea to whitewash them Suzan. Cannot wait to see the whole picture. You move fast girl!

  5. How warm and welcoming! And I love your tofu comment - made me giggle.

  6. I love books too! I have too many and everyone gives me more, because I can't say no.

    I love the paint job! At least from these photos it looks like the veneer is showing through which makes them looks cottage or old, which gives them warmth.

  7. Those books add the perfect touch and look fantastic! Good thing I never started painting that chest for Hope's room. I was going to use ASCP in white, but now I know I am going to white wash it! LOVE! <3

  8. Very very pretty, Suzan! I can't believe how fast you are with all the makeovers!! I have this vision of you, with a paint brush in one hand, a book in the other, a pencil behind your ear, and earphones in both, an elastic in your hair, and a pot roast in the oven! Multi tasking, humming away, dreaming up the next big project, while John struggles to with the sight of it all!

    Hope today you are, indeed, resting...


  9. Very much like HOME! BTW, I moved a LONG time ago and I think there are a few boxes in the basement that haven't been unpacked...maybe I need to just get them out and have a look-see and decide if I need them. I need some of these bookcases in my bedroom AFTER I paint that room! Yours look so good!♥♫

  10. Great job Suzan! Books make a house feel like home. And your home is getting prettier and prettier.

  11. Your bookcases look great and i really like them. Everything is coming along nicely. I know you will be so happy when you get everything completed.
    Have a wonderful week. Stay warm

  12. I love having books around, too. Can't imagine a house without them. Soon they will be extinct, I'm afraid. Your sneak peak was such a tease -- I can't wait to see the rest! Now I have a craving to whitewash something. Anything.

  13. They look great painted white and I love them in the living room. Enjoy your reading.

  14. Looks great Suzan! Like the white of course and your books look so cheery now!

  15. I am like you, Suzan. Books have been my friends since I was just a child. I love them-the heft of them, the scent of them, the way the pages feel in my hand. I have re-read several books in my lifetime and still have a whole series I want to read again. Glad you took a down day (if you did). xo Diana

  16. ps- They look GREAT, by the way. I love how books instantly make a house feel like HOME! xo Diana

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  18. I love how the bookcases look. I have a fugly wall unit iI have been wanting to upgrade and now I know what to do with it,!!!!
    Did you sand before you painted and wax afterwards? what would the process entail?

  19. Of course you must have your books. I can't understand anyone who doesn't love them. When my bookcases are full I stack the overflow on the floor. It's my decorating style. Or, so I tell anyone who finds that odd. Ikea was made to be painted and who could do it better than you!

  20. Looks lovely Suzan! Thanks for the white wash recipe too! I have 4 boxes of books I haven't seen in 11 years. I can't wait to get them out again! Have you met the owner of the little red house yet??

  21. Hmmm, I have two Billy bookcases finished in a light oak look that don't work in the bedroom. Think I'll need to white wash them too. Thanks for the suggestion.

  22. Good morning lady, Well, you are coming along very well. Love the whitewashed bookshelves. I wasn't sure what Billy bookcases were until I saw your picture. So I am guessing the shelves in my craft room are (S)illy shelves...They came from Staples.
    I looking forward to seeing the living room.
    Have a blessed week, Ginger

  23. These came out great Suzan. My husband couldn't live without his books either, a HUGE reader.


  24. I need to organize my books, they are all stuck in the office's corner built-in that nobody ever sees so it's cluttered with other junk, too. Yours looks fantastic now that you painted it.

  25. I love all of your inspirational home decor! So pretty! A couple of my friends started a lifestyle link party called Be.You.Tiful, it starts every Thursday at 7 p.m. I think you'd be the perfect fit for it because we focus on beauty, interior design, fashion, health, and anything that makes you feel inspired. Look forward to seeing you linking up!


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