Thursday, January 9, 2014

There's no place like home...................

Really there isn't

And that's why if a tornado were to strike my neighborhood - and I were mysteriously carried off the to the land of Oz - I'd happily stay there - living amongst the wicked witches.

And if the good witch Glinda came by with a pair of red glitzy shoes - I'd tell her to " take a hike "

Because flying monkey's would be a piece of cake next to these renovations.


I'm so in need of a yellow brick road now it ain't funny..................

Actually I might take the red shoes - they're kind of snappy - but I wouldn't click them 3 times.
It just wouldn't happen................

Kitchen cupboard doors are going on today -

and the floor gets laid - oh please let the floor be the right decision!!!

when I designed the kitchen cupboards - I had to put 2 smaller units on either side of the sink to ensure the sink would remain centered with the main window...........( don't you love my dry wall window? )
so I allowed for 2 " wine " racks to be fitted on either side

I could have used the storage instead to tell you the truth - but then everything would have been off symmetrically and that would have drove me nuts in the end.
We already have wine storage in the dining room but hey...............

John says - How many bloody wine storages do we need?
Suzan says - As many as the house will hold, after these renovations.................
Suzan says - I may have a couple installed in the bathroom too

That wood trim you see on the outer ledge of the counter top will be painted white - since I went with marble tiles I needed a " lip " to rest the tiles against.

I had the same issue for the cooking area - so I put in a narrow bookcase - for cookbooks - only on 1 side

I missed the sale by one day on a stove I desperately wanted -
Now I'm not willing to pay the regular price - so the old one will be installed until another sale happens

This was the one on sale - if I'm going with gas I want a stainless steel top - my current one is black on top and it always looks dirty - or dusty - or streaky..................
Then again I'm not even sure I want gas - for finish the stove is going to be the item that sends me over the top most likely

I'm also torn about an island - but in the end I'd like to try to incorporate my farmhouse table
Just have to figure out a way to give it more height - I thought of building a " pedestal " for it - any other suggestions?
It's too low ( table height )
You can see why it works so great in a small kitchen HERE

Oh and by the way - that buffet/hutch you see behind it?  That's being brought into the new kitchen as well - since there'll be no upper cabinets I'm going to need it :)

Another crazy day here folks :)

On another more positive note - they're calling for 8 degrees on Saturday ( 46 degrees ) pretty nice when you consider that last week it was - 46 ( that WAS a minus sign in front )
The weather has been hitting extremes all across the board this winter - but I intend to take full advantage of these balmy temperatures lol

Have a great Thursday
Big hugs,


  1. "You can never have too many wine racks, especially after renovating a house while living in it" -Japolina. (you can steal this!)

  2. Home Depot sells large industrial looking wheels that lock. That would raise the table to island height.

  3. I love the idea of a pedestal for the farm table. The top of it could either match the floor or the counters and later on be incorporated into a "real" island easily....IF you ever sell this place. DO IT! Not sure if you had a chance to check out Just Beachy, but take a look at her kitchen reno....mostly IKEA and mostly done by her. You'll love it, I know! Have a great day, REST a bit and know you're being sent love and positive vibes from the GTA!

  4. It's coming together so fast (to me), Suzan! I know you're living in the mess but really, it's just about there. I like what Razmataz said about the wheels for your island. Also, you could add short legs and feet to the bottom and make the bottom area into a shelf for more storage. Hang in there. I look forward to seeing your update every day. Enjoy the January thaw on the weekend. We're going to get LOTS of rain. UGH.

  5. I love watching your projects. It's soooo fun, but soooo stressful at the same time. We flipped several houses doing most of the work ourselves… during the jobs, we wanted to spit nails, gouge our eyes out, etc, but after they were done, it really wasn't THAT bad…. It was bad… but not THAT bad! (a drop ceiling in a basement comes to mind… wearing contacts and installing drop ceilings don't go well together… we didn't think of goggles until after it was finished!) Good luck on your next project!

  6. Suzan,
    I have a black cooktop too and I hate that it never looks clean! I will never have one again so good call on your part...Sorry you missed the sale. I hope you won't have to wait long. I think it's all going to look great - floors included!
    As for your table, I like the suggestion of the locking wheels or the adding of a pedestal.
    I cannot imagine living in a renovation as extreme as yours. You are making great progress. I look forward to reading each post and seeing what you've accomplished! Hang in there! I am rooting for you!
    Extra hugs,

  7. Add a shelf to the bottom of your table and make feet from fence posts caps to raise it to the right height. The fence post caps come in different heights and shapes. I believe they would look great with your table legs.

  8. Suzanne I think you are coming along quite nicely. I painted our kitchen before Thanksgiving and it is still waiting to get the rest of the attention it needs. I am not gutting it but, hey 6 weeks later and I haven't even thought about it.... hang in there you have finished rooms now... love what you are doing.... Cathy

  9. I love that table! It's coming along great! An additional set of bun feet or locking wheels.

  10. Moving right along...just follow the yellow brick road. :)

    And what's wrong w/wine cabinets in the bathroom?? :)

  11. they say reno's are one of the most stressful things to go through along with divorce which comes after reno's,
    I had a farm table I made higher by adding a shelf at the bottom then extended feet with big casters with brakes, first I used big bun feet but I didn't like them, I don't explain things well,lol

  12. I feel your pain - I really do. We've been doing makeovers and renovations on our home for almost 17 years now. At least you are getting at it and getting some stuff done quickly! I don't think we will EVER be done.

  13. I'm wondering whose more French, you or me, as I have no wine rack planned in my kitchen projects! I'll put the wine racks in the bathroom when I remodel it!

  14. Oh Nooo! Missing out on the stove! I could cry, I can only imagine how pissed off you are. Why didn't a sales rep call you, or take the order and hold for you?! Don't go back there to buy, find another dealer. Bad treatment. The floor will be great, don't worry : ) and you have lots of places to hide wine for the stress treatment. Patty /BC

  15. Sounds like you are moving right along. All of your decisions look terrific and i know you will be over the moon when you get the kitchen finished. That always drives me crazy when it's not complete.
    Stay warm and I am enjoying your posts on the progress of your new home.
    Have a great weekend Suzan.

  16. Suzan,
    I love the china cabinet coming into the kitchen that is going to look awesome. I think a if you can figure a way to use that beautiful farmhouse table do it. That is a gorgeous piece. It is all looking so great. I cannot wait to see the final reveal. That kitchen is going to be over the top.

  17. 8 degrees my goodness. Personally I think you can never have too much wine storage.

    Good luck ill be crossing my fingers for the stove to come back on sale.

  18. casters or bun feet or casters and bun feet lol.....i think you need a trip to the wine store personally .... go to one in the city next to a spa spend the day... take a mud bath then get a good rub down then check in to a nice hotel for the night ..... call john and invite him..or not lol .....24 hrs. away would do you good xx

  19. Suzan- How much higher do you need the table to be? Could you drill into the bottom of the legs and add casters? If the leg is too spindly you can add casters that have an exterior application, too. That way you can move the piece around, too. My daughter had one like that in one of her houses.

    Good luck-you are getting there. If you want a laugh pop by my blog and see The Blue Man game that my daughter invented. Drink a little wine before you visit-it will be even funnier- xo Diana

  20. I'd go with locking castors. Easy to move out of the way and raises the height.

  21. I was thinking just what Maureen said..put that up on wheels! You are moving right along Suzan!

  22. So many renovations going on at one time, don't blame you for wanting to escape to the land of Oz. I was going to suggest locking wheels for the island too, to give you more height or build it up with wood blocks that are usually used for the top of stair banisters. can't wait to see the floor. My house count down is 6 days, aaaaaa, having major panic attacks daily. What have I taken on? when your done can you come help me lol hugs Tobey

  23. Usually I agree with your choices, but one here I don't care for. Since Im too old to have more wine in the house than I can drink in a year---and the cheap wine i buy needs to be from the most recent vintage to be drinkable and needs to be used in a year so as to enjoy it best!!!LOL---I would have had those sink cubbies filled with slots to hold trays, cookie sheets, and cake cooling racks. But that's me, and you have such impeccable instincts for what works for you I'll trust you on this one and admire the skills of the person who built your wine racks. Oh to have your energy and motivation!!!!

  24. Hey about putting large casters on your island? Just a thought. And it ony crossed my mind because I have to take the 4 casters off my sideboard because it looks too tall in our kitchen. lol Your kitchen IS coming together beautifully, girlie! Your taste is just exquisite!!!

    xox laurie

  25. OK… I thought you would get a kick out of this. I read this post and already commented. I was in the bathroom about 1 hour later getting ready for the day, and my partner walked in and said, "I think we need a wine rack in the bathroom… for easy access…." LOL She doesn't read blogs, so I know she didn't read yours. Ha!

  26. Suzan, I would get some big, locking wheels to put under that table/island. They could add as much as 6 inches. It looks like the legs are substantial enough to support the wheels. Everything looks like it is moving along...please don't have a heart attack.

  27. Suzan, you are a renovation machine! So much is getting done! I hope your stove goes on sale soon!

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  29. Oh yes, you do want a gas stove!! I can't imagine going back to regular, I love my gas stove. I love the addition of the wine storage & book rack to even things out, they look perfect!
    Debbie :)


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