Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Spy who loves me.....................

Good morning everyone -

For all the photos I've been showing you of the kitchen transformation - I've purposely omitted to show you this - which is on the opposite wall.

In a kitchen where I've opted to not have any upper cabinets - it's a must really - but it needs a
just a little tweaking  :)
( I don't dare show you the dining room one - what a crowded absolute disaster lol )

There's nothing particularly wrong with it - considering it once looked like this

I had previously added some chicken wire to the 2 outer glass panels - but they've been a source of some pretty intense conversations ( since John cuts his hands and arms every time he takes a dish out of it LOL ) so I know I'll have to remove them -

I went downstairs to start and was met with this on the kitchen table

Suzan says - Hey - J. Edgar Hoover - do you think you could move all of your surveillance paraphernalia ?
Suzan says - Any interesting leads ?
John says - What the hell are you talking about now?
Suzan says - Well obviously your tracking someone or a group of people with all of that
John says - I'M BUSY SUZAN - I'm trying to figure out where all the new customers are I've got to see in Ontario and N.Y.

Should I remind him that that's what his GPS is for?
Nah - we'll let him play, shall we?

No forget it - I can't resist

Suzan says - I know it may seem like a silly question to you - but can't you just use your GPS to figure all of this out?
John says - It's not the same thing - I need to know exactly where I'm going - and the distance between each place
John says - Don't you have something to blog about?
Suzan says -  Now I do - Thanks!!!


Not a prayer buddy - not a prayer...........

Anyway until he's figured everything out - and that could take quite a while by the look of things
this makeover will be on hold..............

Personally I think he's working undercover for YOUR government -

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a space-based satellite navigation system that provides location and time information in all weather conditions, anywhere on or near the Earth where there is an unobstructed line of sight to four or more GPS satellites.[1] The system provides critical capabilities to military, civil and commercial users around the world. It is maintained by the United States government and is freely accessible to anyone with a GPS receiver.
While originally a military project, GPS is considered a dual-use technology, meaning it has significant military and civilian applications.

Except he's doing it manually - you can never be too careful you know 

Like Heaven above me 
The spy who loves me  
Is keeping all my secrets safe tonight  ♪♫♪

Much love,


  1. lol,it does look authentic. :) And hurrah for new customers. :)

  2. Ummm... Is John a little hard headed ;) jesh, I think he needs more to do around the house to keep him busy... Lol!

  3. Suzan, I'm with John on this one. I love maps and never have used a GPS and we've driven all over the U. S. and parts of Canada. I have to see it on a map. Of course we have some "Eric says - Julie says" discussions about my huge map being in the way of his line of sight, but other than that I'm a good navigator!

  4. LOL~so funny.
    I love the china cabinet too. :-)

  5. Love the china cabinet. So John is a spy LOL. Why does he have GPS if he doesn't use it. Men - never can figure them out.
    Everything is coming together so terrific. I am always looking to see what you have done.
    and I must say Suzan, I love everything you have done. You go girl!
    Have a wonderful week.

  6. Very Funny!!! Love the China Cabinet. Lookin good girl!

  7. Good God! I thought my hubs just might be the only techno dummy out there and I find you have one too! Mine keeps looking for a phone book (which I recycle as soon as they arrive). Amazing, they walk among us...... Patty/BC

  8. Hahaha. That is so funny! We don't have a GPS. We use maps too. So old fashioned we are. I'm the co-pilot and try to read the map for the pilot who ends up taking it out of my hands and reading and driving at the same time, then he gives it back to me. He never stops to ask directions either. I love your china cabinet. What a sweet makeover!

  9. John is just a riot, I know I couldn't keep a straight face with some of things he comes up with, LOL. Love the hutch.


  10. I can help him--I am from Ontario and New York.

  11. suzan..leave the chicken wire just cover the parts that are hurting poor john with half or quarter round...the wire looks so dang good...everything looks good xx

  12. My husband doesn't trust the GPS - he says it sends him the wrong way all the time. Actually, I don't think he follows the instructions.

  13. Roflol - I am a map person myself and hubby is the GPS guy. Good thing I have had the maps though because the GPS has gotten us lost almost every single time we have used it (at least when I'm with him anyways ;) )

  14. Suzan, Please cut John some slack on this one. Let him get all this stuff memorized. We don't want him looking at or listening to the GPS without a navigator. That's assuming he's driving.
    You should hear me yelling at that GPS lady when I take a shortcut. LOL

  15. haha although it's not that silly I have been lost using a gps when there was roadworks the blooming thing sent me an hour out of my way into the unknown wasnt happy!

  16. How old is John? This reminds me of my ex's horse race handicapping efforts using those huge old multi-columned ledger sheets to list all of the variables...I'd just go to the paddock, look at the horses and say, "That one looks like I feel on a good day"...and it very often would win.

  17. LOL !!!!! That explains a lot going on in the US these days....months....years....6 years to be exact!!!! No more working for the US John!! LOL

  18. Love the china cabinet, and sorry to hear the chicken wire's gotta go. Hey, how about when you take the chicken wire out, you line the doors with the maps? Then he can have a command station for his spy activities! "Don't you have anything to blog about" cracked me up!

  19. The china cabinet is stunning. Everything can use a little updating every so often, although letting it sit gives it personality.

  20. And nobody does it better....makes me feel sad for the rest.
    I'll be singing all night, girlfriend.
    xxx, T.

  21. Too Funny!! Love the china cabinet...too bad that the chicken wire has to come out as it looks great with it.

  22. Oh Suzan you guys make me laugh. thanks for the chuckle. you need to record one of these conversations and post it here through YouTube. They need to hear Johns accent!!! It adds a certain Je ne sais quoi!! Well I've seen the cabinet and can't wait to see what you have planned for it. Sargent Pepper will approve.

  23. Hi Suzan!!!

    You kill me!!!! Isn't it sad that we just can't resist the "Poke in the ribs," when it comes to our husbands? You're hilarious!!!

    How loud were you singing today!!! LMBO!!!!!

    Enjoy the rest of the week!!!


  24. God bless 'em. They are ALL just poor misguided creatures! lol xo Diana

  25. Ha! I always pictured you as a Bond girl!!! I love your cabinet and sins of omission are the best kind...right?

  26. Do you know...I ALWAYS look up on a map (online) where I'm going so I can see visually where I'll be. Which is a plus since I don't have GPS in my car, but Phil does. That damn thing has lead him down more dirt/gravel/crap roads, thru tar pits, chicken coops, and outer space. It NEVER takes him the route he would have gone, had he consulted a map first. Then I have to hear him cuss about it. And all I say is, "Why don't you look it up ahead of time instead of letting that machine think for you?" I'm afraid I'm with John on this one.... I hate GPS!!! You can tell him he has one pathetic supporter for this post. ;)


  27. China cabinet is go-juss and practical, too.
    I used GPS once. I was supposed to be just passing through Cleveland, but it took me on an approximately 400 mile tour of the place. However, my friend's OnStar GPS works like a champion.

  28. I'm another one who needs to see it on a map...although I do like the GPS! Your cabinet looks great in its new home!!

  29. If he works for our government, then he is looking for a place where our president can meet his new mistress (have you heard about the lastest French scandal?). Maybe you can help him find a place that is cosy enough!

  30. Hahaha! I am addicted to maps, I love seeing streets, rivers, etc...and I loved geography in school.
    It's good to know your spy loves you...
    Debbie :)


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