Saturday, January 4, 2014

It's a mixed up muddled up shook up world

( except for Lola - EL O EL A - Lola )

Yesterday was -40
Monday it's going up to 4 degrees Celcius ( that's a balmy 40 degrees for you Americans )
And that's the way we roll here in Montreal lol - I'm going to get the pool ready...................

We're painting the kitchen and the living room this weekend - and I have to finish up the stairwell because baseboards and crown molding have to be put up everywhere next week.
The stairwell is almost done

John bellows out - Oh NO you don't
Suzan says - What now?
John says - I'm throwing those branches out in the garbage
Suzan says - What is it with you and branches?
John says - What is it with YOU and branches?
John says - I CAN'T STAND THEM
John says- They belong on trees - not precariously placed around the house ready to poke someone's eye out..................
John says - And while we're at it - I don't like them in the bedroom either.

But I'm not worried about a few branches - if these home reno's haven't killed us - nothing will

You can read about his aversion to them HERE

I think what he meant to say was -
Wow Suzan - great job - it looks 100% better now - but that sentence got caught in his throat somehow..................

If you notice, the first 4 steps are slightly wider than the balance ....................
I have huge plans for those 4 steps - and they don't include branches - stay tuned!!!
( John is totally unaware of this new development that came to me like a dream )

Isn't paint the most marvelous invention like ever?

Have a wonderful weekend all - if it weren't so cold out I'd run outside and cut up some more branches lmho.............

Much love,

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  1. It is so freaking cold out!!! We're so tired of it and haven't left the house in days. It's calling for +7 and lots of rain for us on Monday. Not good with the 90 + cm. of snow we have down. I love the stairwell. It really looks beautiful and is such a change from the old orangey wood. Wow! You two are really moving along with the renos. Have a nice weekend. Pamela

  2. It looks fabulous! I can't believe how tired I am of knotty pine!

    Have a great weekend :)

  3. I like knotty pine, in the right places. Perhaps that's because I'm a woodworker. Anyway, love your stairs as they are now, so much better. I enjoy seeing your blog everyday, it's so amazing to me how much you get done in a short time.

  4. I can't even fathom 4 degrees.

    Love your painted steps . . . love the slightly larger bottom steps . . . love the branches

  5. The stairs look great!! Love how the bottom 3 are bigger than the others.

  6. The stairs looks beautiful, Suzan. Love the black and white combination.
    Take care in the cold. (I`m sure you work so hard, that you stay warm)

    Big hug

  7. We all give you the pat on the back that John seemed to miss..LOL...Men...can't live with them or without them...The stairs really do look great. I bet you don't want anyone to even walk on them. :) Stay warm...the cold stuff is heading to Oklahoma :(

  8. That's hilarious Suzan. Mr. Frugalista and I were just having that very same conversation this morning as we're putting away Christmas. I have a vase at the end of our hallway with dogwood branches and when I went to remove the gold glittery sticks and put back the dogwood he complained that he doesn't get it and they are a safety hazard. Men!!!

    BTW, your staircase looks awesome with a fresh coat of paint and dark stain.

  9. It looks fabulous and very dramatic, very "you".

  10. I love love branches I thought I was the only one..:)

  11. Loving the steps. They look great and can't wait to see what you do with them. for the branches did you resort to grade school humor and tell him to make like a tree and leave? Just wondering- xo Diana

  12. Stairs look great!! I would think that John would be accustomed to most anything by now. :) Guess branches are definitely the exception, huh?


  13. hahahahahahaha.......can you please show a photo of John? I need to put a face to this guy.

  14. It looks really nice. Are you living there while you are working on it? Dianntha

  15. Wowza! The stairs look great! I am laughing about the branches because I have them all over, too, and my husband says the EXACT same thing! Maybe they went to Husband Training School together?

  16. Hi Suzan!!!!!

    The stairs look great!!! I love the branches/sticks!!! I love the way
    you added a bit of the outdoors.I'll never understand men. My hubby
    complains about this and that and when finally I've put the area all
    together, he says, 'Oh, now I see what you were trying to achieve!!!'


    Love how the house is coming together!!!


  17. I love the stairs, what a difference. Men don't get branches, they never will. The house is really coming along, you guys are going to need a vacation after this. Rome was not built in a day young lady, slow down take some time for you. hugs Tobey

  18. I am always amazed how paint changes everything! I am a branch gal too. Lookin good girl!

  19. love love love the stairs transformation

  20. Your house is coming up so beautifully it's a mild 20 degrees celsius here feel free to visit and do some repos over here!

  21. I wanna know what you're going to paint on those stairs!

  22. What a huge difference a little paint made on your stairs! Wow, they look fantastic! Branches & all...and I am dying of curiosity to know what your plans are for the bottom steps...
    Debbie :)

  23. I love branches--and my John has come to 'all right' they are ok kind of like them sort of attitude. I think he finally realizes I am going to decorate with them whether he likes it or not......he always would talk about a poke in the eye with a sharp stick sort and I always say better than a sharp stick finding itself somewhere else.smiling as I said it of course


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