Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Good Morning Everyone :)

Come on in !!!

Just to answer a few questions that have been asked about my decision to go with open shelving instead of upper cabinets.

1)  I DO have a buffet / hutch in the kitchen - it's on the wall facing these - I just haven't shown photos of it yet because it's in the process of being redone - so I have plenty of glassed in ( closed ) storage - as for things getting dusty and greasy - well - I intend to use my dishwasher. Often lol.

2) A few of you thought that the " horrid " floor had been laid wrong - but there was no pattern to follow on these particular ones - there was NO WAY to make it look unified whatsoever..............

I'm not even going to show a photo of it again - that's how sick it makes me !  But it's a click on floor - so extremely easy to pull back up -

3) Chania from RAZMATAZ was the first one to mention putting castors on my farmhouse table to add height - so a huge thank you to her ( although to be fair - many others of you had the same idea so a huge collective thank you :)

Here's the table

and here's the castors from Home Depot - it should add 5 inches in height - which is perfect

they have brakes which is a good thing because my floor is on a bit of a slant - and I don't want the island making a mad dash for the pool in the summer LOL

ok - now on to today's post -

there's a coat closet in an odd space in this house
at the end of the hallway - just in front of the kitchen and it's quite deep since it goes to the end of the stair wall -
It's the perfect spot for a large pantry...........................or a BUTLER'S PANTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!
( if you look carefully you can see I blocked out the kitchen floor in this image LMHO )

I know, I know, a pantry is far more practical - but when did I ever let a little thing like practicality affect my decisions lol and I have the mud room where I can borrow some space for a pantry :)

John says - What the hell is a Butler's pantry ?
John says - Well I know what a butler is - and I know what a pantry is - combining them together must be a North American thing
Suzan says - I'm sure they have them in England John - I'm sure of it
John says - Nah - I think it's something the colonies invented................
John mutters - Butler's pantry - now I've heard it all.
Suzan says - Pardon me?
John says - RIDICULOUS - we don't have a butler - this isn't a manor - it's just ridiculous
Suzan says - It has nothing to do with Downton Abbey - now YOU'RE being ridiculous
Suzan says - I'll get you a butler's suit, though, for when we have parties - and you can stand in front of it..........
John says - what's next - a French Maid's Closet?

It's not a big opening - 46 inches - but here's some of the images that inspire me :) because they're smaller than the average ones you usually see

Here's the cupboard - it's a long stretch of the imagination - but I'm doing it - !!!

There's even electricity in there to accommodate a little chandelier -

Does it sound like a plan or what?

Now excuse me - I'm off to find a French Maid's uniform lol

Have a great day all :)

All images were sourced from this Pinterest Page.


  1. I love your imagination and I love the idea of a Butler's Pantry. My grandmother's home had one and I always loved playing in there.

  2. omg I want a butlers pantry never heard of them till today but I want one-miss you Suzan and your lovely emails.cant wait till everything is finished and your back to normal " Normal "well I mean back to Suzan-love dee x

  3. John might be convinced of a buttlers pantry if you're dressed as a French maid ;)

  4. I would love to have a butler's pantry. That, however, would involve a new house and quite possibly a husband!

  5. A Butler's Pantry, how PERFECT! Now put on that French Maid's outfit and maybe Jon will get you that sparkly chandelier! Love the castor idea, simple, cheap and awesome. Have an amazing day. xoxo

  6. Hm, sounds like a good plan to me! I'd love to have one. I say go for it! John cracks me up...he says the funniest things.
    And a chandelier! I'm going to try to sneak one into my closet makeover...

  7. I love the idea of the butlers pantry too if you have the room, I think I would make it into a coffee station/slash butler pantry depending on how it is facing the kitchen. I am hoping to do a space like that at my place. I love the second pic, looks like carrara marble and I love that stuff. House closes tomorrow, I am excited and freaking out all at the same time. when your done your place can you come help me with mine. please !!!!! hugs Tobey

  8. The butler's pantry is that locked wall of cabinetry in Carson's office. It was where all the fine silverware was kept so no one could pilfer. So there! lol

  9. I love the way the entry looks! The butler pantry sounds like a great idea, because the hallway looks too pretty to store groceries.

  10. There you go, being a genius again.

    My house sacrificed it's butler's pantry to add the bathroom, back when bathrooms were invented. Sad story, isn't it? (Although a bathroom is a real nice touch in a home.)

  11. Would love a butler's pantry...great inspiration there! I would love just a set of beautiful doors that I opened to lots, and lots of shelving for storage! I need more storage! Can't wait to see what you do...

  12. Oh wow!!! I love your idea. A French maid's closet.....you gotta find a spot for that somewhere....lol.
    Isn't is funny how people see the same thing and put it to different apps? One day 2 friends and I were out antiquing (many years ago) and found a huge crockery bowl.......so big you'd have to wrap your arms around it to pick it up. Donna said 'Oh, a bread bowl!'. Julie said 'Oh a salad bowl!' and I said 'Oh, a cookie dough bowl!' we all wanted it so we graciously left if for another customer. All this is to say I would use a space like that for a baking station....hahahaha!
    Don't forget to set the butler's bell on the dining table!

  13. I did something similar off of our kitchen and I have never regretted my decision.

  14. Love it! And the light will add so much to that area.

    French Maid's uniform - I bet John would understand that!!

  15. Your butler's pantry is going to be perfect, Suzan! And I think you should give John his French Maid closet...it would fit perfect in your reading nook area...hehehe
    Debbie :)

  16. By George, I think you're on to something there. I like the second pantry you shared. Great idea!!

  17. Love this idea! You have a lot of great photos for inspiration, however, I doubt you need any. You have more creative talent than a French maid! :)


  18. Once you put that French Maid's outfit on John is gonna let you do anything you want to - and I do mean anything!!!!!

    GREAT idea!!!! xo Diana

  19. I love how your mind works - you have such vision! I have to live in a place for at least a year before I can figure out what to do. A butler's pantry sounds great to me!

  20. You can do it and I can't wait to come to the party and see John and you in your costumes. LOL, :)Ginger

  21. I think it's a Wonderful idea having a Butler's pantry.
    When we lived in Iowa, the house that we lived in had a very nice size Butler's pantry. Something I really do miss.
    If you have the opportunity; go for it.

  22. It sounds like a perfect plan and I have complete faith that you can pull it off!

  23. Hi Suzan, I am so far behind in my emails, so instead of starting with the older ones I started from the top and am working my way down, LOSER- LOL!!!! I love this idea so much. I must admit somewhat jealous. New house NO butler's pantry. My friend that we are staying with one about your size. It is amazing what you can with that size. Maybe think wine fridge, you may need it after all this work. I know not funny, sorry.


  24. That will be fabulous when you are entertaining! I think John just suckered you into getting a French Maid outfit. Reverse psychology or something.

  25. Okay, Suzann, now you've shown us all the pretty pictures of 'show' 'pantries,' I have a question. Is yours going to be for looks and admiring glances or is it to be a working pantry?
    I, showing my plebian background, would be happy to just have a closet/pantry for storing the extra coffee, the potatoes and onions, and dust mops. See what I mean? Working or pretty pictures?
    Up in New England, the early 20th century upper crust houses have butler's pantries with ceilings and cabinets as high as the ceilings in the rest of the house. TALL. Floor space as big as your kitchen, I'd say. Lots of glass fronted cabinets and lots of shelving for holding the foods prepared for dinner. Ordinary early houses up there have smaller pantries to store all the kinds of things you and i would have in our kitchen cabinets. Pantries of all sorts usually have a window on an outside wall. Just a little bit from my observations. Now, I do want to add that John is a keeper guy, but you knew that. LOL
    Onward and upward!

  26. oh john is going to love the outfit that will be a post of its own lol cant wait to see this lil closet transformed im sure it will be stunning


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