Monday, April 29, 2013

John's Desk.................

Suzan says - If we're thinking of selling we're going to have to get this house in order - starting with the office
John says - ( AND I'M NOT JOKING ) Why - what's wrong with the office?
Suzan says - It doesn't show have to start taking care of your messes - I can't run after you anymore
John says - I have no idea what you're talking about -
Suzan says - If we move - I want my own office - I can't share one with you - it gives me anxiety
John says - Here we go with the theatrics - there's NOTHING wrong with the office.
John says - You have a problem, you know that anyway, I don't have to tell you that, you admit it yourself often.
Suzan says - I'd just like you to clean your desk please
John says - I did it a couple of days ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Suzan says - Well I'M going to clean it
John says - Don't touch my desk - do you understand?
John says - I know where everything is on it - and don't start shuffling my papers around
Suzan says - I DON'T shuffle things around - I actually clean and organize............

Maybe he's right - maybe I'm over reacting................
My desk.

I use these votive holders that were in my Christmas stocking this year to hold paper clips etc
nice and neat

a small planter filled with Irises

and though this sideboard was such a great choice for storage in such a small room, alas,
it was sold

and this has taken it's place - my monogrammed armoire ( more about that HERE )
has proven to be a great place to shove all kinds of crap into.........
( think it's time to finish painting it now though )

a small sewing bench - painted and reupholstered 

also serves as a little extra storage

Our desks are modern - and don't have any storage so I added a little end table under mine

to hide our compulsive disorder when it comes to getting rid of telephone books?

and my " oops " table ( Here ) holds my newly acquired laser printer 
( because you can't do transfer gels without a LASER printer )

and this is spotless for John - SPOTLESS - 
he actually DID clean it a couple of days ago
don't ask me how he can actually find the mouse...............
( I wouldn't be surprised if a real mouse came scrambling out of that mess ) 
he wants a lap top - I say the fact that it actually has electrical cords attached to this thing is the only reason he can find it from day to day.

Guess what I did?

Suzan says - I cleaned your desk - and I put everything away in a file for you for when you have the time to sort through it

He's still digging through my filing system...............

Have a wonderful day all!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Last day at April's

Four seats ready to be delivered to April's tomorrow - where I planned on spending the day doing last minute things................

The phone rings - and I hear John saying " no problem - no no - it's no problem at all - she'll be with us "


John says - That was the mill - they're insisting you come to the meetings on Monday
Suzan says - I can't - I'm going to April's
John says - I think you may have to reschedule that - they're insisting
Suzan says - Well MY customer is insisting I be at her place tomorrow!
John says - But you don't do this everyday - the company still has to function here
Suzan says - I DON'T WANT to go - and what I do is just as important to me as what you do!
John says - You're not bothering with the company at all anymore - between blogging - and furniture and custom pieces - AND I DON'T COMPLAIN

and this is where you can tell I'm on the edge of collapse here -
I break down crying
I mean really crying
Crying like I haven't done in a very long time...............
Crying like my world is coming to an end
Crying like if this menopause doesn't go away very very soon I may end up in a loony bin - seriously.

Suzan says - I can't go - gulp - gulp - sniffle - I have committments -
John says - Oh for God Sakes give me April's number...............

How old am I, you ask?
I'm 5 - going on 54.................

BUT - the strangest thing happened after my ahem " episode "

I felt better - over the top better................
Here I was thinking I needed sleep ( which I've now caught up on ) and all I really needed was a good
freaking cry!
When you're menopausing - a good cry is almost as good as a good night's sleep - almost.

And so....................
April's last day will have to wait a day.

but this is sort of how they'll look when I get my butt over there.................
( the chair is mine - very similar to June's but mine is white - I had never screwed the seat in so it was easy to
just prop this on lol )

SORRY you'll be happy to see the last of me at this point :(

have a great Monday all - I'll be the one with the phoney hypocritical smile plastered to my face all day

talking about fabric

pretending I'm interested

oohing and ahhhhing over textures and colors

acting like it's THE fabric that's going to be THE runaway seller this season

when I just don't care about it


at all............................

I have a surprise that I made for April - ( sorry it has to be a surprise for you too - at least until she's seen it )
so this was especially disappointing...................

P.S. I just reread this - what a train wreck I am LMHO - why am I sharing all this with everyone?
Next I'll be letting skeletons out of the closet - making them all dance for you...................
Oh you'll rue the day you ever came across my blog I'll tell ya!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Meet Scott Fitzgerald!

Oh yeah - it's coming - I can feel my foot tapping - songs are blasting around in my head - I've caught up on my sleep - and I'm ALMOST there lol

Wow - I was seriously burnt out last week - and I do mean seriously.
I seem to be able to go and go and go - and then I collapse in a mental and physical overpowering exhaustion.  I'm an extremist to the nth degree - have never been able to find middle ground anywhere.

My house is either immaculate - or disgusting -
I'm either painting 5 dressers in a week - or I don't pick up a paint brush at all -
I cook up a storm for awhile - and then I stop - completely
And as you can see, it's now spilled out onto my blog.

Go go go Suzan - don't stop - write something up everyday - until there's not one single word left in you to say.........
Just keep passing " GO " over and over again..............

HOW DO THE BIG BLOGGERS DO IT????????????????????

Anyway - for those of you who left comments - some over the top caring comments - about how it doesn't matter whether I reply to you or not -
Here's the thing.
It DOES in fact matter.
But I just wasn't able to do it - and now with over 600 emails in my in-box, I'm afraid catch up isn't going to happen - so I'm just going to move forward - take my time - and visit all of you as I can.

AND I have another makeover - and tons of songs to torment you with ( just to prove that I really did get my groove back :)

Remember this fellow?
He's part of the set that I picked up last October for a ridiculous price HERE

Doesn't he look unassuming?  I'm always doing girly makeovers - time to turn this antique into a macho
boys club type of guy - I could just see John sitting here with a book and his feet up beside this gentleman.

"This is a man's world - this is a man's world 
But it wouldn't be nothing without a woman " 

Well James Brown you certainly got that right................and this woman decided this man needed a makeover.
Meet Scott Fitzgerald.

Normally I would have painted out the handles - but decided not to because of April's decision to keep
here handles as they were .................and I'm loving how the brass pops against the deep grey..........

"Walk like a man - talk like a man
Walk like a man, my son"

I was going to name him Sue - after me - but that's just ridiculous
whoever heard of A Boy Named Sue?
I'm in love with this man..................he's tall, dark and handsome AND extremely organized!

I have such an evil grin on my face when I type in the lyrics..............because I know without a doubt that
at least one of you is going to be stuck with one of these songs in your head - the downside being I can't get ANY them out of my head now.............( small price to pay to drive you nuts bwaahhh )

I'm as corny as Kansas in August,
I'm as normal as blueberry pie.
No more a smart little girl with no heart,
I have found me a wonderful guy!

Check out his bulge biceps..............

You all have a great day -
as for me?
are you ready for this?

I'll just be here

biding my time and watching Scotty grow

Much love,

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Friday, April 26, 2013

Gratitude, Pink, and upholstered seats..................

Good morning everyone!

Ok - first things first - I have to say a heart felt Thanks to those of you who have been so understanding with my being unable to reply to all the incredible emails I get...............I feel guilty - immensely so - and I didn't want to let it go without saying something .............
I'm behind in everything in my world right now - and that's not easy for a control freak -
Phone calls to friends -
Replies to emails -
Preparations for my daughters wedding -
Getting the house ready to possibly sell -
Furniture that needs to be painted and sold -
Absolutely everything -
So what did I do yesterday to start catching up?
I slept.
I crawled out of bed to make dinner - ate it - and crawled back into bed................
I'm overwhelmed.
Hopefully I'll be able to snap out of it but right now - at this moment in time - I'm so overwhelmed it frightens me.
How far can an elastic stretch before it snaps?
Hmmmm - I suppose we'll see lol
Anyways - a heartfelt thanks for being so understanding.

Ok that takes care of the gratitude part.
On to the pink.
Here's the little dresser that got a makeover in Annie Sloan Antoinette - with dark wax to dirty antique it up a little

sorry for the shadows - ( that's why I want to move - this house is too dark lol ) I painted a pattern on the top drawer for a little " something - something "

Ok - that takes care of the Pink part -
On to the reupholstered seats part

The last photo I showed you of April's was this

The painting part had been finished - but we had to wait for the fabric to arrive -

Here's the seats for the chairs!  ( there are 2 wing back - sort of - chairs for this set also - that were beyond my capability - so we're waiting for them to be finished by someone else )

I forgot to take a before photo ( surprise surprise ) but trust me when I tell you this is completely night and day!

Hmmmmmmmmmm- have I covered all my bases -
Gratitude - check
Pink Dresser - check
Reupholstered chair - check

Oh yeah - I was supposed to co-host a link party last night - and slept through that too
This is some serious exhaustion happening here - hope I've caught up ( with that at least )

Have a wonderful weekend everyone..................
Sleep as much as you can - I highly recommend it :)

Much love,

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

My Brain is frazzled................

Between our regular work
And painting furniture
And contemplating selling and moving
And my daughter's wedding fast approaching
And emails I simply haven't had time to reply too
And nothing but bad news happening over and over and over again on T.V.
My brain is frazzled.

Take me away............................

From my Board -  I'm At the Cottage
That's where I'll be today ( in my mind )

care to join me ?

I desperately need to hear a wooden screen door slam shut ........................

If I haven't replied to an email you've sent -
If I haven't commented on your posts -
I HAVE read them
but I just haven't had the time it requires to reply to them all - or comment on any - because
as much as I like to think I can do it all...............
I can't.

MY BRAIN IS FRAZZLED..................

and I know most of you GET that.

I'll meet you at the cottage

Much love,

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