Thursday, April 25, 2013

My Brain is frazzled................

Between our regular work
And painting furniture
And contemplating selling and moving
And my daughter's wedding fast approaching
And emails I simply haven't had time to reply too
And nothing but bad news happening over and over and over again on T.V.
My brain is frazzled.

Take me away............................

From my Board -  I'm At the Cottage
That's where I'll be today ( in my mind )

care to join me ?

I desperately need to hear a wooden screen door slam shut ........................

If I haven't replied to an email you've sent -
If I haven't commented on your posts -
I HAVE read them
but I just haven't had the time it requires to reply to them all - or comment on any - because
as much as I like to think I can do it all...............
I can't.

MY BRAIN IS FRAZZLED..................

and I know most of you GET that.

I'll meet you at the cottage

Much love,

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  1. Good Morning Suzan, We all get frazzled and need time to relax....I will certainly see you at the cottage, how could we not relax in such wonderful surroundings. Take care of yourself.
    Best Wishes

    1. Good Morning Daphne - come!
      ( and bring one of those sari's with you please )

  2. The mind is a truly amazing thing. We can be anywhere we want. Just close your eyes and dream. Pinterest is wonderful too. Take it easy. x

  3. I haven't had the time either. I'm amazed that I am even commenting here...just have not been on the computer much. Come on over. I don't have a fancy house, but I have a fire pit with seating that overlooks a small lake. Oh, and wine. I always have wine.
    Farmhouse hugs,

  4. We are all there at one time or another. Hang in there, it will pass. And because you are the song queen and mentioned screen doors....
    "The screen door slams...
    Mary's dress waves.
    Like a vision she dances across the porch
    As the radio plays...."
    Hope you get your own screen door soon!

  5. And I'm at my beach house.... unpacking for my month long stay. *wish*
    We all need a vacation!

  6. Wow... you've got a lot going on Suzan. Life can get sooo crazy sometimes and we need to just get away. I'll see you at the cottage... anyone of those will do. Just remember that you are amazing.

  7. I feel guilty for adding a comment - do not feel as if you have to answer back. This is a beautiful way to start my morning. I am in love with the tiny pink cottage. I can go forth and wash and sand and tag the stack of windows I bought yesterday. I smell the breeze off the water now! Oh, excuse me, that's my PineSol!

  8. I'd say go hang out at Danni's farm... but she'd probably hand you a chainsaw. And matching gloves.
    I'd say come hang out at my house, but my outdoor area is not ready yet. ONCE THE SNOW MELTS, I will get it to work on it, but now, because of these photos, I have to build a little rock wall and grow grass on my roof. Thanks?

  9. Nobody is perfect, so don't even try :) People will survive if their emails go unanswered. Go relax in your cabin...I love those photos by the way...and ignore the world. It will still be here when you get back :)

  10. Grabbing my flipflops and I'll be right over! Every single place looks fabulous and is calling my name!

  11. On my way.......I've got lemonade, some books for lazing in the shade and the scrabble game.

  12. I would love to hear a wooden screen door slam shut! That was what it was like when I was a kid. And I notice that almost all of your photos have water in them. My preference would be a house near a river. Love a river. Sigh. Love to see and hear moving water. Thank you for the images. :-)

  13. Hi Suzan, you sound like you need to take a breath and care for yourself too. I know it is hard when your have so muh going on, but try. These are such beautiful settings I would love to take a break there from everything.


  14. Having grown up on a (Great) Lake, I would give anything to be back on one. Even a teeny one. Take care, my Canuck friend.

  15. Take deep breathes and relax, I'll be there soon. OMG what wonderful pictures came to mind when you said wooden screendoor slamming-thanks for the mini vacation in my head.

  16. Hang in there, Suzan. Go for a walk, take a bath, read a magazine. Take some time for yourself and imagine that screen door slamming.


  17. Thanks for the little trip to the cottage. May is fast approaching; time to open the Muskoka cottage of my childhood past. I long for those days again..... Patty/BC

  18. Don't you worry your pretty head about visiting me or replying to my comments. We will catch up when we have time-I can wait- xo Diana

  19. I could sure kick back and let my brain de-frizzle-frazzle at some these great cottages.

    Have a great weekend!
    Painted any turquoise rocks YET??? I still thinking bout it.
    Jo @ LoblollyLane

  20. I hear you Suzan! No need to reply or comment here - I totally understand, I've had to do some of that myself lately!

  21. Just let me know which one you pick and I'll be there. Each of them is wonderful.

  22. gorgeous photos! pinterst can be like a little holiday itself!

  23. I think we will all survive while you do what you have to do and then rest up at any or all of the above cottages. If you move to the country, you'd better scope out waterfront properties and then you have it all!

  24. Fuh-get about replying. Just focus on what you need to. Truth be told, we're probably all in the same boat.


  25. Hey My Friend!!!

    Totally get where you're coming from. I have 2440 emails to get through and with all that's going on here at home...I know how you feel!!!

    You have to take a breather and you know what I do...Nice bubbly hot bath, wine and only have candles for lighting. We all love you and don't need a reply. Just take it easy and remember these cottages...They're gorgeous!!!! My Great Aunt Margaret had cottages in Perth Ontario. I miss them, but, that's where I go (in my head of course) when I need to chill.

    Have a great weekend!!


  26. Looking at those pictures was good therapy for me whose cottage renovation is undergoing difficult times!!! I haven't have time to read all the posts that arrived to my inbox as well! My brain is not functionning very either and today as I was driving to the supermarket, I forgot the exit on the road!

  27. Oh, I'll take some of those too! Gorgeous.


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