Friday, April 26, 2013

Gratitude, Pink, and upholstered seats..................

Good morning everyone!

Ok - first things first - I have to say a heart felt Thanks to those of you who have been so understanding with my being unable to reply to all the incredible emails I get...............I feel guilty - immensely so - and I didn't want to let it go without saying something .............
I'm behind in everything in my world right now - and that's not easy for a control freak -
Phone calls to friends -
Replies to emails -
Preparations for my daughters wedding -
Getting the house ready to possibly sell -
Furniture that needs to be painted and sold -
Absolutely everything -
So what did I do yesterday to start catching up?
I slept.
I crawled out of bed to make dinner - ate it - and crawled back into bed................
I'm overwhelmed.
Hopefully I'll be able to snap out of it but right now - at this moment in time - I'm so overwhelmed it frightens me.
How far can an elastic stretch before it snaps?
Hmmmm - I suppose we'll see lol
Anyways - a heartfelt thanks for being so understanding.

Ok that takes care of the gratitude part.
On to the pink.
Here's the little dresser that got a makeover in Annie Sloan Antoinette - with dark wax to dirty antique it up a little

sorry for the shadows - ( that's why I want to move - this house is too dark lol ) I painted a pattern on the top drawer for a little " something - something "

Ok - that takes care of the Pink part -
On to the reupholstered seats part

The last photo I showed you of April's was this

The painting part had been finished - but we had to wait for the fabric to arrive -

Here's the seats for the chairs!  ( there are 2 wing back - sort of - chairs for this set also - that were beyond my capability - so we're waiting for them to be finished by someone else )

I forgot to take a before photo ( surprise surprise ) but trust me when I tell you this is completely night and day!

Hmmmmmmmmmm- have I covered all my bases -
Gratitude - check
Pink Dresser - check
Reupholstered chair - check

Oh yeah - I was supposed to co-host a link party last night - and slept through that too
This is some serious exhaustion happening here - hope I've caught up ( with that at least )

Have a wonderful weekend everyone..................
Sleep as much as you can - I highly recommend it :)

Much love,

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  1. Glad you're getting some beauty sleep Suzan!

  2. Suzan,
    Oh sweetie, everyone needs to take time for a little R&R. This is your time. Get some serious rest before you run yourself completely ragged. Oh, love the cute pink dresser/chest.

  3. I sleep if I'm overwhelmed too. You'll get back to your happy groove, sometimes we just need a break (work or no work). Hugs anyway, and the dresser is nice!

  4. Suzan,
    You must take a nap!!!! Naps are the best!!!! Happy slumber.

  5. Wow Suzan! Love the pieces and that dining set! I am exhausted too. I think it is allergies for me. Can't get anything done. Don't think it is all the 3am nights at SNAP! but maybe...

  6. I love the pink dresser, very cute. I suffer from fibromyalgia, arthritis, and old age. I can totally relate to having too shut down and rest when you have been burning the candle at both ends. You make me tired just reading everything that you have been doing, so your rest is well deserved. Take the weekend off and do something for you, pamper yourself at a spa, you have earned it. hugs Tobey

  7. I'm glad you took a well deserved rest-I couldn't begin to do half of what you have on your plate. Have a pampering weekend and then you can start over on Monday.

  8. At least you're not in a rut...?
    You are awesome and ambitious. It will come together. A day of rest is very good for you, just allow yourself to accept that you needed it.

  9. That pink dresser is lovely Suzan! Glad to hear you're getting some much needed rest. Hope you have a nice relaxing weekend.

  10. Let's face it, sometime we put more on our plate than we can do. /take the things off your list that are not urgent...seems like your daughters wedding needs moved to the top. That is a day she will never forget and you want her to cherish all the moments, not remember them as stressful.
    If you don't need to sell your house then this might not be the right season. Take it off the plate for now.
    Your health is important and you need to let some of this go...Take Care..remember, no one can do it all. Dianntha

  11. I think that Couture post wore you out. LOVE the pink dresser. You don't need to respond to this post. :)


  12. Antoinette dresser is SO cute!!!
    I love the colors and especially your hand painted something-something,lol
    The color of the handles is gorgeous too :)

  13. Great shock of colour on the chairs! This room is going to be amazing when it is all finished. Love the detailing on the dresser, too. Enjoy your bit of down time.

  14. That cannot be the same dresser! Just amazing!! We all get behind sometimes. Sounds like have a lot on your plate right now! Take care of yourself. We'll all be here when things slow down!! :)

  15. You obviously needed that sleep. No need to apologize. We'd rather know that you're taking care of yourself than sending emails. The dresser is gorgeous. I am such a bum. Now our snow is melting and I've no excuse, except that I woke up at 4 AM and every five minutes thereafter until I gave up at 6 and got up. I need a nap. Hope you have a good weekend, Suzan, and take it easy!

  16. Sometimes you just have to do that - crawl into bed (i love my bed!), pull the covers over your head and dismiss yourself from the world. I hope you take time for yourself this weekend. Patty/BC

  17. Suzan,

    Sometimes our body is tired and it needs to get the rest you did and refresh itself. It is good for the brain too. Take time for YOU too!! You are no good to anyone especially yourself if you are burned out.

    Another note, this dresser is perfect I love it!!


  18. Looks like you need a weekend of R & R so that you can battle all this next week. Take it easy on yourself, Suzan. We'll all be here when you get back.....

    The pink is gorgeous!

    The seats look awesome.

    Now go back to bed, my friend.

  19. I hope you feel well soon.

    The pink is so cute.

  20. Suzan, In our house we call that "Automatic Shut-down." It is usually me that it happens to. I tend to be a late night person (bed by 1 or 2am. But many times I have to get up at 6am to take my hubby to work so I can keep the car for appts. You can only go so long on 4 hrs sleep per night before you body says, "No More!" Those are the times I'll pass out at 5 or 6pm and out so hard that the Hubby can't wake me. So there I am: head slumped to my shoulder, drool, still in the day's clothes and shoes and I wake somewhat refreshed at 9am the next morning. Automatic Shutdown! So Sleep Lady, sleep. You have a wedding to plan.
    The chair seats are quite the contrast to the white. I like it. And the pink dresser...cute as a button.
    p.s. check your facebook messages when you get a chance. No hurry. Rest.

  21. Beautiful pink, rest is good everything else can wait a day :)

  22. Dear Friend,

    Your body is telling you something. You need to prioritize. If that means not responding to 50,000 comments, then so be it. We're okay with it. We get it, we really do. Take a page from me, I've been neglecting my blog because, well, I have other priorities as you well know. (Things are coming along really well by the way!)

    That pink dresser is to die for! So sweet!

    So take a well-deserved vacation, go away maybe, and stop watching the news.


  23. I love everything you do, Suze...but you need to take a break! Maybe a whole week to just be. Especially if you are contemplating a move. Too much!
    Hugs, hugs, hugs.

  24. What everyone else said... and huge (((HUGS)))

  25. Congratulations on the long nap. Women everywhere are jealous. You should leave us in the dust. The other stuff is way more important. We'll miss you, but maybe then we too will let go of the urgent and do the important. By the way, the dresser is adorable!

  26. A wedding, a house to prepare for selling, furniture to re-do, etc., no wonder you are feeling overwhelmed! You poor thing! I'm glad you got some needed rest and I hope someone can help you get a handle on everything you feel you need to do.
    I love your pink dresser! My daughter recently introduced me to the Annie Sloan chalk paint and now I want to paint *everything* lol. Nice to see a sample of the "Antoinette" color. Your little hand painted design is really a nice touch.
    Thanks for taking time and energy to share.
    REsa ~ Pitcher and Plate

  27. Your life is so busy ! Of course a day/night's rest will do you good :-) Love the dresser !

    With A Blast

  28. I hear ya sister. I think I'm heading for a burn out if I don't slow down. I'm sick as a dog today and I'm alone at the store on Sundays. Mini me just announced that she is off to greener pastures for the summer months. Ugh!!! I'm trying to find a new location(very time consuming) and worried about the Queens visit this fall, if you know what I mean!!!! Now I have to find a new employee. :( I would love to stay in bed, but not an option today. Catch some shut eye for mee tooooo! Lol

  29. I love the new chair fabric! And the pink sweet.
    I'm glad to hear you took a 'me' day to catch up on your sleep. I had that last week, a few days, but my problem was babysitting our 2 month old grandson for 5 days...I haven't done midnight feedings in 33 years, and forgot how much it knocks you out. (probably more now...due to my advanced age lol)
    Take care of yourself!!
    Debbie :)


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