Monday, April 8, 2013

Oh the irony of it all.......................

For some reason a very large amount of my dressers go to new parents - and I take it as such a compliment it's so flattering to think that one of my pieces is special enough to go in a room where life is just beginning - where people want to fill the space with special things - it doesn't get much better than that for appreciation!

Here are some items that now live in little girl's bedrooms

this is the ensemble that lives in Harlow's room now

I wish Michael and Jessica would send me photo's of Harlow and of her bedroom - they have the most beautiful taste..................

Believe it or not - the below sideboard was purchased last month for a changing table - isn't that an awesome idea ( and I, who is constantly reinventing things, would never have thought of it ) the Dad is going
to remove the wine racks in the middle so they can store baby items - I think it's just brilliant!

this next one was sold to a couple who wanted to create a " country " bedroom for their little one

This was bought for Ava - all grown up at 3 years old when it was purchased for her!!! ( and probably my favorite make over by far! )

The couple that bought the below pieces for their little girl -

also bought this for her - the Anne of Green Gables dresser - they had just bought a farm house

The next piece John told me would never sell - it sold - as a changing table ( the top knobs were not installed yet in the pic but they were glass ones too! )

the next one was for a girly room  ( diamonds are a girl's best friend )

and last month I sold my bedroom dresser ( when I decided to do a makeover in my bedroom ) someone purchased this to use as a ?

a changing table..................

that's a sampling of what has been sold for babies rooms.

and here's where the irony comes in - NOT ONE OF THEM WAS PAINTED WITH A BABY IN MIND!!!

so I may have gotten a little " cocky " and may have thought " hey I'm on to something here " and I may have started painting furniture with babies in mind!

but the actual ones I DID paint with a baby in mind HAVE NOT SOLD LOL

this one sits at  Piorra Maison  ( my friend Caroline's beautiful store ) with tons of interest but no bites -
it's time to repaint it, very soon

This set is 5 minutes away from being redone

and this one was changed to a Montreal Subway Art dresser for our bedroom

Go figure.......................just go figure.

Have a wonderful Monday all!

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  1. Gorgeous work Suzan!!! Love every single piece!! V

  2. I love every piece too. The one with letters is really a cute idea!

    I like the idea of a changing table being low. We had to get rid of ours because it was so high and baby (at the time) began trying to scale it. -_-

  3. most of the people who are interested in these items don't want to pigeon holed either; they want to have the art be a representation of their own spirit....they reinvent. That is why the best idea is not to target...just express. PS I am relatively new to the blog world, I hope that the times posted with your blog and the following comments is not reflective of the true times at which it was written. You guys are just up WAY too early. Although creative people don't generally sleep a great deal.... LOL

    1. Sleep? What does that even mean? lol
      I think most of bloglandia are chronically sleep deprived to tell you the truth - seriously!
      Most of us ( and I think all would agree ) were insomniacs way before we became bloggers - maybe that's why blogging is such a good " fit " for us - while the rest of the world dozes we paint - we write we visit - and we feel " normal " lmho...............
      Have a great Monday ( hopefully you slept last night :)

  4. awesome it is so sweet to know your pieces are going to loving homes

  5. How funny! I can never predict what people like!

  6. Suzan as always your pieces are beautiful. Lucky little ones to have those amazing creations. I love the green gables dresser Adorable!!! I agree with you sleep is over rated. Thank God for blogs and pinterest!!!!!!!

  7. I love that people are changing things up! Keeps things interesting!

  8. Love the pieces that sold, Suzan. Do you think it's because people are buying more with "timeless" in mind rather than "baby" anymore? I really like the baby pieces, too, though. It's a shame they didn't sell. xo Diana

  9. Now, if I had a baby to buy for, I would choose one of the last three that you made for babies rather than one of than the others. You just can't figure buyers out.

  10. Love your work, Suzan! And my absolute favorites are the side board (sure wish we still had ours) and the Anne of Green Gables dresser. They are lovely!

  11. Those are all so beautiful, and perfect for change tables! You use changing tables for such a short time, when the baby is older they can still keep it as beautiful furniture for their home. No wonder they are selling as baby furniture. They'll last a lot longer.
    Debbie :)

  12. You have very smart customers. They bought beautiful, timeless, indestructable pieces that will last their child a lifetime!

  13. I think they're all gorgeous and the ones you actually created for babies are definitely ones a child could grow with! I never had a changing table for my kids...unless the floor counts:)

    Thank you for stopping by my blog, I'm glad you enjoyed my bike/sprinkler story! I did intend for it to give people a good chuckle:) And I guess it was preferable to falling!

    Have a wonderful day:)

  14. I actually think that dresser makes a perfect (and beautiful) changing table. I wish I had been more creative back in those years.
    Leslie (Gwen Moss)

  15. I understand why people would choose those pieces for their children. While they are not babyish, they are soft. It's sometimes hard to guess people's reaction, though. My most popular posts are usually not the ones I thought would be!

  16. It's so funny how we think we know what people want and then they go and do something completely different. That's the cool thing about doing these pieces - we turn the ordinary into something extraordinary for extraordinary people with vision.

  17. That is ironic, but I know they will sell even if for a different application because they are ALL so pretty!

    1. Thanks Stacy - I'm changing the ones that I can't sell - it's been too long - really too long :)

  18. And on top of it all, you blog. Amazing. These are all so beautiful. You should be so proud.

  19. I think you should tell John you want a baby to go with the new dresser. That should make a good conversation.


  20. My son is obsessed with the alphabet (no, literally...) and I would love to own that last piece. I can't believe so many people bought those for changing tables! You really are onto something...Be proud of yourself!


  21. They all know a good thing when they see it, Suzan! You are so stinkin' creative with every piece you wave your magic wand over! :)

    xoox laurie

  22. I can surely see why the pieces sold, beautiful,

  23. It is funny that the baby in mind pieces haven't sold - perhaps people are looking for furniture to grow with a child, or something they can purpose down the road with little or no change. They are all lovely and beautifully finished. My learning curve continues with the chalk paint, you do such great work. Patty/BC

  24. Hi Suzan!!!!

    I LOVE The Anne of Green Gables set. So cute!!!!

    It always goes that way I find. People see it as something totally different than what you had in mind. Crazy!! LOL

    Have great week!!!!


  25. These are such gorgeous pieces. I love them all!!


  26. That is very strange... I would have loved to have an Antoinette piece for my baby girls' rooms at the time...Wouldn't have thought of grey, but I guess parents are practical and thinking long term and repurposing.

    I was planning to have a few "baby" pieces at the store, but now I'm not so sure!


  27. Great pieces! I agree I think people have changed and want things that are timeless pieces of furniture. I love the idea of having something to grow with...lucky for me if I grow old of it I just paint it ;)

    1. thanks Lynn - I paint them so often I forget how they originally looked sometimes lol

    2. thanks Lynn - I paint them so often I forget how they originally looked sometimes lol

  28. What a great idea to use these pieces for baby rooms. This makes me think how cool diaper bags are now compared to 20 years ago. And maternity clothes are so pretty now. I remember wearing big old tent shirts. My MIL made me a shirt with hogs and one with cows all over it. I still question that decision. Hmmmmmm.
    Your talent is soooo amazing! I would buy your furniture in a heartbeat!

  29. Very cute post! I guess the traditional colors for baby are no longer popular! But I love the colors on your dressers and that they work in babies rooms. Smart parents...they won't have to buy any "grown-up" furniture for their kids. I made the typical mistake of putting a real boyish 10" border in my son's room which is now my office. I need to do something about that! Found you on Adorned from Above blog party and am following you via GFC, Pinterest and Google+. Would love you to visit my blog sometime at

  30. Suzan,
    They're all great pieces! I love the one with letters all over, think that one is just too cute.

  31. Hi Suzan,
    I love the new pieces. Beautiful!!! Thanks so much for sharing at this weeks Wednesday's Adorned From Above Blog Hop.
    Have a great weekend.
    Debi and Charly


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