Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I WANNA live there # 32

I live in a pretty incredible area - in Montreal, It's an historical neighbourhood loaded with tons and tons of charm - and 20th century architecture, just steps away from the city center, it's also a pretty expensive neighbourhood ( in which I live in servants quarters basically compared to what I'm surrounded by ) 
Because there are days I don't have furniture makeovers to show you - I've chosen Wednesdays to showcase and feature one or two homes that are for sale around here.................( or apartment - or duplex - or teepee )
Keep in mind this is in the heart of the city - so the prices reflect that  - think Manhattan - where these places would cost 3 or 4 times what they're listed for here!
On occasion I'll showcase beautiful homes in other areas - countries - continents - the one thing most of them will have have in common will be their age - because I love old homes with stories to tell, join me won't you

Happy " hump " day everyone - the first one in APRIL - it was soooo cold and windy here yesterday that I've just 
about given up on Spring even coming this year..................we get a few days of real promise and then WHAM the cold comes right back - I find myself constantly watching the weather network lately as closely as if if were Downton Abbey.  I mean it HAS to come, ( doesn't it? ) Those beautiful warm Spring days filled with promise of summer just around the corner?  I see photos of it all around Bloglandia so I know it's there, somewhere - it just
seems to have lost it's way this year in Montreal.

Ok - Hump day means House day - ( I just crawled out of bed at 4.30 in the morning because I had totally forgotten about it - give me a long weekend - and I end up as lost as Spring ) 
It's too cold to house hunt in Montreal today - we're heading down to Florida - 
Need me some ocean this week - and believe me - this one was worth getting up early for!

Highland Beach 
5 bds - 
6 baths - 2 half baths
Information HERE

I had 2 other listings to show - but deleted them - it just wasn't fair to them......................

I would bow down on my hands and knees every single time I came " home " to this place - this must be as near perfect as any home on the planet can be

Do you see why I had to delete the other 2 listings now?  

Looking for that lost shaker of salt?

I can't quite absorb the beauty of this house - I mean I'm trying to - I really am - but it's just too big for me
I keep coming back and staring and staring and staring and staring and staring and staring....................
and if I didn't have to finish April's dining room set - I may have just sat here and stared all day long.

How can you take all this in at just a glance

The ceiling - the windows  - the dining room set - the floor

and he's buying me a stairway to heaven..................

John - I don't understand why you never come out of your office anymore......................


Ceiling love - fireplace love - window love - 

the bathroom is probably the square footage of my home

wasting away again in Margaritville  Highland beach

OK - I know money can't buy everything - it can't buy health - and it can't buy happiness - I KNOW that - 
but it could sure buy me a hell of a lot of contentment................
And I'd like to try it - just for awhile - to see if it " fits " - for ummmm - say, a decade or two...............

Have a happy Wednesday everyone - dream big..................
( and buy a lottery ticket ) 
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  1. I want the kitchen (big enough to roller skate in), the library, the master bedroom and the master bath. My life would be complete.

  2. Okay, this freaked me out for just a my first thought was "Where are there palm trees in Montreal?" PS: my sister lives in Florida and hates it.

  3. Replies
    1. perfect word Sue - because it'll always remain a " dream " lol

  4. Holy Dreams filled!!!!! That is a beautiful home. Wow to wake up everyday in that beautiful home oh my!!!! Suzan maybe in our next life!!!! Beautiful thanks for sharing this.

  5. Man oh man....what a place! Beautiful post, I think you should save your pennies and buy this....I will come and visit....and bring a compass, in case I get lost in this house!! Diane

    1. I AM saving my pennies - I have 2000 dollars towards this- do you think it'll still be on the market when I finally have 13.7 million? lol

  6. OMG what a gorgeous property! Maybe if we all pooled our funds together we could buy it and share! Okay, I'll put in the first $3.00-who's with me? ;-)

  7. WOW to live there - heaven.... I'm packing my bags LOL I'm sure the up keep is really expensive. But to dream.
    Hope Spring is on it's way for you.

  8. On this snowy day I wouldn't care if the house was a hut (with the wine closet of course) as long as I had that view of sand and surf!

  9. Take me with you, this house is the ceiling and all the details and that kitchen is gorgeous. I also love the columns. Love to dream!!!


  10. WWOOWW!!!!

    Oh...And Hi Suzan!!!

    Knock me over why don't you...Over and over again?

    What a house!!!

    The only negative thing(I know...say: WHAT...NEGATIVE?????) They get a lot of hurricanes down there and the water always rises then. So, the water would be coming into the bottom of the house. That scares me...A lot!!!

    But, it is the most gorgeous house I've ever seen!!!! Everything is so amazing!!!!

    I can see why you couldn't show the other two.

    Spring will come and just ignore the Vancouver weather and pictures.


  11. ohh Suzan, we common folk can only dream. Thank you for taking me to another place:)

    1. how hard can it be to come up with 14 million dollars, I mean, really?
      Thanks for coming with me Tabatha

  12. Hey Suzan that's no common house right 'er,that's a gorgeous waterfront property that,yep! your right only we can dream about or win the lottery and then I don't think it could every be able to copycat.But call me crazy,guess what caught my eye,those bright torquise painted rocks on the lanai,yep now there's something we can DO.I'm gonna try it!I love that pop of color!!!!!!!

  13. OMG! OMG!! OMG!!!!! What a beauty!

    1. it's too much, right Kathy? lol
      I keep coming back to look at it - trying to figure out a way to come up with 13.7 million dollars - I mean how hard can it be, really?

  14. Bowing down is right, Suzan! That place is amazing! By the way, I love coming to your blog because every time the little drink cursor pops up, I'm like, OOOOOO, I need a drink. I deserve a drink! Haha! If you haven't already, would love it if you would link this up to Give Me The Goods Monday: 1 Party, 5 Blogs!
    Jenna @ Rain on a Tin Roof

  15. Wow- Suzan-That is an impressive place! Do you think if we pooled our money we could be co-owners?;>) xo Diana

  16. Thanks for taking me to sunny Florida, my vitamin D level went up just looking at the pictures!

  17. I like to live with a beach view..but dream home is not that big. I have stayed in Mansion's before for a week or so at a time and it is too BIG.

    Beautiful but not fun to have to take a sack lunch to the bath room! Mega rooms are a drag.

    Big is not fun. There is somethng to be said for a home that is about 1800sq feet at least on the living area side. Then maybe another floor for art studio and offices or work areas. It takes me over 4 hours to vacume everything in my house that is 3000 feet. If I vacume under everthing ...small is beautiful truly!

    1. In MY world Deirdra - 3000 ft IS a mansion lol - I've always lived in the heart of the city so accomodations have always been pretty small!!!

  18. That house is going to look pretty silly in the country. But..if you build it I'll be there!!

  19. Replies
    1. I'm too " wasted " to find it Heather!!!

  20. Fabulous! The ceiling in the bedroom may be the wave of the future...something new and different from tray ceilings.

    1. My eyes were darting all over the place lol - talk about house eye candy - The ceiling is just gorgeous!
      Thanks for visiting :)

  21. That home is amazing.
    It is such fun looking at things like this, thanks for sharing.
    Visiting from Common Ground

  22. The house is a little over the top for me- I can't keep my little cottage clean so that would be impossible and we wouldn't be able to afford maids after buying the house. The ocean view is fantastic so I'll just sleep out on that porch.

  23. Gasp. Choke. Wow. Hot flashes. My oh my. OMG. Beautiful, impeccable, perfect.

    Would I be bored living there? Nothing to renovate or do over! It's all done!!!!!

    Wow. Jaw on the floor.

  24. Yeah...I could live there too. All it would need would be a staff to clean it and a pool boy to apply my sunscreen and make my mojitos!

  25. Replies
    1. lol - that's the most appropriate word I can think of too!


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