Saturday, April 27, 2013

Meet Scott Fitzgerald!

Oh yeah - it's coming - I can feel my foot tapping - songs are blasting around in my head - I've caught up on my sleep - and I'm ALMOST there lol

Wow - I was seriously burnt out last week - and I do mean seriously.
I seem to be able to go and go and go - and then I collapse in a mental and physical overpowering exhaustion.  I'm an extremist to the nth degree - have never been able to find middle ground anywhere.

My house is either immaculate - or disgusting -
I'm either painting 5 dressers in a week - or I don't pick up a paint brush at all -
I cook up a storm for awhile - and then I stop - completely
And as you can see, it's now spilled out onto my blog.

Go go go Suzan - don't stop - write something up everyday - until there's not one single word left in you to say.........
Just keep passing " GO " over and over again..............

HOW DO THE BIG BLOGGERS DO IT????????????????????

Anyway - for those of you who left comments - some over the top caring comments - about how it doesn't matter whether I reply to you or not -
Here's the thing.
It DOES in fact matter.
But I just wasn't able to do it - and now with over 600 emails in my in-box, I'm afraid catch up isn't going to happen - so I'm just going to move forward - take my time - and visit all of you as I can.

AND I have another makeover - and tons of songs to torment you with ( just to prove that I really did get my groove back :)

Remember this fellow?
He's part of the set that I picked up last October for a ridiculous price HERE

Doesn't he look unassuming?  I'm always doing girly makeovers - time to turn this antique into a macho
boys club type of guy - I could just see John sitting here with a book and his feet up beside this gentleman.

"This is a man's world - this is a man's world 
But it wouldn't be nothing without a woman " 

Well James Brown you certainly got that right................and this woman decided this man needed a makeover.
Meet Scott Fitzgerald.

Normally I would have painted out the handles - but decided not to because of April's decision to keep
here handles as they were .................and I'm loving how the brass pops against the deep grey..........

"Walk like a man - talk like a man
Walk like a man, my son"

I was going to name him Sue - after me - but that's just ridiculous
whoever heard of A Boy Named Sue?
I'm in love with this man..................he's tall, dark and handsome AND extremely organized!

I have such an evil grin on my face when I type in the lyrics..............because I know without a doubt that
at least one of you is going to be stuck with one of these songs in your head - the downside being I can't get ANY them out of my head now.............( small price to pay to drive you nuts bwaahhh )

I'm as corny as Kansas in August,
I'm as normal as blueberry pie.
No more a smart little girl with no heart,
I have found me a wonderful guy!

Check out his bulge biceps..............

You all have a great day -
as for me?
are you ready for this?

I'll just be here

biding my time and watching Scotty grow

Much love,

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  1. This absolutely gorgeous....and I can so relate....I had to take a break for about a month....and now I'm doing much better.

    1. Thanks so much Deborah!!!
      I only took a day off actually lmho - but what I haven't been able to do is reply to peoples emails or go visiting as much as I'd like.............
      Balance - how do people find balance?

  2. Suzan,
    This dresser turned out so gorgeous. Love everything you paint. Wow 600 emails!!!!! I get overwhelmed if I have 20!!!! Hope you get some much needed rest.

  3. You are so funny. And please NO reply!

  4. I seem to be an everything or nothing kind of gal, too. But lately I have found some middle ground. I have stepped back a little from blogging, posting about once every 10 days or so. I need to keep my priorities straight.

    Your dresser is lovely. Very regal.


    P.S. If you even think about replying to me... ;)

  5. You are shameless...capitalizing on Leonarado DiCaprio's new film and cramming as many songs as you can into one post! Glad you're catching up on sleep though. This is a beautiful dresser Suzan. Lovely job, really!

  6. I LOVE the color!!!!! I still say don't worry, if blogging gets complicated you won't want to do it, then we would really miss you! Speak to us here, thats good enough for me!Your words come from a true heart, we all know that!

  7. Love that color!
    Hugs, Cecilia

  8. Ummmm...lovely, gorgeoussss!!

  9. Love the difference! We are all in the same boat. It is feast or famine!!

  10. Oh pretty girl! is true, if blogging gets on the way of important things..hey, you can slowly go about it; this way we won't lose you forever, as I haven't seen some dear bloggers for a year now and yes, I do wonder how you guys are doing and hopping all is well. Therefore, don't dissapear, but just post when you can, this is supposed to be fun, it's not a MUST kind of thing. I love that piece you got last year and you did a great job with it, it's fabulous!! Have a wonderful week.

  11. Oh yeah, she's baaaccckk-well it's at least a variety of songs to have in my head. Beautiful piece by the way. ;-)

  12. I'm w/Liz, Scott really is a hottie. :)

  13. Almost as sexy as the firemen that paid me a visit this week!!! I don't know if it was to dream about them or because I have been exausted, but I spent more time than usual sleeping this weekend as well.. And I was late all week to read your posts!

  14. Oooh, I love the transformation on this handsome guy! I think the brass handles puts it over the top!!
    Mary Alice

  15. A-mazing! What a huge difference! And I love how beautiful the handles look against the gray.
    So glad you feel like singing again!

  16. Now you went and did it! Walk Like a Man was in my head before I finished reading this post, lol. Love the fabulous new clothes this big boy is wearing. Great job!

  17. lolol! You are totally amazing, incredibly entertaining, so very creative, girl! I utterly adore your writing style. Did I ever tell you how talented you are in THAT department, too?? lol Now....don't spend tooo much time with your new man. You're sure to hear from the Peanut Gallery if you do. hehehe!

    xoox laurie

  18. Great job! I love the transformation. I am in the same boat! I don't see how the big bloggers do it all!!!!

    1. Thanks so much Christy!!!
      The big bloggers must have some mean organizational skills LOL

  19. That is one handsome set of drawers Suzan. Good choice leaving the pulls as is. I love it.

  20. Hi Suzan!!!!!

    WOW!!!! Great job on Mr.S's dresser. Love the color and leaving the brass pulls was a great idea!! I love this type of dresser. It yells out 'VINTAGE' just by design alone.

    Now, about those songs...One song that always comes back to me, probably because I loved roller skating to it is, "Super-freak", by Rick James because when I'm tired and overworked I feel like I super freakout over everything!!!

    I know exactly where you're coming from!!! We push ourselves to the point where we (I) have to spend some quiet time in bed for a day or two. I have over 3,000 emails and there's no way I'm going to catch-up. Oh well, do what I can and forget the rest.

    Have a great week my good friend!!!


  21. Very handsome, Suzan. This is one of my favourite shapes for dressers and painting it the dark gray really brought out it's character.

    Glad you're feeling better. Take your time. We'll be here when you get to it all.

    1. They're one of my favorites too Heather !!! ( well until I get my next piece - whatever I'm working on seems to be my favorite lately lol )

  22. Balance is so difficult, you are not alone. You should see my basement in the middle of a LONG renovation. I'm so behind in everything and here I am online reading blogs!

    Love the dresser, the grey is perfect.

  23. What a transformation! Totally loving the gray! I would love for you to come link up to my party and follow along!

  24. I love your guy! He turned out fabulous!
    I totally understand your burn out, I've been offline for a couple weeks with just a bit of peeking here & there. I thought I was bad with about 550 emails (most of which I had to delete, I just don't have the time!!). And I haven't posted on my blog in 2 weeks. I babysat our 2 month old grandson last week, dropped him off on Saturday morning. I haven't done midnight feedings in almost 33 years! Total exhaustion...starting to get back to normal now, but it'll be a couple days before I'm back to 'normal' with my blog.
    Take care of yourself!
    Debbie :)

    1. Thanks Debbie!!!
      Once you let a couple of days go by it can get overwhelming pretty quickly, I know!!!

  25. Amazing dresser - love the manly gray. I was fine with the song lyrics (especially James Brown -born and lived here!) until "watching Scotty grow"! Pandora where are you?

  26. Wow, what a gorgeous transformation! It turned out beautifully!

  27. Thanks for linking up to my party! Hope to see you again next week!

  28. You know, I love painted furniture, but I keep wondering if I will live to regret it. Do you ever think stained wood will ever be back? I don't like to strip paint!

  29. Oh, Mr. Fitzgerald...I think I have a crash on you...:)

  30. oh yeah, he's SO handsome, love that gray!!!

  31. I can totally relate to needing to take a break. Love the dresser and leaving the handles was a good choice. What is the colour that you used on this dresser, love it. hugs Tobey

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