Monday, April 1, 2013

The reason I REALLY love Downton Abbey!

Just me rambling again everyone...............about commercials.
I HATE them - unreasonably so perhaps - but I really do hate them -
For the most part they are insulting - too frequent - and just plain stupid.
And because they interrupts shows every 5 minutes - I end up losing interest in the show, often.

I was reading a blog the other day - and an AD was placed right in the middle of their post - wth?
Turn mind automatically turned off.
Mostly all of them make me sick - but here's some of the one's that do a spectacular job at doing so


1) Why do teeth whitener ads pick the actresses with the whitest teeth possible - and THEN try to show us them even whiter?  Wouldn't it be more effective to show someone with yellow teeth?  It worked for Pepsodent for decades - ( now I'm left wondering where the yellow went )

2) I wonder why it is that every time I see a before and after ad for hair - I almost always prefer the before shot?

3) To ANY product out there.
Just because you show your AD 15 times in 30 minutes doesn't mean I'll buy your product - in fact you frustrate me so much that chances are I'll avoid your product like the plague on principal alone.
Please keep in mind that my demographic, the one who remembers 3 ads per 30 minute shows - 1 at the beginning - 1 in the middle and 1 at the end - are the ones you are completely turning off.
Which demographic do I belong to, you ask?
The one that BUYS...................

4)  Kentucky Fried Chicken - I don't care if you come out with a crunchier coating every year for the rest of my life - I still feel sick after I eat you.

5)  Cascade Kitchen Counsellor - please find another job - I have to change the channel at this point - nothing personal - but it makes me physically sick to see you jump up between 2 people fighting over dishwasher tabs..............

6)  If I see another woman sniffing her armpits on National T.V. - I'll smash my converter to smithereens.

7)  Banks and insurance companies - WOW - you've got nerve to even place an ad on T.V. - when you come on - I go for a's too insulting to my intelligence to listen to your lies.

8)  Palmolive - please bring Madge back............

9) No - No hair remover - No - No - more.................. If you really have, in fact, sold millions of these as you claim - can't you hire a proper marketing company to come up with a better ad?

10)  Swiffer - as much as I love you - I have never - not once - been tempted to blast my music and start dancing around my living room in a mad frenzy while clutching you close to my heart - that may be just me however...........

11)  Weight loss ads?  You speak - I DON'T listen, period.

And that may just be the reason I love Downton Abbey so much - 1 hour of glorious ad - free television -
Maggie Smith's role wouldn't have half the humor for me if it was broken up by 5 ads every time she opened her mouth.....................

I really don't enjoy painting chairs - but I'd rather paint 100 of them than watch another one of the above mentionned ads

Happy Monday All,


  1. You made me laugh so many times in this post!
    I totally agree...especially those armpit sniffers.
    I never even watch tv anymore without first recording it so I can FF thru the commercials.
    It's horrible.
    Have a great day, Suze!

  2. AMEN!! I hate the stupid ads, which I agree with you..they are an insult to our intelligence!!! Don't they know we HATE THEM! Everyone does..I always go and make myself a cuppa tea, I go pee,I put cloths away in the closet..NEVER watch them. I adore Downton Abbey, I guess I'll watch that show no matter what..that Maggie Smith reminds me so much of my granny Stella, looked like her and acted like her, lol.. Thank you, I loved this post! Have a great week.

  3. Gee, you didn't leave anything for me to say but thanks! :-)

  4. I only get one TV channel and that's TVO, so no commercials for me. I'm watching the first season of Downton Abbey on DVD and didn't know the TV version was commercial free. The problem with never seeing ads is I don't know a lot of current pop culture. When everyone laughs at a joke with a commercial reference, I'm the one staring with the blank face. See, I didn't even know women were sniffing their armpits on national TV!

  5. So totally true!! All of it!! I haven't listened to a commercial in years. The mute button goes on as soon as it's break time. Commercials are so dummed down (like many of the shows) that it's such a complete turn off. We don't watch a lot of commercial TV, but when we do it's always quiet at break time.

  6. Suzan, so true - one of the reasons I mostly watch my shows on the computer - at least the commercials are shorter! The kitchen counselor ad absolutely sends me - hit the channel changer!!

  7. Hallelujah-you go girl. I despise most commercials and wonder just how stupid they think we are. Hardee's gets me too...can we say sell hamburgers with sex? I hoped we were smarter than that.
    Have a good week.

  8. You go girl - I'm with you. The only ones I like are about children or animals. The rest can go in the trash!
    Happy Spring

  9. sigh, I love those chairs painted, lucky April! Thank God for the mute button, seriously, best damn thing invented. I hate ads sooooo much I PVR everything, even for 1/2 an hour, then start watching just so I can skip through the ads. I control the remote when we watch tv live cause hubs can't find the mute button fast enough for me! Patty/BC

  10. Blasting my music and dancing around the living room in a mad frenzy is the only way I can get myself to clean. However, I don't own a Swiffer. I just play air guitar on my Dyson.

    What I CANNOT STAND on tv is that the 'commercial breaks' are often 7 minutes long. It is with pretty rapid frequency that Miss Short Attention Span here has forgotten what show was on in the first place. I am serious!
    I would request that "Jan", the nerdy receptionist from the Toyota commercials gets banished to wherever you sent Kitchen Counselor.

  11. I totally agree. I have pretty much stopped watching Tv because of all the STUPID ads. And on the rare occasion I do, I too mute the commercial. They are so stupid I have a hard time trying to figure out what kind of person in charge of advertising would say. "oh yes that's a great ad for our product. " I read a book its much more interesting.

  12. Actually, that's EXACTLY how I swiffer.

  13. I totally agree. I have pretty much stopped watching Tv because of all the STUPID ads. And on the rare occasion I do, I too mute the commercial. They are so stupid I have a hard time trying to figure out what kind of person in charge of advertising would say. "oh yes that's a great ad for our product. " I read a book its much more interesting.

  14. You are so right! I rarely turn the TV on, I started watching Dancing With The Stars' new season so I have to, but that is really the only TV I watch! (which reminds me...another week starts tonight!)

    Even then I get so annoyed by all the commercials. Larry & I spent the last 6 months watching the DVD of 24, it was less than 40 minutes we could watch a whole 'hour'! The only way to watch TV these days.

    Remember back in the 60's when every Easter they would play The Ten Commandments? There would be 10 minutes of Ford commercials on at the very beginning...then the whole movie would play without interruptions. Why can't they all do that? Oh right, they have to play 10 minutes of commercials for every 1/2 hour!! sheesh

  15. hear you! I rarely watch tv - almost never! but when I do it always bugs me that they are always going to commercials!

  16. Love it!! I miss Madge too.

    I'm beginning to understand your hate of painting chairs - I'm doing a set of 4 now and it's tedious. If it's only 1 chair, I'm fine. But knowing that there is a set of four to finish makes me crazy.

  17. Hmm. Maybe if I start dancing with the Swiffer I'll swif more. I already blast the music so I'm halfway there. We DVR a lot of stuff and then fast forward through the commercials when we watch the show.

  18. I don't even have cable anymore. I never watched. Everyone I know has a dvr now and they skip the commercials. I never had a dvr, but if I did I still probably wouldn't want to waste my time on the trash being pumped through the tube. I did love commercials as a kid though. I still remember many of them fondly.

  19. Good Lord Suzan! I don't know how you've kept all of that inside for so long!! You must be feeling better now!! I have to say that I get a lot of little things done during commercials. As soon as one comes on I'm up on my feet doing something, so their not influencing me to buy anything! Love Public TV for their no commercials...hate the Koch Brothers for funding it though. I should stop there.

  20. I hear you loud and clear. That's why I'm addicted to my TIVO. Fast forward is my motto. I wish there was some way to get your message out to the ad agencies. Maybe they could learn something.

  21. Ummmm...My favorites are not mentioned here- like..Viagra...and Depends....and all those sexy gels that are now made for BOTH of you....oh- yeah...and Don't forget Mother Nature with her little monthly package. I could puke watching them all- xo Diana

  22. I catch TV on the Internet most of the time and my pupils make me realise that I don't know ads anymore when they know some of them by heart (instead of lessons!) and I have no idea what they are talking about! I've been feeling uncomfortable lately though about some very inappropriate ads (and I'm French, so it takes a lot for me to think it's inappropriate!!!) on some blogs. I guess I'll never activate ads on my blog and never make money!

  23. Hello Suzan!!!!

    I totally agree with what you're saying. We were watching our show last night and I swear that they did 40 mins of commercials ans 20 mins of the show. It really got on our nerves!!!!!

    But, the commercials I love and laugh when I see them are the ones for some medical pill that has more dangerous side affects than what the meds are treating.

    It's crazy!!!!!!!

    Have a great week Suzan!!!!!!


  24. I make a concerted effort to remember which companies puts out the really annoying commercials so that I don't buy their products. I actually refused to go to a certain car dealership because their commercials annoyed me so much.

  25. That is why I love Shaw on Demand, I record all of my favorite shows and fast forward through the commercials. My pet peeve is the previews of the scary shows, walking dead, vampires etc. they scare the heck out of me. I have to close my eyes so I don't have nightmares. And yes no more NO NO commercials. Hubby says he would like no more feminine pad or tampon commercials lol poor boy. I liked Madge too. hugs Tobey

  26. That used to be true for me too! Hate commercials! Except kids act, and they make commercials! My daughter has made a few in the last year, and the latest one is one that is really not liked here in Canada! Its got a character in it that people find creepy. However, she's the cute little girl in it, so alls well (wink). Hey, she's saving up for her Uni tuition! Now I LOVE commercials :)

    1. Well that would put a whole different " spin " on it for me too lol


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