Tuesday, April 2, 2013

It felt like Easter anyway................

Good morning everyone!
Hope you all had a nice Easter wknd :)

I'm ashamed to say that not only am I late showing any Easter decorations - there was nary a bunny to be found in my house this year.............

They're were birds ( that had just laid eggs )  

and nests  

and birdhouses  

and a fresh bouquet from the dollar store that I bought for THIS 

and there was some left over sprigs to put on each plate 

Sometimes I use my Willow Tree ornaments for my kids place settings
Ashley, you sit here sweetheart

Lindsay honey - you're over here

and Gordie, you sit here, handsome

And we didn't have lamb, or ham, or turkey
We had roast beef and yorkshire pudding...................
& a chocolate cake that I whipped up from scratch Duncan Hines

and of course some candy coated chocolate eggs ( my absolute favorite )

In fact I cheated my whole way through Easter this year.............short cuts everywhere I could find 'em

And guess what?
It worked.......................even without a single bunny!

Hope you all spent yours surrounded by bunnies love

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  1. Aw how sweet. I had bunnies all crammed together in my pathetic attempt to put something Easterly out. Not very pretty, I'm afraid. My birds in their nest in a cage, look much better. Your birds and table look fabulous!

  2. My kind of Easter decor! Perfect. Love the table setting. Glad you had a Happy Easter :-)

  3. And nary a bunny was needed... Very nice!

  4. Looks like you had a lovely table even without a bunny! My table didn't have a bunny on it either :)

  5. So glad you had a Happy Eaaster. What lovely pictures. Love the table setting and the decor.


  6. Suzan,
    Sometimes you have to go outside the norm and you had a beautiful table setting. Very nice.

  7. I spent Easter surrounded by cats that didn't bring me any eggs! But it was a lovely Easter anyway because the sun shone for three days! I bet it was a nice Easter for you if your children were there.

  8. Easter was just another day around here, hubby worked 13 hours at the mine and I worked in the garage. No bunny's in sight. And the only birds were the ducks and geese I feed in my yard every morning. The only thing colourful around here is my leg from falling the other day, it is a pretty shade of blues, purple and black from my shin to my toes lol Your table looks stunning and I loved all of your pics. Your house always looks so pretty. hugs Tobey

  9. No bunnies here either other than a few Lindt ones. We did have lamb however. But I cheated and bought a lemon meringue pie - something I rarely do. And you know what? Nobody cared.

    We've been fighting the flu here and so a laid back Easter was in order.

    1. Don't think I'll go crazy anymore Heather - no one seems to mind
      Sorry you're fighting the flu - not fun, I know..................
      Big hugs ( virtual ones because I don't want to catch what you have :)

  10. Hi Suzan!!!

    Love your table settings!!!! But, what I found topped it all off really great was your Willow Tree people!!! What a great idea!!!! Where would I find them? Please!!!!

    Looks like you had a great weekend!!!


  11. It felt like Easter here, too. Even without the boys at home. Probably due to the fact that my face was stuffed with cake and whipped cream. :)
    Very unique table, Suze- totally you!
    xxx, Tina

  12. There were no bunnies around our table either....looks like fun though at your place!!

  13. Well, Easter may be a bit late but it sure looks good. Hope you are having a great week- Mine is so busy I can't stand it- xo Diana

  14. It looks festive from the photos despite no bunnies.

    1. thanks - it wasn't very festive really lol - but it was fun

  15. It all looks lovely...even without a bunny! Mmmmmmm yorkshire pudding! I have yorkshire pudding pans that my friend from England sent me and we love them with gravy!

  16. No bunnies here - just chicks. Your table looks simply elegant. My Willow Tree angels have not seen the light of day in over a year. YIKES! They are pushing the rule around here. If not used within a year, out the door you go.

  17. I did the traditional ham & scalloped potatoes...I think my family would have fired me if I didn't. lol Love your decor! Oh and those candy eggs? I had some for decoration and I love them...first time I've bought them, but won't be the last.
    Debbie :)

  18. how beautiful! I love the willow tree figures :o) I came over from Ginger Snap and would love for you to also link up at my party, going on now! Will be open for another day! Emily @ www.nap-timecreations.com

  19. Great way to celebrate the occasion. Really sets up the mood. :)
    - WillowTreeShop.com


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