Saturday, January 11, 2014

Decisions - Good AND Bad

Morning all !

It's really is!!!
I'm happy I decided to go with the plate shelves instead of upper cabinets -

open shelving, kitchen,

What do you think of them?  Did I do good?  You have to tell me - because I've been beating myself up for 2 days over the floor fiasco..................
They really are a great storage alternative for those of us that don't want upper cabinets :)
They accommodate a LOT considering they don't take up much space at all -
I especially love that there's hooks on the bottom!

I'm happy I decided to keep the old sink ( don't know why it wasn't thrown out during the demo process - divine intervention perhaps )  Originally - when I was going to go with a marble slab the sink would have been an under mount - however this one works perfectly with the tiles - it doesn't look it but the tubs are very deep - and there's 2 of them - and it cleaned up rather nicely - nothing to write home about - but in the end it'll do fine.

I'm also happy I decided on the marble tile - ( after finding out a tooth implant was going to cost the same amount as a slab...............)  I was heartbroken about that decision if truth be told - but I really am happy about it - not the kind of happy that makes you dance all over the house - but the kind of happy that makes me smile when I look at it

I'm happy I decided to get the 2 galvanized steel units from IKEA - at 15.99 each - to rest on either side of the stove - I only have one up so far but like the industrial look it gives the area ( keeping in mind that a large stainless steel hood will be in the center of both

I'm happy I decided to borrow some space from the mudroom to create the fridge niche - it saves a huge amount of space for this kitchen

and I'm really liking the microwave niche too since it creates more counter space.
( why is the light red on it?  I've never seen that before - don't like )

And when I think of how this wall looked when we bought the house

I'm thrilled with every decision so far

( I used my incredible photography skills - and ran to PICMONKEY to photo shop the window we've ordered - so you can see what'll it look like LMHO )  remember the window will be black - but this is the one.  I think it's ready in 2 weeks.
That gap between the drawers and the cabinet on the left had side still has to have the filler piece installed to hide it. And I hate that the right hand plate rack looks crooked - it isn't !!!
Oh and I still have to paint out that wood trim along the perimeter of the tile.

Ok - now I'll let you know why I'm bragging about my decisions -

Remember the black and white tile floor I wanted?

I wanted to try it with stick on tiles first - to see if I liked it - but couldn't find stick on tiles anywhere in Montreal -
And so we went with this  ( OMG - I could seriously puke showing you this - I really wasn't going to but here you are )

It didn't look so bad when we saw the one piece.

But holy shit - what a disaster - I can barely walk into the kitchen without wanting to weep


I'm not even watermarking this pic - I don't want anyone to associate my kitchen with it LMHO


Suzan says - I can't live with it John
John says - and this is the FIRST time he's ever said this - CHANGE IT - IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT AND YOU CAN'T LIVE WITH IT - CHANGE IT -
Suzan says - Wow - I've never known you to be so accommodating
John says - Well - you've worked hard to create a nice space - I don't want you living with something you don't like
Suzan says - Well THAT never mattered before
Suzan says - OMG - YOU hate it too LOL
John says - It's horrid

And because I can't leave you with that image in your head - here's another decision I'm happy I made
When I painted my Knife Block ( you can see all the different wording I used on it HERE )
But it works in the new black and white kitchen :)

Oh and for those of you that suggested I paint out the original wood floor in a checker board pattern - the wood was not salvageable unfortunately - or I would have most definitely did just that !!!

You all have a wonderful Sunday - try to make sure it's a day of rest - and try to get the image of that
" horrid " floor out of your head.

Much love,

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  1. Suzan,love love love your kitchen,but noooooot the floor either. Tiles will be much nicer.l :)

  2. Wow, and to think I was rooting for that floor! It's awful! So stripey. The rest of the kitchen looks great, I'm sorry you wasted time and money on that floor, I know how heartbreaking that can be.

  3. Wow, I love the kitchen! It's coming together and is so beautiful....but, I have to agree with you on the floor. I don't think I've ever seen anything quite like it. You're almost there Suzanne - there is light at the end of the tunnel.

  4. It is coming together nicely. Love the window choice and I agree the checkerboard floor will look terrific in that kitchen.

  5. Love your kitchen, Suzan, Unbeliveable that it`s the same kitchen you started with. The window is beautiful.

    Hugs from here

  6. Oh my heavens! You are so right, that floor has to come up because everything else is so gorgeous!!!! But Susan, my DH is in the flooring biz and he says you do have another choice if you aren't sure about the ceramic B/W tiles. Mannington "Sobella" has that 12 inch b/w tile look in a 12' sheet that you could probably lay on the diagonal. You are amazing! Just wanted you to know that :)

  7. hahahaha…. This cracked me up. In our last house, we had the microwave above our stove, each obviously with a clock. We found ourselves one night, each with our finger on the clocks, to push the buttons at the exact same time because we couldn't stand them to be off by 1 minute…. not to mention one light was blue and one light was green! UGH! It drove me crazy!

  8. Wow, your kitchen looks amazing already!! But that floor??? Yikes!! It looks like zebra stripes or something. So strange it would make that pattern. I'm glad you are changing it to black and white tiles. It will look beautiful. You have done a super job on the whole kitchen and I know you'll love it when the window is in and the floor is re-done. Beautiful!!!

  9. L O L ! ! ! OMG that floor! just goes to show you that you have to lay out a section before buying any type of floor. I had that happen with another house I decorated. So sorry you have to redo it. The plate racks look fab - where did you get those? and what is the name of the Ikea galvanized shelves you mentioned?? Love the way it's coming together!! well minus the floor... ;) xoxox

  10. Sometimes you just can't tell what something will look like until it's done! I'm glad you're going to change it! WHEW! All of the shelves you've used are wonderful for storage and to display your pretty kitchen things. It really looks wonderful my friend! Just don't look down! Sweet hugs!

  11. Suzan, I am LOVING the transformations that your house is going through. It's coming along so beautifully. And every now and then I have to read them to my husband. Today was no exception when I saw your flooring install. I turned the screen to him and he said, "Om my God! That is hideous." He approves of the ceramic tile too. Go for it.... and pray you don't need another tooth in the process.

  12. You are wearing John down! LOL. Your kitchen looks amazing and I agree with the decision to change the floor. You spend too much time in the kitchen to be miserable.

  13. Your kitchen is turning out beautifully. Too bad about the floor, but at least you both agree it needs to be changed. I agree with someone else who suggested the checkered vinyl flooring. It is not made like it used to be, much thicker, softer and more durable. I find tiled floors to be really cold in our climate (same as yours).

  14. Oh jeeze...that floor...
    But the rest of it looks amazeballs! (LOL)

  15. It's beginning to look like HOME, Suzan! An incredible transformation! Love the plate racks, the counter tops, the cabinetry, the industrial shelving...ok, the floor? Not so much, BUT -- with all of the decisions you have made, if 99% have been good ones, those are pretty darn good odds. Me, on the other hand, it would probably have been the reverse!
    Gorgeous kitchen!

  16. You have such an eye for design, your kitchen looks amazing, love the plate racks and the shelves from Ikea. Don't beat yourself up too much over the floor, like Amy said all of your other choices ROCK big time. Your home is looking amazing, hard to believe the before pics. You saw the homes potential and your making it happen beautifully. love it all , hugs Tobey

  17. OMG! That floor was/is hideous...and they laid it wrong-the "grain" is supposed to match and carry through. lol That will be a good thing to get rid of!!! Other than that-you have done a beautiful job. I just love it Susan. What a long way you have come and I know that you are going to be over-the-moon happy when you are done. I can't wait to "talk" to you at 2am in the morning again-when you are back to the "real world" ! xo Diana

  18. Well for whatever reason he's being so easy going about it, I say take the agreement and run with it. :) Everything is looking wonderful! Your after kitchen is one million times better than the before, and the space for the refrigerator was p.e.r.f.e.c.t!

  19. I am loving the kitchen - you work so quickly - and have to agree about the floor. Can't wait to see the black and white tiles.

  20. Suzan,
    OMG!!! The open shelves and the counters, sink, the window, nook for the refrig it is all looking for over the top. Love it. I thought when you said you hated the floors you might me just tired and exaggerating a little but nope you were right on those are horrid!!! Wow! Yep those have to go!!!! The checker tiles will look awesome! So proud of you girl that kitchen is looking magazine +++++++++++quality!!! Great Job!!!!

  21. You've created a gorgeous space, Suzan. The new window is awesome, and you'll always get a thumbs up from me on black and white checked floor tiles.
    Enjoy your day…...

  22. Great Space. You could paint the floor you installed in a checkerboard pattern. The grey wood with black checkerboard design. It would tame the floor down.

  23. Everything looks great! Love the plate racks!!! I agree with you about the plate racks; I liked them too, but they were too wide for my kitchen. The window is going to be gorgeous!

    OMG I've never seen any floor look quite like that in either vinyl, laminate, or wood when it was complete. Scary. The sample looked pretty.

  24. What the hell is up with the freaking floor!!! Seriously, who in their right mind wld even make such an atroscity?! Unreal! It had me fooled too, all I saw was grey, no stripes or attempt at a pattern. Bring on the black and white tiles. That floor makes me dizzy. Sorry for the loss of money, time, etc. The kitchen looks beautiful, can't wait to see the new window installed. Chin up and crack open the vino.

  25. It is really something if you and John agree... And I also agree with you. The kitchen is really nice though, especially the tiles countertop (never thought I would write that one day!)

  26. Wow! You are right - That floor is really awful. Fortunately you have a husband who has agreed to let you fix it. The kitchen is going to look amazing once you get the right floor. I would go white or grey vinyl flooring. It may not be your checkerboard. But…..

  27. Suzan, I LOVE the kitchen and everything about it EXCEPT the floor! I can't wait to see the finished product with the new floor and amazing window. When do the magazine photographer's come for next issue of House Beautiful? :-) you should certainly be featured! LOVE, LOVE!! XOXO <3

  28. i dont know if its your great picture skills but it really doesnt look that bad lol cant wait to see the new one

  29. Sometimes we have to make mistakes, even rather awful ones, in order to come to the correct conclusion. That you are able to accept it, and correct it, and move on, speaks mountains! Black and white tile will be the perfect finish to the floor. The marble tiles look fabulous, your color choices otherwise are spot on, even the window that opens inward rather than outward (comes with screen, I assume, to keep the bugs out) because it is perfectly in keeping with the sort of French country/industrial/metro look. LOL! Doesn't make sense, except it does because it all looks great together. I am not a fan of plate racks - will you be dusting every day and washing the dishes every time before you use them, cuz they're going to get a dusty build-up in the open. I like my closed cabinets. I would like to switch a couple of them out for glass-fronted ones, though, if the budget ever allows :) You are like the White Tornado, I cannot believe the speed in which you are completing your reno, Holy Hathor. You rock, Suzan. Keep the vision, it's a great one.

  30. P.S. Wanted to add that I love your stainless steel double sink. I have one (not quite as deep as yours, though) and it's held up nicely for 23 years now. I polish it out with Barkeepers Friend. Don't know if they sell it in Canada, but maybe there is an equivalent product. Barkeepers Friend puts a great shine on old stainless steel. Back in the day when I helped a friend out in her bar on the weekends we would use it to polish out the bar sinks and it works fabulously to restore lustre and takes out scratches and stains. It will take a little elbow grease to remove years of grime and maybe three or four polishings will do it, then you'll be down to the original finish and the sink will love you, and you will love it. The sink fits in perfectly with the vibe of your kitchen and what's wrong with saving some money, heh - nothing! It's going to be a fab space when it is done and I am on pins and needles waiting for the grand denouement, as I'm sure all your other followers are, too.

  31. It looks fabulous so far, and I am sure it will be perfect when you finish it!

  32. Oh Suzan! I'm loving your kitchen and I can't believe how quickly you are getting stuff done! I think your plate racks look divine. LMAO about the window...I saw it in the picture and thought, "I thought she said it would be black!"!! The metal shelves are great looking and I can't wait to see them with the hood. I wish I could figure out how to get my microwave in the wall. So genius! The floors...OMG. I had no idea they would look like that! Since I had to pay for a new well, I lost the tile in my kitchen. *sigh*. Always a trade off. I'm keeping my stainless sink too and I hope it looks as good as yours when I'm through. Really, Suzan, it's all just gorgeous!

  33. I agree with you and John, that floor is horrid. I am so excited that you will be getting the black and white ceramic tile floor. That will be so awesome. I am loving your new changes. Hugs, Ginger

  34. Your kitchen is looking soooo good, except for the skunky floor. The checkerboard tiles will look so much better. John is really sweet to humor you like that.

  35. Oh Suzan! I was thinking 'it can't be that bad' but it is :( Glad you are getting the ceramic tiles - it will be beautiful and you will love it!

  36. That is so funny. Glad John agreed with you.

    The rest of the kitchen looks amazing. Well done.

  37. Oh Suzan......your kitchen is gonna be great! I do love the walls without cupboards, the niches for the appliances, the sink and the soon-to-be window!

  38. Oh my goodness, that floor is, there is no other word, H.O.R.R.I.D! I'm so glad you will be able to change it. Ugh! The rest of it is great. Can't wait to see your ceramic floor and new window!

  39. I actually love the floors - it remind me of a cottage/beachy look. Don't change them - live with them for a while, maybe put down some cool rugs and see if they grow on you.

  40. Jan called it….Get back to us about those open shelves when for the tenth time you've washed the oily and dusty cooking residue off all the items stored on them. Unless you have one humongous 'big ass' fan over the stove to draw the cooking air out of the room.
    I hope the open shelves work for you, 'cause i like them, but if you cook daily, I suspect you won't like them for long,

  41. every thing looks great except the floor-love dee x

  42. Oh wow Suzan, that floor is horrid. The black and white tiles are going to be amazing! Love what you've done to that kitchen so far - what a difference! It's been fun following along your renovation journey - looking forward to seeing what you have in store for us next.

  43. Hahaha! Okay, that is NOT what I put down in my laundry room! Best of luck sweetie! I can't wait to see what the next floor looks like! You're moving way faster in your house than I could have dreamed. I think you're ahead of me! :)


  44. lolol Oh my gosh, Suzan. That flooring IS horrid! lolol I'm sooo glad that you're getting what you had your heart set on in the beginning. :) You continue to amaze me with your styling talent. It all looks amaaaaazing!!!!!

    xoxo laurie

  45. Oh no I'm so sorry! I'm glad John hated it too makes life easier

  46. Love your kitchen but I think they installed your floor wrong that is why it looks bad. They didn't line up the grain properly when they butted the pieces least it looks that way to me. I LOVE your bedroom too!

  47. I agree with Wendy. Something isn't right about the match on the floor panels. That's going to be brutal to pull back up. I think you are going to have to soften the glue with a heat gun or old iron. Oh well, the rest of the room looks great!

  48. Strange...
    When I bought the flooring to redo my bathroom floor, I was going to use a grey'ish barn wood look flooring made by Allure (vinyl strip type flooring) and the sales lady warned about the exact thing that happened to you. It is really pretty by the piece. But, even the Allure brand has a weird pattern once layed out. I wish you would have had the same sales lady as me. And, I almost made the same mistake except for the sales lady stopped me, so I can see how it happened to you. Barn wood is pretty. I guess, it just doesn't make for a pretty floor...
    We all go through weird things like this. You're not alone, it happens to everybody...
    Hope it all turns out like you dream in the end~~
    Keep Smiling~!

  49. I laughed so hard at your floor that tears came to my eyes. I am truly feeling for you. Great that you and John are in agreement. This could be the start of . . . Jo @ Leet's Face the Music

  50. Just think of all the people who you just helped avoid buying that flooring! lol Funny how your dh didn't like it either but wouldn't come right out and say it.

    I love your knife blocks and the progress you are making with the kitchen. I love makeovers.

  51. OMG, never would have seen that coming!! Someone else in the blog world used that flooring, and it looked beautiful....most have been a different mfctr.? Does makes sense to do a dry run layout, never would have thought that before this. Your kitchen otherwise is so beautiful, once your new..."new" flooring is in, oh my, look out!! Très belle!!!

  52. even on pain meds that floor is a total disaster........soory no other way to say it. But that was cute how John didn't want to tell you he hated it too,,,,,Now the anticipation of the new floor has to be so wonderful!!!!! The rest of the kitchen is so have such a great way of pulling things together so beautifully

  53. Hi how are the marble countertop s holding up? I think I'm going to go with this for the savings but I would love to know If you have had any issues with it! Thanks

    1. Hi Amanda - knock on wood - a year and few months later they still look great - I had some grouting issues on one corner but fixed it............
      This was a temporary fix - to get me through a year............but I'm keeping them now until they no longer look good.
      So far they do
      Good luck


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