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I WANNA live there Wednesday 64

Good Morning all !!!

I WANNA live there Wednesday is back - after quite the hiatus !!!

Just a quick word before I go further - please keep in mind that I'm showing houses - sometimes it's a bonus and it's beautifully decorated - sometimes it isn't - I never mentioned this on the blog but a couple of months ago I received an email from an owner of a IWLTW - thanking me for showcasing her home - ( which happened to be gorgeous ) but it made me realize that any one can come across this series - please be kind - we all have different tastes after all - thanks is so interconnected and the older you get the more it seems so..................

A very close friend of mine has decided she wants to move into our little neighborhood -
We owned a duplex in the city - ( before the last house ) and she lived in the suburbs - the year
I left that particular neighborhood - she moved from the suburbs right smack in the middle of it!
Our paths crossed - preventing us from being able to walk over to each other's places - but now it
looks like we'll be on the same " page " after all !!!
these are some of the homes under consideration - let me know what you think!

House number 1 ( I can't make the number sign work on this freaking keyboard )

3 bedrooms - 1 bath
Realtor:  Jean Pierre Guindon


Keep in mind she wants everything WHITE as well :)

The living room is a living room / dining room combo - I can picture her beautiful furniture in here perfectly

New cupboard fronts in glass to match the corner ones -
She can't stand the faux Terra Cotta so that has to be changed ( I'd live with it for awhile )
But she's in love with the little step up to the mudroom and imagines coming in from walks with a dog
You all get that, right?  The imagination game?

It's a decent size really - oops - the back splash has to be changed too I see - but it has tons of natural light

If she were a blogger she could work from that little desk area lmho

Soooo pretty

railings painted -

a window in the landing - wish I had that!!!

LOVING that it has a deck there already

It's loaded with charm - but here's the real reason this one is so close to her heart -
It has an extra guest house on the property which she would convert into an apartment for her son.
I can't tell you how in love I am with this little extra " building "

Is that amazing or what?  Can you see the potential in it?  I'd love to have something like this in the back!!!

Hopefully she'll only move in next summer because there's absolutely no way I can help her before then with the gut job we're working on - but I'd love to decorate that little guest house - inside and out.

House No. 2
5 beds - 3 baths
Realtor - Navin Somani

All I can say about this one - is that had it been available a few months ago - WE WOULD HAVE BOUGHT IT - WITHOUT A DOUBT - this is charming beyond words..............well any words I know anyway :)
It's 12 rooms - and even if they're tiny - there's 12 of them - seems a little too much for a soon to be single empty nester..............but as much as she loves the first one - this one is in the running too

Paint the cupboards - change the back splash and the floors - and I'd leave the wood counters

Tons of storage

Love Love Love the eating nook -

Huge potential !!!

this must have been an add on - it's too modern for the rest of the house

Radiators?  Yes please -

Loving this little room too - why do I look at everything as a place to blog from LMHO

I'm in love with this stairwell too - window again!!!

Huge backyard ( well for these here parts anyway ) She's coming from the same area I just left so in our world this is like owning a ranch lol

Those are the 2 serious contenders - in the order I put them in - but I found another one in Lancaster, Ontario ( some of you will remember that Lancaster was a serious contender for us before we bought the house we're in now )

This is unbelievable - really - I can't believe what I could have gotten for the price -

South Glengarry, Ontario
Gorgeous 3-bdr/3-bath home, renovated in 2012. Open concept kitchen/dining/livingroom, stainless steel appliances, and hardwood floors. California shutters in bedrooms and bathrooms, marble tile in bathrooms and foyer, 3-piece master ensuite. Ideal location for professional business; large workshop and garage, currently operating as an antique shop. Additional 2012 upgrades: new roof, windows, insulation, gas furnace, hot water tank.
Realtor - Scott Moore

Look - they've laid out the red carpet for us!!!

And this - this is what makes it the dream house for me -

Right on the property - I could have had a SHOP - never mind a room to paint in

Is it too late to change my mind do you think?

Other than paint, I wouldn't have to do a thing..................
Have a wonderful Wednesday all :)
Much love,

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  1. I liked the last house but the all marble bath turned me off. I loved the second house even if the rooms were small and choppy. It's a lovely home and walk in ready. All that being said, I would take the first house in a heartbeat. Even if there was a lot of work. I love the open feel and the big chunky beams. The only thing that would bug me would be that little step up to the mud room that your friend really likes. While she imagines coming in with the dog, I imagine myself heading out of the kitchen to the back door, missing the step up and ending up facedown on the terra cotta tile! (This may or my not have happened to me before...more than once!)

  2. I have no idea how she will decide! I would have to put them in a hat and draw one. They are all so beautiful and unique. Not sure I "love" the all marble baths in #3 but I could definitely adjust to them. Thank you for bringing the series back. I enjoy dreaming and planning my escape from this big monstrosity when the kids are all gone.....10 years Baby....10 years! Have a beautiful day. xoxoxo

  3. It's # 2 for me. :-) Lots of room for the grandkids when they visit, but #1 has lots of possibilities with some paint. I like the bright kitchen in # 1.

  4. I could imagine my whole life inside that first one! It's something out of a fairy tale! And the guest house......swoon!! Just gets better and better! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Holy cow. I loved the first house. Then I loved the second house. Then that shop!!! That would be the best!! Although it looks like they forgot to tile the ceiling in the bathroom and I think they're storing their Christmas tree under the pool table. ;) Other than that, awesome!!


  6. Wow lots of goodies but the one with the store is fave!

  7. I would choose the first house but I'd have to paint the beams and the woodwork. Maybe even the chimney outside. There would be work to do. I liked more about two than three. Sorry. The shop wouldn't make up the difference for me. I never want to live where my 'stuff' is.

  8. I agree that spot you showcased as a great place to blog would be perfect!! nice choices here, like always. :)

  9. I want to live in the #1 guest house! I'd love to see the inside of it.

  10. I have to say that both have potential but the one with that little building to use an office or studio for projects is my favorite. That building is so quaint and the possibilities are endless.


  11. The second one looks as if it has had some walls unfortunately removed or relocated. But as long as those radiators work, it would be my first choice. Radiators provide lovely even and clean heat. It looks as if there might not be enough radiators, so I wonder……..
    The first house's backyard building looks a little too 'quaint' for my taste, but if one has either money or lots of energy, it might work out.
    All of them have good points and fixable less good points. I wish your friend happy choices and plenty of heat in Montreal winters

  12. I love the last one best of all, but the first one has the potential to make it "her own." All three are great, though, so she really can't lose. WAIT - I have an idea! Talk her into buying the last one, and maybe she'll let you use the little shop in exchange for some decorating help!

  13. I want a new house!!! Especially the second one

  14. How fun that your friend might be near you again.

    I vote for the one with the little guest house in back. I want a little guest house of my own.

  15. I loved the first house, then I saw the second one and loved that.........then the third, with a shop, that's it for me.....#3................thanks for bringing your series back, love to dream!!

  16. I like the first two ones, but the shop in the last one would be my dream. Do you think you can send me that aqua and white painted dresser in the entrance of the second house? I love it!

  17. Those are all gorgeous houses, I could see living in all three of them. I especially like the first two, they have such great character. You live in Ontario? I am in Manitoba, Winnipeg to be exact. Nice to see another Canadian blogger.

  18. Hi Suzan!!!!

    If I had to pick one, it would have been the 2nd house. The little vintage PINK(!!!!) room was so cute!!! I loved that bed!!! If I bought this house that room would have to stay as is!!!!

    They are all beautiful!!!



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