Monday, January 13, 2014

Furniture painting time again....................

I've lost 2 pretty decent sized orders through all of this renovation - and not having the room to do it.

However there are 2 customers whose dates work ok -

First one is this - for Andrea

and the next one is for Gillian

So back to doing what I love doing best - tomorrow !!!

Bet you all forgot I do furniture, right?  LOL

( I kind of forgot myself ) but can't wait :)

I need a little diversion from all these crap renovations ( but I assembled the second shelving unit from Ikea last night so they're both up now )

That's my old stove underneath the hood - it's winter - I thought it could use a " toque "

Talk soon - ( I have a post ready to put up - but it's one of those posts that may or may not reveal a little too much about the woman behind this blog - so holding off for now LOL )

John said it was ridiculous - absolutely ridiculous when I read it to him and told me it was the worse one I've written yet - know I'm going to hit publish sooner than later, right?

Oh and please tell me you noticed the phrase " Clever Clogs " on Downton Abbey this week?
John calls me that all the time.

Much love,
Suzana Anna Danna


  1. I am glad you will have space to work and can't wait to see what you come up with for your customers.

    And, now I am intrigued and can't wait to read the post John hates.

  2. Haha we use clever clogs but we to it from the pre school show the babies watch Peppa Pig. I'm excited for your furniture I just found a chalk paint stockist and am waiting for it to be delivered I have loads of mismatched wood piece.

  3. Good Morning Suzanna Anna Danna.....I am so excited about the painting projects! In fact, you have inspired me to get my lazy bootie down to the basement and paint a chest of drawers I have been putting off for my daughter's room! Love the shelves and can't wait to read the sassy post you have in hiding! Have a beautiful day doing what makes you the most happy! xoxo

  4. wow cant wait those two hutches are huge and the kitchen is looking fabulous

  5. I know you are glad to be painting something besides walls now! Your shelves look awesome in the kitchen! Are you tiling behind the stove??

  6. Enjoy your painting & I love the kitchen so far!! Vicki

  7. Loving your kitchen so far. It's nice of you to think of your sad stove during these cold winter months. :) Everyone should have a golden toque...or five. :)
    Enjoy getting back to your painting!

  8. The kitchen looks great so far!!! You are working so fast!!!

  9. Ohh, I think those are both going to be fantabulous when you're done with them!

  10. Yo are always on the go, aren't you? :)

  11. Suzan,
    Those two pieces look great to start to work on. Love the lines of the first one. Those curved doors are gorgeous. I bet you will have them looking so pretty. Love the Ikea shelves.

  12. Oh, those lucky ladies get to have those beautiful china cabinets painted by you!! I hope you share the work done when you're finished. I really like the IKEA shelving. It looks really nice. Enjoy getting back to painting.

  13. Loving those shelves and The hood is great. Gonna look great!

  14. Hi Suzan!!!!

    The place is looking great!!!!

    I can't wait until you've finish these two pieces of furniture!! I'm looking for just the bottom and these would be great!!! I hope I can find one. I have two night tables which I sit the hutch on right now, but, they are too low. I need to get it up higher.

    The kitchen is coming along nicely!!! What a great designer you are!!!


  15. The kitchen looks great, but how on earth do you have time to paint furniture? Do you think you could also squeeze in your schedule to come paint my small dining-room?

  16. This furniture looks really very awesome and we have bought such type of furniture for our new house from Anima Domus.

  17. I will have to add "clever clogs" to my vocabulary! Your blog is always so entertaining--I enjoy it very much and must to tell you that I have a lot of fun with your very fancy cursor!

  18. Oh you have to publish that post! ;) Those cabinets look nice and I bet you have them both looking incredible when you're finished. Looking forward to seeing the finished pieces...when you have time during the renos.
    Debbie :)


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