Saturday, July 14, 2012

Meet the Parents.......................

I don't think I ever mentionned that one of my daughters is getting married next June - ( because I literally get heart palpitations when I think of what's involved )  with 250 guest scheduled so far - AGGHHHH!!!
Tonight we " meet the parents "  we're having them over for dinner and so the scrambling, cleaning, putting things just so, has begun.
My daughter came by earlier and said " Mom, don't make yourself crazy " ( well actually she said " Mom, don't make yourself crazier than you already are )

The table is set

 and she says " Tony's parents keep plastic plants around the pool because they don't like the fuss and bother .............................."

My napkin rings are diamonds - ( real diamonds - all 8 of them - 75 karats each )
Think I'll wear one of them - ( just to impress them ) just call me Elizabeth -
John walked by while I was trying to snap a photo of this - and shaking his head
he says - " off the wall - completely off the wall "
But look at the rock you bought me darling.......................

Oh - and they really like my ex - without going into a lot of embarrassing detail here - I can tell you right now that if they really like my ex - we are not going to have an awful lot in common, lol
I have a terrible habit of starting before people arrive - and I'm usually half in the bag by the time I open the door - ready to party - which is ok when it's your friends ( well my friends anyway ) but probably wouldn't make for a first good impression.........

Maybe I'll pull a Barbra Streisand in Meet the Fockers - and tell them I'm a sex therapist
John would choke on that - absolutely without a doubt...........................

Wish me luck!


UPDATE - I'll only have 1 glass of wine before they get here - promise..............

UPDATE B - care to see how the evening went?  you can click HERE - ( this could have only happened
to me )

John can have the smaller one -

Has anyone seen these before?  They hold a bottle of wine, lol - wouldn't a few of them make a
beautiful center piece?


  1. This is the best laugh I've had all day! Be sure you tell us how it went. No, really, I feel your pain. Nope, I'm still laughing! ~ Maureen

  2. If my son were marrying your daughter I'd love you!

  3. Too funny and lots of luck. Stay out of the wine bottle though!! (grin)

  4. Well your table is so pretty! This story made me laugh, thanks so much! Now following you back!

  5. ROTFL!!!!!!!! Oh, that must have been one interesting evening!!! Do report on it! I would have liked to have been a fly on the wall...

    Your table looks absolutely gorgeous! I wish I had a knack for entertaining...

    Congrats on your daughter's engagement, that's exciting!

  6. Suzan you are hilarious! What's not to love about you :) Go ahead and have a drink...I think you need to take the edge off. CHEERS!!!

  7. No, I haven't seen that wine glass before! Your table looks gorgeous and I'm sure the diamonds made quite the statement. Of course, YOU would make THE statement! I so wish we lived closer...we would be the "dynamic duo" and people would be crying to come see us. :)

    Can't wait for the story of the evening's developments.

  8. Hilarious!! I hope it went well and hope you write about it! The table looks GREAT

  9. Suzan you are so funny, your table looks gorgeous. I say have the wine, you may need it. I hate meeting the other parents and they like the ex because they didn't live with him, my ex fools everyone too. When my son and his wife had their first child, my ex was in the next room with his new wife having their first baby. The nurse at the desk knew both of us, she thought it was funny lol I needed alot of wine that day lol Hope you had a great dinner and that you didn't drink all the wine and do any dancing on that lovely table. hugs Tobey

  10. Can't wait to read part Deux. Had to come back before I read it!!! Suspense......

  11. omg i am still laughing from part 2 i didnt even realize they were your going to be family too funny the set up looks fabulous

  12. Thanks so much for linking at last weeks Wednesdays Adorned From Above Link Party. This is one of the funniest posts yet, but your table was beautiful.


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