Friday, July 6, 2012

This & that ( a friday chat )

I think John may have been converted and this may just have been the piece to do it!

This was laying by the side of the road and he actually GOT OUT OF HIS CAR AND BROUGHT IT HOME without me anywhere around...................Oh I'm so proud of you John -

Check out the patina on this baby!!!
It needs some work - but I have until christmas to work on this one, lol
but isn't it precious?

And then walking by the dining room on my way to clean my paintbrush seeing this

I did this

does it look silly?  why can't I leave anything alone?
I am constantly changing things ( someone told me once that it comes from unhappiness but I can tell you without a doubt I do this in my happiest moments too - it's called OCD sheesh, has nothing to do with
depression - but I think it gets heightened during menopause, lol )

and then a potential customer sent me this link to an Auction house - if you have the time go through it,
you'll need lots of kleenex - honestly - you'll be drooling that bad!

Here's a little sample of what they have: sorry for the fuzziness - trying to make them big enough for you to see - if you go to the link you can see them clearly in all their glory

there's tons and tons of gorgeous pieces - I have to make it a point to drive up there.  Can you believe
I've never been to an auction in my life?  But I can so see one of these in my hands - a perfect fit really

I scream when I get excited - don't know how I'll control that - I watch shows and they all so casually just
lift the paddle - I'd definitely have to stop myself from waving it and screaming - can you picture it -
oh and I'll bring my cell phone - so I can whisper into a dead line like I'm an agent -

And that's that
for my little chat

Y'all have a wonderful weekend -
and y'all come back now,



  1. LoL, now I know if I go to an Auction house who the wild woman is waving her paddle around and whispering in the phone. There's no hiding now. (grin)
    Seriously, I would love to have all those pieces to redo, that would be just too much fun.
    Bravo for your hubby picking up stuff now, you have rubbed off on him.
    Have a fabulous weekend!

  2. Awesome sled Suzy, it is going to be perfect for Christmas decorating! I am exactly the same, always fluffing and moving stuff around, keeps life interesting!

  3. Love the sled! John has a good eye!

    There are some lovely pieces at that auction. Gorgeous!

  4. I can't wait to see what you do with that sled -- it's awesome!! Just like Rosebud out of Citizen Kane (yes, i took Film in college :)


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