Sunday, July 1, 2012

Welcome to Montreal, my home sweet home

Or a small part of anyway..............right now the Jazz Fest is in full swing so we are in full tourist mode here -
We decided to walk down to Old Montreal late this afternoon and I decided to take a few pics so you could join us...................
Pls bear with me - I am not a photographer ( in fact I suck completely )  but hopefully I've captured a little of what this section of the city looks like...............

So we begin our walk along Dorchester which quickly turns into Rene we go.

I snapped this photo because it's one of the hotels I always recommend and it's in the beginning of our " route "

not a boutique hotel - but neither is it one of those big conglomerate impersonal hotels ( that I really
hate staying at ) it's the perfect size - and close to everything without being on top of everything and
very affordable.....................Next up is the SunLife Insurance building - had to snap a photo of that
because I know you're all wondering where my first " real " grownup job was back in the day - it's a
beautiful building ( beware  you are going to be bombarded with Architect - if it's not for you it's ok
to leave my post, lol - but if it is you're in for a treat - even with my shitty photo skills )

and a closer look

and across the street from that is this.....................

Montreal is a city of Churches - If I remember correctly we have more churches per capita than any other
city in North America - one day I'll do a tour of them because there's some pretty amazing architecture involved.

and see that sign peeping out at the top left hand corner - you can make out Elizabeth?

it's this

Where John Lennon & Yoko Ono had their famous " bed in " in the late 60's

Ok we still have quite a way to go - let's move it - John is getting aggravated with me for stopping and
taking pictures on every corner..............I wish I could post everyone of them but I'm afraid you'd leave and never come back - I took 92 photos today, lol

found this corner stone that I never noticed before - not so interesting - but directly beneath it
lays this stone

1864 - there's some old buildings in this here neck of the woods.

and here's the sign I've been waiting for Vieux Montreal - Vieux Port - translation
Old Montreal - Old Port - we're on our way!!!

another Church peeping out of a garden -

pretty flowers - unfortunate name for a restaurant - but actually that's the name of the street
Beaver Hall - my kids used to pee their pants at this name when they were teenagers -
but when I was a kid a beaver was a beaver for god's sakes - a little animal with big teeth -
and an embarassing symbol for Canada even It's horrible - sounds like
the name of a strip bar, doesn't it, lol

This is the Victoria Square Metro station - Paris presented this as a gift in 1967 for the brand
new opening of Montreal's metro system - I LOVE THAT WE HAVE THIS IN MONTREAL.

And now we are officially entering Old Montreal - are you still with me? Are you bored? Is this
too much like someone showing off baby pictures?

and here is where the architecture takes me away ( much like calgonite used to )

The doorways to much of the shops and restaurants look like the above

these niches are all over the city actually - this would have been
where the " caleches " ( horse and buggies ) would have went through ( much like Paris has )
sometimes you'll find little terasses hidden in them today
you can see they go right through to the back
restoration hardware type benches?
against a century old building?

a close up of the gate

There lots of curved buildings ( again like Paris ) 

our beloved " caleches " there are tons of them 
riding alongside cars - this is the first pink one
I've seen - had to snap a photo - 

cobblestone streets - pls bring flipflops or running shoes when
visiting Old Montreal - 
Although when I was younger I used to wear spike heels and
somehow manoeuver my way around these streets- at 53 I need flip flops,
and on a funny note - there was a young couple ( tourists ) and the 
husband was pointing out to his young bride what all the building were.
" this " he said " is the original city hall...............
No, John advised them, that's just a bank, lol
But it may just be the original Bank of Montreal I believe.

a little square where you can rest your legs - this is one major
walking city
and I never noticed until today that yellowstone building in the

and across the street is the Notre Dame Basilica - 
my photos are so ridiculously inferior of this
majestic building that I am stealing the photos from 
Wikipedia so you can actually see this the way you should see this

at night


this is where Celine Dionne got married - 
it can quite literally take your breath away when you step inside

Now we're headed towards Jacques Cartier Square - is anybody
still with me here, hello? It's almost finished I swear - my feet 
are KILLING me - and John is getting very crabby - and telling
me no one wants to see these pictures - and that I always go

even Ben & Jerry's is too adorable for words

Ok - now we're going to stop at a terrasse for a bite to eat and a cold beer - 
the entire street is one long terrasse with many different restaurants - railings separate each one

and 2 of the sweetest boys visiting from Illinois - for the International ( though it's American really )
Engineering Convention - they are both students - the poor boy in bandages had an accident on a bixi
( our bike rental company - they're all over the city )  his legs - arm - and chin - all needed to be stitched
up - lovely souvenier to take home, don't you think - but we had so much fun talking to them.............
all while a street performer sang Neil Young songs - most of the diners in all of the restaurants sang along -
Hi Adam - bet you forgot my blog address!!!!

This is the only photo John approved - it's where Lord Nelson stayed when he came to Canada -
Nelson Schmelson I say.....................but now you know where he stayed. ( the building with the blue
roof ) but it has the most gorgeous garden patio in the back

artists row - beautiful paintings of Montreal -

doesn't this look like a prison? this is where bad
tourists go -
we put them in restaurant prison
so pls be nice when visiting

St Paul St - an incredible narrow strip of restaurants - art galleries and pubs - a must

ok - getting too crowded now - let's walk down the road to the Old Port..............

can you see that " bubble " in the background - almost like a moon setting? That's the U.S.
pavillion from Expo 67 - still standing......................... the tents to the left hand side will house
some of the Just for Laughs festival - which begins when the Jazz Fest finishes - it's a city
of Churches - but a city of festivals as well - all summer while half the city is
praying - the other half is getting drunk and dancing on tables
CORRECTION - John just told me those tents house Cirque du Soleil ( but it used to be
Just for laughs I swear ) did you know that Cirque du Soleil's base is in Montreal - it all began
with 2 street performers - and one giant dream.....................

along the port

So what do you think - did I bore you to death - are my photos lousy - or were they able to entice
you just a little into visiting Montreal -

some terrasses are right on the sidewalk and can only hold a couple of tables -

some only have room for 1 table for 2

some are hidden behind wrought iron gates

and most are sprinkled with fairy lights like this

Sooooooooooo, whatcha waiting for?

If you want a taste of Europe without leaving North America - come on down ( or in most of your cases - come on up ) I'll be waiting

Bring your flipflops,


John - wait for me - I'm coming - stop walking so fast - I can't catch up -
Ok yes I promise no more photos.................


  1. What a great tour of your city! I'll have to keep Montreal in mind for a vacation some time. I've never been there. Is it friendlier than Quebec City? :-) Thanks for all the photos!

  2. Great photos!! Thank yo for such a fantastice tour. It sure is beautiful up there.


  3. Looove. But it's my hometown. I'm biased. In fact, I did a very similar post last year, when we came to town for my niece's wedding. You should go check it out. I played tourist in my hometown.

    Like we did 25 years ago, my niece got married in the chapel of the Notre-Dame Basilica. We're not as important as CĂ©line Dion, lol, we get the small chapel! Regardless, it was a wonderful place to get married, the chapel is bigger than a lot of churches!

  4. What a delightful visit to a city that I adore...while I am currently living in Wiinipeg, Manitoba I was born in Montreal so it is very dear to my heart! Each time we travel overseas a stopover of at least several days is mandatory so that we can soak up the sights of Montreal. Thanks for the made me want to pack my bags immediately!

  5. What a great tour of our beautiful city. Sometimes it's nice to view it as a tourist. We don't always appreciate its history and beauty. I'd love to share this with Annie, if you would permit. Thanks

  6. Never too many pictures my friend! So beautiful and so historic...wish I were there...when it's cooler. :) I've spent time in Toronto but not Montreal. I've always heard how wonderful it is.


  7. Visiting Canada is on my bucket list. Looks like Montreal is THE place to start! Thanks for visiting my blog and becoming a new follower...I'm returning the favor by following back! :)

  8. It is fabulous! Visiting Montreal is on my list of places to go :)

  9. Suzan,
    Thank you for visiting and following my blog! You take wonderful photos. I felt like I was on a mini vacation.
    Your newest follower,

  10. Hi Suzan! I bet you you I didn't forget your blog address!

    Great pictures!


  11. I'll never forget you now! What a wonderful, enticing post on a wonderful, enticing city.
    Can't wait to see it! Thanks for all your suggestions for our trip. Can't wait to tell you how it went

  12. Hi Suzan!!

    How I miss Montreal. I haven't been back since 1979. I miss it so much!!

    Thank you for the great pictures!! And please tell John that you made my day, showing me (my beloved) Montreal.

    Hope your feet weren't too sore :).


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