Thursday, August 2, 2012

Too busy to write :(

A girlfriend just pointed out that I haven't posted in 2 -
Here's my excuse

I'm trying desperately to finish this

I painted a chalkboard blotter on to the top for notes

and this to match it

I've reupholstered a chair to go with it - 

I've also painted a dresser - just a peak here because it's not ready to show

and I finished an antique children's rocking chair........................

that's my reason and I'm sticking to it!!!

Will sit later on tonight and gather my thoughts and try to come up with a somewhat decent post worthy of at least 1 person taking the time to read it - but for now I'm back to work



  1. Things are looking good. Can't wait to see more...whenever you're ready.


  2. Oh yeah, i totally love the stensil you chose on the desk, and the glass knobs on the dresser are gorgeous.

    Jennifer @ Decorated Chaos


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