Tuesday, August 14, 2012

R U a deviant

People beware - there's a lot of us running amok out there..............
I am guilty on all counts!

At least now I know how it all started - oh the neighbours all knowing I was always late is just
mortifying to me now, looking back!

Too perfect for me - goody 2 shoes - even if she knows how to match her clothes

And by the way I'm notorious for interrupting people!

And if I had ever met that commentator I would have crapped my pants
in terror - that voice - that attitude - how did girls survive this?
Soooo scary - it sounds like one of those horror movies where
a perfectly sane person is being locked up - while this patronizing
voice is droning on in the background, lol.

We've come a long way, baby

But I am off to buy a nailbrush tomorrow. My nails really are a disgrace.
And like Barbara, it's far too late for tears now  

Oh and last night I was cleaning the kitchen and decided it was time to throw out a small cutting board I've had forever -  when I thought I'd just stencil it instead and see how it turned out - 

and this is how it turned out

I'm really loving my stencil - best one I've bought so far :)
Wouldn't this make a cute Hostess gift - with little jars of...............you guessed it - parsley, sage.................

Here's the stencil I purchased - it comes with 2 sheets - 1 for small and 1 for caps - aren't they great?
Think I paid 15.00 ( but really not sure, at a local craft store here in Montreal ) 

The sprig of Rosemary ( yeah that's what we'll call it, ok? ) was just free hand - I want to laugh out loud at that
because I can't even draw a stick man - but sprigs of something I'm ok with - 

( the deviant ) 

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  1. Fabulous use of something you would have otherwise thrown out! Looks great too. Is that a stensil you made or already had on hand?


  2. OK, I just cannot wait to hear what John's comment will be on this one!

  3. Tears are flowing but not because it's TOO LATE FOR ME. I bet Helen went crazy one day and took off for Woodstock, where she hooked up with a bass player, had a couple of kids and worked in the music biz until she became a blogger. No wait, that's me! ~ Maureen

  4. That was funny. Love it. Helen bugs. I love your stencil work! Looks great!

  5. I'm a deviant I guess...certainly better than Helen, right? :) Your stencil is adorable! Did you buy it like this or did you make it? Inquiring minds want to know, k?


  6. What a cute funny post and I do believe you're a hoot! I love hoots! I'm one too. :) Now your stencil work on your board looks wonderful. What a fancy looking alphabet. Thank you so much for following my blog and now I'm following yours! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  7. so cute, I would love some great stencils!

  8. This turned out darling! Good job on free-handing the sprig of Rosemary. Thanks for stopping by...looking forward to following you too!


  9. Thanks for sharing the stencil! You really did a beautiful job on this, including the 'sprig'. :)


  10. So....you're a deviant artist, eh....? lol! GREAT stenciling job, Suzan! Fabulous way to upcycle! :)

    xoxo laurie

    PS An old toothbrush works pretty well as a nailbrush if you can't find a real one. hehehe!

  11. I knew you were more than just a pretty face- You are a deviant- love that about you! Now I know we can be BFF's! Love the cutting board-great idea for a gift. And....what did the hubster have to say about you stenciling THAT? xo Diana

  12. Good thinking Susie!!! So practical and soooo cute!!

  13. giggle, I think I saw that when it was originally presented at school. Love the cutting board makeover! Hugs

  14. Love the stenciling! Great idea!! Thanks so much for stopping by! You have gained a new follower as well :)

  15. They called THAT deviant behaviour! LOL!

    And I hate Helen too.

  16. your cutting board turned sign is adorable!

  17. Love your cutting board!! And perfect timing, because I need your help...
    I'm in the process of stencilling an old board I found in my husband's wood pile. Had to repaint & start over, I am having a devil of a time lining up the letters! How did you get them all so even (without an ugly pencil line)? And when I finish one letter, I have to wait for it to dry before I do the next one (putting the stencil on top will smudge the first one). This is taking forever...all for one measly little plaque. What is your tip on this?? HELP?? I have so many neat pieces of wood and cute sayings I want to paint for gifts, but the rate I'm going it will be Christmas 2014 before anyone gets them.
    Debbie :)
    (wondering...if I tape a piece of string for each line of lettering...)


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