Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Parisien Butcher Block

I don't have a before - but last night I tackled my kitchen island ( butcher block ) this is definitely going to be my new obsession - I found a stencil with exactly the type of lettering I was looking for...............

JOHN - what are your work shoes doing in the kitchen?

If I tell you how many times I trip over one pair or another of John's shoes - he has a terrible habit of leaving them laying around - usually directly in front of the doors - so that I have to bend down and pick them up
before opening it..................

I, on the other hand, am perfect - absolutely perfect :) and never leave paint - drop cloths - paint brushes - stencils etc laying around - NEVER, lol -

The salt and pepper shakers are from my first trip to Manhattan when I was 5 years old - talk about vintage lol, my mother bought them for my grandmother and I used to play with them all the time when I was little - ( that's the Empire State building on them btw ) I love them just as much today as I did then although I don't play with them anymore,lol.

And I don't learn - EVER - as soon as I finished the island I called John we go again folks........................

Suzan says - Do you like it?
John says - What the hell did you do?
Suzan says - I stencilled the island - to make it look like it comes from Paris - that's the address of a Parisien Butcher shop...................
Suzan says - well it's a stencil
Suzan says - you can't seriously tell me it doesn't look better?
John says -  I cannot believe this, YOU WROTE ON THE TABLE? You had me sand the bloody thing down to bare wood and then you wrote on the table?
John says - and what's with the little pile of fleurs de lys in the corner
Suzan says - they are stragically placed John to cover up stains you made on the table.............and their Parisien
John says - it looks strange - the whole thing looks strange - I mean people don't write on their tables
Suzan says - Are  you nuts?
John says - Are you?
Suzan says - ok - so forget it - you can sand it down tomorrow
John says - NO - I just sanded it last month - is this going to become a weekly thing?
Suzan says - no - I think I may keep it like this for at least 2 months......................
John says - Where's the stencil now?
Suzan says - WHY?
John says - I'm going to burn it - before you write something on the toilet...................

And after he went to bed - I did this....................................... ( you know me by now, right? ) I can't wait till he wakes up,


p.s. can you imagine if it didn't come off, lol -
honey we need a new toilet..........................
p.s.s. it's really hard to stencil on a toilet - the paint just slides all over the porcelain!!!
It's messy - but it'll do the job - it'll keep me giggling for hours tomorrow.

I'm so devious really - I actually get excited thinking of ways to make him
Victoria's secret doesn't work so much for me anymore at 53, but this?  Yeah this
will, this definitely will!  This will get his heart racing for sure, tee hee!


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  1. I just snorted coffee out of my nose. You are hysterical! I can't wait to read about John's reaction. You should set up a hidden video camera!

    1. I think a hidden camera focusing on the toilet would be the straw that broke the camels back,LOL
      And you should not be giving me ideas Paula!!! I'm far too dangerous for that
      Really I am, lol

    2. HILARIOUS...and I love that you wrote on the table!!

  2. OMG!!!! YOU are AMAZINGLY DEVIOUS!!!! Love it!
    BTW what are table tops for but writing on? Also, referring to a prior post, I like that your furniture is personal. People can buy mass produced 'safe' furniture anywhere. Your clients will come to you for the unique.

  3. Now that is funny! I think the table is cool, the men never quite get what we do...

  4. I was laughing at this but I think this table looks great!


  5. OMG!!! We ARE married to the same person...I knew it!!!! They ahve the same NAME.....They leave their shoes in the same places AND they hate any kind of "change" that surprises them. I can't wait to hear his toilet top reaction!

    One day MyHero left his SHOES on MY pillow. I said..what'd you do that for...he (in all seriousness) said. I was trying to keep them off the floor for you! WHAT? You have a closet 3 feet from my pillow with SHOE STORAGE and you put them on my pillow? WHAT were you thinking......him....well, I guess I wasn't thinking.....No kidding, Brainiac!

    Have a fun-filled day- If you get the chance to pop by my blog you will see sonething at the end that you can use to keep smiling- xo Diana

    1. This is to funny. I can't believe he put them on your pillow. I would have totally wigged out since I am a huge germaphobe. Have a great weekend.
      Debi @ Adorned From Above

  6. You are too funny! Love the toilet!!!

  7. So,so,funny...your conversations with your husband are a lot like our household. I look forward to your blog and your projects.

  8. OK - you made me laugh RIGHT OUT LOUD!

    1. Thanks so much Kaelsma - laughter is good for the soul LOL
      You're a no reply blogger btw

  9. That is hilarious and exactly the same thing I would have done! You must let us know what happened when he saw the toilet!!!!

  10. Suzan, that is absolutely HILARIOUS !!! I think I would have done the same thing. He'll be more careful with his words next time !

    At least he knew what a fleur de lys was !

    please let us know his reaction when he sees the loo !

    1. THanks so much Patty - you'd be hard pressed to live in Montreal and not know what a fleurs de lys is though - this is mainly a french speaking province in Canada,lol - there are fleur de lys hanging off every building basically!

  11. Very Very funny. He seems like a very nice guy.
    And G'day from an Aussie. How come Australia get the toilet while France gets the dining table???? LOL

    1. Ok - this made me snort - too too funny!!!
      You got the toilet Carolyn - and sorry but this one is begging to be said
      Drum roll please
      Sorry absolutely could not resist!!!

  12. Have to tell you I read this to my husband because we have had the same sort of conversation many times. I was laughing so hard I could hardly read it but, he was laughing also. It's so nice to know I am not the only one who has to defend almost every brush stroke I made because it's a known fact that WOOD SHOULD NEVER BE PAINTED - a man's point of view... I really enjoy your blog - it inspires me and makes me laugh.....Thank you for sharing.....

  13. That is too funny!!! Not sure what I love more, the butcher block or the toilet! LOL!

  14. I love your butcher block and it's even better that you used the address of a real butcher shop in Paris. Looks great!

  15. I am also married to the same kind of man, but his name is not John. Brian leaves his shoes everywhere too, he doesn't put anything away ever ...
    Suzan you make me laugh so much, I love the island and I love the toilet stencil. I too will do things just to get a rise out of my man, he thinks I am nuts too. Like yesterday when I made him roll his window down so I could yell at some chick driving in the passing lane eating ice cream from dairy queen with a spoon as she was driving. If he would have stopped I would have knocked it right out of her hand. After I yelled at her she made sure to get away from us, I think she was scared to stop beside us again. Brian said he is never rolling his window down again. he thinks I am psycho lol
    hugs Tobey
    Love the stenciling, you did an excellent job.

  16. You are so funny. I love the butcher block and the toilet. They are great. I can't wait to read what John has to say. I laugh out loud everytime I read your conversations. I was even at dinner last night talking about your blog. I told this woman I would give her a link to it, because you make me laugh. Poor John does too. He is certainly plays the straight man.
    Have a great weekend.
    Debi@ Adorned From Above

  17. You're hilarious, and so cute!! He must just chuckle at you!!

  18. Oh brother, my comment just disappeared. Well, I was just saying that too bad it probably wouldn't go over real well to get his reaction on video tape because I bet it would be hilarious to watch. Thanks for giving us the play by play. I got a great laugh out of it. I'm now following so I can keep up with your antics. Hope you'll stop over at Quirky Vistas sometime as well!

  19. ALL of my crazy goes to the store where I sell...but even though I have not painted any of the wonderful peiced collected by my MOM and Dad and my Huby's I play on stuff I fine..thank you for your comment...and Moody Blue's dresser sold in 1 hour of arriving at the store...and sold for 220. my days of cheaper prices is over...I want something for my time.....but the sweet couple said this was the coolest piece they had ever seen and they would brag about it and tell others....since you commented I wanted to tell you and thank yu.Now I love your comments I was giggling and reading to my hub....

  20. What a hoot! Too bad you can't get a picture of him when he sees that!

  21. First, I LOVE your butcher block (and the toilet). Where did you find that beautiful stencil? But I have to say, I've been married over 50 years and I can't tell you how many times we have had similar conversations. In fact, my father used to think that if you painted the walls once, that was enough for a lifetime. Men !

    1. Thanks so much Ms Anonymous - John kind of feels that way with painting walls I have to say! I can paint every year, seriously.
      And the stencil source is Canadian - I don't think that would help you much - and since we seem to pay 2000 times more than what the rest of the world pays you are far better to source it a little closer to home?

  22. Well????? What did he do???? Inquiring minds are dying to know!!!!!

  23. LMAO at this one! One good thing about being single is I can do any crazy thing I want. On the down side, I don't have anyone to sand the piece for me if it goes wrong. I like the stencilled table! ~ Maureen

  24. LOVE it! The butcher block and the potty. ;-) I can only imagine his face when he saw the latter.

    Great job, lady! Looks very "Paris" ~


  25. Oh no!!! I wish I could have seen his face!!! I have tears running down my cheeks from laughing so hard! Just love your posts...still have to check out your conversations page...when I have more time I will!
    But, I think it turned out great!! The table, I mean...mind you the toilet is pretty unique!
    Debbie :')

  26. You are so funny!! It also sounds an awful lot like my husband! I'm your newest follower!

  27. G'day, bidet! I think I would have written under the seat in French "Put the seat down!" Make some fleurs de lys to float in the water!

    I do love the script on the butcher block though I do not think I would have been so bold!

  28. I laughed my arse off! This so reminded me of conversation between hubs and I - we are stenciling our wall and it's going the same way. I love the look, stenciling on top, think it looks so pretty. I would of loved to have a fly on the wall when John seen this on the toilet. I'd leave it there! Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration with Sunday’s Best – you helped make the party a success!

  29. Oh my goodness Suzy!!! The butcher block is soooooo amazing!!

    Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality!

  30. I love this post! So funny! Thanks for sharing at the All Star Block Party.


  31. This is so funny!! I love the butcher block, too! I found you via the CHQ blog hop and am happy to be your newest follower! When you get a sec, I'd love a follow back at! :)

  32. I LOVE how this turned out! And that so sounds like a convo I would have with my hubby...too funny! Thanks for linking up! Following along via GFC!

  33. You are hilarious. First I think the butcher block looks great. Second I love your little prank on the hubby with the toilet. Too funny!

  34. This is hysterical! I always say we need a husband's support group.
    Mary Alice

  35. so cool! i love the print on the butcherblock!

  36. Hysterical! It will be fun to hear the conversation when he woke up and say this!

    The table is terrific, by the way! Thank you for sharing your project and good humour at Potpourri Friday at 2805!

  37. I think that is the funniest thing I've read on the past 10 hours of perusing blogland!!!

  38. Bahahaha, your posts crack me up! Thanks for sharing this on Marvelous Mondays!

  39. You have me laughing out loud!
    Gotta love it! And I do! Rue Cler is where I've rented an apartment for the past dozen years. ;-)

  40. You two are so funny! I don't even ask mine anymore what he thinks. He's bound to find something wrong with whatever I'm working on. I love the butcher block! Thank for sharing this at my Make it Pretty Monday party at The Dedicated House. Hope to see your prettiness again on Monday. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  41. Such a funny story! :) Thanks for linking up to the Keep Calm & Link Up party - see you next week!

  42. So funny! My husband likes to keep his shoes directly in front of the door - that way I trip over them every time I go in and out.

    As for the butcher block - love it!! Thanks for sharing at the All STar Block Party.

    1. No reply blogger!
      Hi Heather - thanks so much for coming by! That's exactly where John leaves his shoes!

  43. Oh poor John... you are such a tease Susan. Thanks for linking up at Shabbilicious Friday.

  44. Hilarious! They just don't get it do they? This sounds very similar to conversations with my husband. lol. I like the table. Wish I could have seen his face the next morning. Thanks for linking up to Totally Transformed Tuesdays.

  45. Funny post and I love your humor :o)
    I would totally do that to my husband, too.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  46. Okay so YOU LEFT ME HANGING!!!! I just read through EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOUR POSTS that came after this trying to find John's reaction to the toilet... Did I miss something?! That was SO FUNNY and I just gotta know his reaction!!!

  47. I'm featuring this terrific project on the All Star Block Party this week. Head on over to grab your button!!

  48. Hi Suzan,
    Thank you so much for sharing your chopping board with Wednesdays Adorned From Above Link Party last week. I love the letters. This weeks Link Party is opened at
    Hope to see you there.
    Debi Bolocofsky
    Adorned From Above

  49. OMG I caught this on Funky Junk! I am sorry this is the most hysterical post I have ever read!! Thanks for the entertainment and by the way, the table looks awesome.

  50. So pretty, love the stenciling on the island. Thank you for sharing at my party! (my husband leaves his shoes right in front of the door, all of them that lead to outside, like blockades....)

  51. You guys are hysterical!! What's even funnier is I could relate to all these conversations, they sound like what goes on in my house!! I am so honored by your compliments on my dining room set, I am in awe of your talent!! Gorgeous!!

    1. thanks so much Jeri - lol - our conversations are so funny because I think most of us DIY'ers can relate - and definitely our poor better halves can!

  52. Here it is May 1, 2013, and I have come across a site and a post that have left me laughing so hard, I have to comment! I had bookmarked this page at one time, because of the reference to Anne Shirley - LOVE what you did with the dresser!!! I hope you still have it...would be hard to let that one go, I'm sure. Then, I scrolled on down, and when I read the exchange between you and your husband about the stencil on the island, and then saw what you did to the toilet......HILARIOUS!!!!!! I am not a blogger....hope to be soon, but I want you to know that your blog is not only exciting with projects, but equally entertaining as well. God's sweetest blessings, Debbie

  53. Thanks so much Debbie!!!!!!!!!
    The Anne of Green Gables went to a little girl - who I know will read those books so it did my heart good!
    Hope to see you join the blogmosphere - you must let me know when you do!
    Big hugs of appreciation


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