Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Because I've got nothing better to do

Well here we go again,

I showed you a sneak peak a couple of days ago of this dresser

and after painstakingly doing this

and this

and this

and this ( again )

I ended up with this

and it just didn't feel right -
the intention was to dark wax all over it to antique it but even so - it was just too stark - not warm at all
so I called John in for his advice................

Suzan says - What do you think
John says - Well you have too many colors going on there - white- silver - blue - gray and I don't like that you left the top drawer different
Suzan says - rolling her eyes - I didn't finish the top drawer because I'm not sure I like the direction I'm going with this
John says - shrugging his shoulders - It's fine

It's fine is not the response I'm looking for - ( nor is it the response I'm looking for when I get all dressed up to go out by the way John - just so you know )

Suzan says - Well then I'm going to change it
Suzan says - Yup - I don't like it - and I like it less now that you've said " it's fine "
John says - I can't win - I tell you I like it and.......................
Suzan says - No - you didn't say you liked it - you said it was " fine "
John says - but that means I like it -
Suzan says - " fine " does not mean you like it John - it means it's ok - it's mediocre - it's just " fine "
John says - you know Suzan you're certifiable - 100% - it's like you've got nothing better to do
John says - it's like living in a loony bin around here
John says - I'm going to bed
Suzan says - " fine "

And now I've changed it to this

And I think he's right - I am certifiable - I can picture myself in an asylum with a canvas and my water paints...............and a blank stare on my face.

God knows what color it'll be when I post the final photos LOL -

Oh and btw I've printed this and left it on his desk - a quote by Mark Twain that sums everything up beautifully

"Let us consider that we are all partially insane. It will explain us to each other; it will unriddle many riddles; it will make clear and simple many things which are involved in haunting and harassing difficulties and obscurities now"   Mark Twain

Wish I'd read that many many years ago - there have been so many riddles in my life that have needed unriddling

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  1. This is nice and more good site has been published on the site because how to good arrangement in this home and creative also when we log in that site then we can find out.

  2. "Interesting" comment above! :)

    I like the me crazy. It is a feminine piece. Girly it up!!

  3. It's because you don't want to settle for less than perfect. Perfectly acceptable and understandable! I'm SURE it will be amazing when you are finished (although I liked it how you did it the first time, but I'm sure I will like how you change it too!)

  4. You have to "feel" the piece. I get that. And I hate it when guys can't say anything more than "fine". They have no imagination. Or they just want to avoid conflict. Probably the latter.

    And I love your quote. I'm going to frame it. My husband and I have said that many times. Everybody's crazy. Except us.

  5. Yeah tell John you're an artist and you can't quit until you get it right :) Congrats on your 300 followers!

  6. I HATE when someone says "that's fine," "it's fine," or just "fine." Because you and I know, it's anything BUT! GRRRRRR!! It's like they really don't want to make any sort of commitment to you. In the end, it's how we feel about it our self that matters. So, go with your gut, and your eye, and your instinct. It's all good.

    It's fine !


  7. Hi Suzan!!

    I know how you feel. My husband and 2 sons say fine every time I ask them for an opinion. I too believe that guys are afraid of conflict. It's frustrating at the time, but, funny after because they are afraid of our reaction. As if we would bite their heads off...

    I love the dresser!! Once you get the idea you want to achieve, you'll have a master piece on hand.

    Have a great weekend!!


  8. Suz! I am so glad you changed it. I liked it before but I LOVE it now. It is MORE THAN fine! I love your conversations- it makes me feel I am not alone- just like AA...only HSCA - Husbands Stupid Comments Anonymous- xo Diana

  9. I liked it the way it was but, now that you have changed it I really like the change. Funny, if we don't feel it, it just isn't right. My hubs says "fine" in response to my efforts all the time. Think it's just a man thing. He says if he doesn't jump up and down and get all giddy then I think he doesn't like it. But, a little more than "fine" would definitely be appreciated. Love your work.....

  10. lol! Didn't you know about Male Gender English, Suzan...?? lolol! Mars vs Venus, you know...that kinda stuff. hehehe! Sure would love to party with you two someday. It'd be a HOOT! lol! Oh, and that pretty blue you used is absolutely perfect! Not just fine...but perfect!!! :)

    xoxo laurie

  11. Hello Suzan!
    Great job and a very nice piece! With a lot of great details...
    Besos from Argentina and thank you for your visit and your sweet comment, Silvina.

  12. I LOVE the blue color in the last picture! It's a beautiful piece!

  13. Firstly Suzan, thank you for visiting my blog and following and leaving a comment on my "Blue and White Inspiration" post.

    I have just laughed so much over your conversation with your husband and yourself over the cabinet you have painted, I read it out to my husband and he said is she your twin...lols...maybe all women are like us but that conversation was identical to ones I have had with my husband especially the bit about the "going out comment" :).

    I have added myself as a follower and will definitely come back again to visit.

    Lee ☺

  14. My husband is my #1 Fan! But he is an expert when he does not like it!
    The fact is: if you don't feel that connection with your creation, just start all over! Will be wonderful at the end when you are totally satisfied...
    I have the same experience than you, many times....
    I'm sure will be a wonderful piece, beautiful color! I can't wait to see the final transformation!

  15. no matter what you do to this--it will be, and is, a gorgeous piece! love the convo with your husband:)

  16. LOL! I think my husband has booked the room next to yours for me!

    Love it in the end ...




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