Monday, August 13, 2012

A dinner post...................

Aghhhhh - I'm choking here - really I'm choking on my laughter -
And I promise this will be the last one for awhile - but I swear this is the funniest one yet.

I decided to post the process of our dinner this evening - without telling him
because he already thinks I should be committed somewhere - and he just doesn't " get " blogging,
he really is a very personal person - keeps things to himself - where as my life story is an open book,
always has been - always will be -

Ok - I am not a chef - nor am I an expert with food - but I know what I like - and I know how to make
it appetizing and pretty at the same time................

So we started off with a small Pork Tenderloin - that I cut into small pieces and wrapped in bacon

With Montreal Steak Spice and parsley - not sure if this is sold in the States but you can get it across Canada and it's the best steak spice I swear -

And some garlic jumbo shrimp................

Potatoes and green and yellow beans....................

For the potatoes I just strained them - and mixed in butter - some garlic - some Montreal Steak Spice ( I seriously love this stuff, lol )  and some parsley

and for the beans I added olive oil - with some oregano and parmesan cheese -

Now I'm running around frantically taking these pictures while he's outside with the bar-b-que
And I didn't realize he had come in and was standing behind me

John says - You're not.
Suzan says - Oh you scared me - don't sneak up on my like that John
John says - You're not doing what I'm thinking you're doing
Suzan says - what?
John says - You're not taking a picture of the potatoes for your blog - pls tell me you're not doing this
Suzan says - Well I've noticed lots of people post photos of their meals and add the recipe as they go
John says - This is borderline now - you realize that, right? Absolutely borderline - and if you think people give a damn what your having for supper then you're losing your grip on reality my girl, in fact I think it's long gone now anyway.
Suzan says - It's not that their interested in what I'm eating John - I'm just sharing a recipe really
John says - But I just saw you take a picture of the potatoes - why can't you just type the recipe in - why do people have to see a bowl of potatoes?  Do you think they're stupid?  Surely they know what they look like?
Suzan says - So forget it - I won't post the photo of the potatoes - you're really making a big deal out of this.
Suzan says - can you cut up Soda's food please
John - why, are  you going to take a picture of what the dog eats?

Yep - that I am -

and just then the batteries died in the camera - and he was sitting down to eat his meal

Suzan says - STOP - do not eat a bite of that yet - my batteries died
John says - Ok Suzan - enough is enough
Suzan says - I'm going to change the batteries - don't eat until I take a photo
and I run out of the kitchen - change the batteries - but it was too late
John says - I put up with a lot for the sake of your blog - I'm not going to start eating cold suppers
Suzan says - thanks a lot - bon appetit -

and I took a picture of mine instead - but I made his extra pretty because I staged it for photos

Ok guys - this is now where I am seriously choking to death

Our dinner conversation moments later
John says - I thought you were doing a furniture makeover blog
Suzan says - I am - for the most part - but I can sprinkle it with other things to keep it from
getting boring
John says - but you're all over the place now
Suzan says - yes, but I'm MOSTLY furniture - except I can't do a piece of furniture a day everyday you know, anyway it's sort of an online diary really - and I've made a lot of new friends that I share it with.

SILENCE - and then this: Stone faced serious

John says - so tell me Suzan - if you wanted to do a post on bath salts - would you take a photo of yourself naked in the bath?  Just to share with your friends?

Good God - I am going to have a heart attack laughing tonight - I'm still laughing 2 hours later :)


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  1. I have to agree with you. John is absolutely hilarious. Please, please, please don't change anything you are doing. You are awesome.

  2. And you're not tempted to take a pic of yourself in the bath, now? Whenever I bring out a camera, everyone says, "Don't put that on your blog!". My cat runs away at the site of a camera now. No, I don't think it's over the edge, John! ~ Maureen

  3. That is soooo hysterical! Don't worry my family doesn't get the whole blogging thing either. For months my dad would ask me how my "blob" was going!!!!! LOL

  4. Thanks for dropping by. So nice to meet you! Love your blog!

  5. Saw your comment at Casa Mia and as a fellow Montrealer I'm now following you. I'd love for you to come check out my transformations.


  6. I love it - it validates all of the crazy conversations going on in my house! My family doesn't read my blog at all - they don't get why you would want to publish bits of life....and I say why not? When I read a funny story I can relate to - I totally know why we do what we do!!

  7. This is really funny! Thanks for the laugh! My husband thinks I spend too much time on my blog, too.
    We went out the other day and when we came home, I opened my laptop and he said, "Seriously? You just couldn't wait to get home to blog, could you!" LOL! :-) - I'm happy to follow your blog. :-)

  8. Ah you have one of those too? Ha, my boyfriend rarely uses Facebook, he doesn't use Twitter and he doesn't blog. He thinks those things are annoying. He doesn't mind that I do those things. It gives him his "free time" LOL

    This meal looks delicious! :)

  9. LOL!!!! Sounds like my husband and me when I first started. They don't, won't, will never "get it", but they put up with it because they love us. :) Thanks for stopping by and following Our Prairie Home. Love your sense of humor and your "before and afters" are gorgeous! Following you back. :)

  10. Oh your conversation sounds a little familiar to me, and probably to all bloggers. I know other people probably do think we are nuts. Don't care though!

  11. OMG! Love the personal touch and laughs! Poor baby takes things so seriously, has no idea about how many of us need a good laugh and how us girls love to share. For many there is no one to share with so don't stop! Bless you both!

  12. I love John! And, of course, you too! :) I don't have a Mr here so I don't have those fun conversations...more power to you girlfriend.


  13. Too funny! The meal looks great by the way. Thanks so much for sharing at the All Star Block Party!


  14. OMG!! Okay, so my lovely husband just looks the other way now and basically rolls his eyes at all the photo taking.... etc. etc.

  15. Oh Suzan - now I'm chuckling - the bathtub might me TMI but your dinner, people are interested in what you're eating and recipes. I started my food blog just to share recipes with family and close friends but have made a lot of new friends out there.

    Your husband would hate to be in my family. When we have a family dinner, all the dishes get set out on the table, buffet-style, and then there are several people jostling for a view, taking photographs before "dinner is served". I post on my blog, my nieces and nephews post on Facebook. If there is a particular favourite being served that a nephew is missing, my niece will take a picture with her phone and send it to him! J

  16. I read some of your conversations to MY husband John and we were both laughing til we cried! I think he was commiserating with your John a little more than I thought he should! I specifically read him the one about stenciling your table and toilet. So damn funny!!

    Please let your John know that we are not laughing AT him. I think we just can all relate but you are honest enough to throw it all out there!!!

    1. Oh Jaye - you're still a no reply blogger -
      Thanks so much for your comment lol - it is funny and I know these conversations are taking place in almost every house all over the blogmosphere - they're " global " conversations, definitely, lol

  17. So I am laughing so hard reading this. Too, too funny. When we discussed taking pictures of food, and I told you my poor husband is always afraid to take a bite, because I am trying to take pictures of it. You said John would not go for that because he takes his food seriously. You were right. You gave me my laugh for the day. Thanks for linking this with last weeks Adorned From Above Link Party. Have a great week.
    Adorned From Above

  18. Hi Suzan,

    This was just too funny to leave out. I wanted other people to read it. You are such a great friend. I really appreciate all of your encouragement and support.

    I have listed your posting as one of my featured links for this week on my Friday Favorite Blog Links

    Visit my blog to grab your featured blogger button.

    Have a great weekend

    Debi Bolocofsky

  19. no reply blogger!
    Thanks so much Debra for stopping by - I agree, he's hysterical LOL

  20. oh dear...I am not sure your furniture transformations or conversations attracts me in your blog...
    please never give up writing... hugs from Duygu... loves from Turkey

    1. LOL - thanks so much Hobimi!!!
      Hugs right back :)

  21. They just don't get it do they? I could spend a day searching for inspiration on Pinterest or another blog for a piece I want to paint, once I make up my mind and start prepping the project I spend the next hour answering Frank's questions as to why I am doing what I'm doing. Ummm hello! it's on Pinterest!




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