Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I WANNA live there Wednesday # 3

I live in a pretty incredible area - It's an historical neighbourhood loaded with tons and tons and tons of charm - just steps away from the city center, it's also a pretty expensive neighbourhood :( in which I live in basically servants quarters compared to what I'm surrounded by.)

Because there's days I don't have furniture makeovers to show you - I've chosen Wednesdays to showcase and feature one home that's for sale around here.................( or apartment - or duplex - or teepee )


Hi Everybody - we're on to # 3 of my series...................there aren't as many photos of this one ( no bedrooms - kitchen or bathroom in sight ) but it's still worth taking a look at in my humble opinion - are you ready?
And because of the missing photos - what the hell - I'll include a mini makeover and a John says - Suzan says 
at the end lol ) 

Ok - pull on up - just park on the grounds,  the valet will find a spot for it I'm sure - ( JOHN - park the cars please )

Check out the wainscotting on the stair wall - and the details just below the treads - Victorian at it's finest - obviously I will have to lift all the carpets but I bet the wood is spectacular underneath - hmmm - maybe I'll have 
marble installed in this area - what do you think?  Check out the built in through the opening at the end of this area - is that a spectacular built in or what?  Let's go check that baby out

Ok - those arches are seriously to die for, are they not?
And into the dining room........................

This looks like an apartment straight out of Paris doesn't it - I see a door to the left which must lead you out to the garden...............

Oh good grief - talk about GRANDEUR - 

Is it normal to get this excited over photos of a house you will, without a doubt,  never be able to live in? Probably not, we'll just add that to my list of disorders and move on to the living room now

I love the wall sconces - and the moldings - and the radiator covers - over to the right hand side - I don't miss a thing I tell ya..............................I love the built in ( not as grand as the D.R. but I love built ins regardless )

And that bright sunny doorway in the back of the room leads you to this

What a beautiful spot this would be for a couple of chaise lounges, right?  And what a perfect spot to read a book in....................

Next we head on down to the basement - 

In case you still have your fishing hat and fishing rod with you - can you please hang them up in the designated area  -

Hunting lodge circa 1940?  But oh what a hunting lodge circa 1940 it is....................................

And sadly that's all the listing shows - don't know why they wouldn't show the bedrooms - the kitchen is probably original and doesn't show well - little do they know that WE can see beyond anything.

This listing can be yours for 3,450.000.00 -
( I think the fireplace is worth 3,000.000.00 so it's really quite the deal )

Ok - here we go - we were on our way out on the weekend - again I'm all dressed up - hair done - and we were just pulling out of our alley in the back ( duh - as opposed to the alley in the front? )

Suzan screams - STOP THE CAR
John says - Now what?
Suzan says - I saw something
John says - What? There's absolutely nothing there
Suzan says - Please stop the car - I saw something I want
John says - Where for God Sakes? THERE'S NOTHING THERE - what do you want to take, the neighbours rose bush?
Suzan says - Stop the car John or I'll jump out while it's moving -

He stops the car and I run in my high heels - and grab my treasure and run back to the car

John says - I had to slam the brakes for THAT?

John says - how did you even SEE that?  What are you a hawk?
Suzan says - well it was there John - in plain sight - you must be going blind
John says - it's aproximately a 12 inch piece of rotting wood - excuse me for not jumping
up and down in glee for a piece of rubbish ( yes he called it rubbish - he's British remember )
Suzan says - I have something in mind for it
John says - You're not going to put that piece of *&^$ on your blog are you?
Suzan says - of course I am
John says - you don't get embarassed, do you?
Suzan says - not at all - absolutely not at all
John says - Just do me a favor ok?  Don't give any of our fabric customers your blog - I don't need them
to see what you're doing on the side - business is bad enough
John says - you're worse than a homeless person - they wouldn't even take that filthy piece of crap
John says - Good God - look at your hands, their filthy now
Suzan says - Oh be quiet John - or I'll wipe them on your suit...........................

Tonight I did this

because my " picking " and blogging seems to be removing a substantial amount of it from our home, lol

Kind of cute, no?

John says - You know what Suzan - I gotta hand it to you - I like it
Suzan says - Oh, go tell it on the mountain................................

And peace to all of you, my friends


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  1. That house? It will do. I would move into the basement and would have to be dragged into the real world. Even if it has atrocious baths and an ancient kitchen, that is the kind of house that makes me all warm and fuzzy! I can imagine the kitchen with big, old white cabinets, an enormous stove, a sink big enough to bathe a baby, black and white tile on the floor and shiny white tile on the backsplash. (I am glad there are not photos of the kitchen. I like the one in my head!)

  2. That house is gorgeous....lots of potential. Is it in Westmount? You guys are in the fabric business???

  3. Hi Suzan,

    1) yes, this place is Gorgeous!!! While the upstairs is incredible, I absolutely LOVE the basement and hooks and hunting lodge!
    2) My husband is British also, and he's more stubborn than the kids and I and now we all say things like 'rubbish bin, fish slice, a-loo-min-ium (as apposed to aluminum), lorry, etc... After our family reunion in Ireland with his siblings (all from England) we came back saying Blimey Crikey!
    3)its a small world being in the fabric business. I grew up in the fashion business in Toronto (shmutah), and my mom would send to fabric wholesalers to pick up sample yardage...
    4)You and your husband are hilarious!

  4. Beautiful house!! I am enjoying your blog, thanks for coming to visit mine. Your new follower,


    1. No reply blogger!
      Thanks so much Margaret!

  5. My heart actually skipped a beat when I scrolled and the fireplace came into full view!! WOW!!! Now to figure out how to make mine look like that! Oh wow...dreams...Pinning this for when I find that perfect screen.
    Lovely home...
    Debbie :)

  6. Wow...that house! It's gorgeous and delicious....can you describe a house like that?? LOL! What a charmer that house is, both inside and out. The fireplace with firebox?? It made me literally drool!!!! Love the built-ins and the arched doorways with the keystone at the top!

  7. Ooops....I forgot I wanted to tell you I loved the sign you made too! Too cute! What a great idea!

  8. Your sign is fabuous, most rubbish turns out that way once we get ahold of it right?! I love your post, you are hilarious and this house is fab too.

    xoxo, Tanya :)

  9. I would live there in a heartbeat!
    New follower and fellow Montrealer:)

  10. Great post Suzan :) I love this home! Your sign looks great and you saved it from a landfill. Tell John you are just doing your part on saving the environment :)

  11. I love this house!! The outside and the inside are so charming and have so much character. Love it!! I would live there too.


  12. Step behind me please, for I'm in line for that house first! lol What an amazing place! I loved the conversation with John, and love it that he was demoted to valet (pronounced as Jeeves would). Also like what you did with the 'rubbish.' lol Very nice! Putting the word PEACE on it was a brilliant move!

  13. I thought your peace sign turned out awesome. Wish I could find that kind of rubbish somewhere! Gotta say, though - not crazy about that house. I love the outside and a few of the features (fireplace!) but why in the world would they carpet it? I'm just in a major hating carpet phase, I guess!

    1. No reply blogger!
      Wow Jaye - you'd be hard to impress LOL
      I thought you had fixed the no reply blogger thingamajig?

  14. Oh- I like that house- LOVE the fireplace. How Kool is that? You got that, right? m'kay...

    I think that a PEACE sign is perfect for your house. I think you should put it on John's side of the bed so he has to look at it every day of life...xo Diana

  15. If I win that 50 million from lotto max this weekend I would buy that house, it is stunning. love love love the fireplace and that little porch area is oh so cute. And I love that sign, could use a peace sign here this last month. hugs Tobey

  16. Hey Suzy, I figured out why they didn't show the kitchen. If we had 3 mil to buy the house we wouldn't care if the kitchen was outdated. We wouldn't be using it anyway. We would have a chef!
    I really think we would nose around in the kitchen. Don't you?
    I just love you and John. You sound so like Bob and me. He once came in from a week long business trip and I had built a new room. Five days! Well, I didn't have to build the foundation. Our friends called us Lucy and Desi. I am passing the grape vat and conveyer belt to you.
    xo Ginger

  17. Hi Suzy!!

    My husband now realizes that he has no imagination when it comes to decorating. I bought 3 chandeliers for $20.00 with the idea of replacing our gold tone one with a black one. He was a good sport and sprayed one of them black for me and once we put it up he saw what my vision was.

    We saw it in a thrift(?) store for $235 without a paint job. He's slowly coming around to my way of thinking.

    Love your sign!!


  18. Oh gosh, that house makes mine look soooo boring! Our historic home was stripped of much of its charm. My fireplaces are pretty but NOTHING like that! wow! And I lurve your sign. Can you link this up to pin'inspiration thursday? http://www.addhousewife.com/2012/08/pin-inspiration-47.html

  19. HAHAHAHAHA! Oh my gosh!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE your conversations, Suzan!!!! You should haul out a tape recorder next time this happens and tell John you're going to put it all on YouTube! lolol! You two are just waaaaay too cute!!!

    Ok...now about that house. I WANT I WANT I WANT!!! Seriously!

    Better go buy a lotto ticket tomorrow....

    xoxo laurie

  20. Suzan,
    so glad you came by for a visit so I could find you! That house is fabulouse, the lodge basement is my favorite and love the look of the outside! You are tooooo funny! You should have told your husband you have the "hawk eye" when it comes to spying "junk to recycle! Sign is perfect, all you need to do is point at it the next time the subject of "rubbish" comes up! I'm your newest follower and will be back often!

  21. Too funny; what an amazing house! I'd move in to the sunroom in a second. Thanks much for your kind comments and visit to my blog! :)

  22. I wanna live there with you.
    Looks amazingly Thanks for linking up this week to the Creative Inspirations Linky Party!
    Stacey of Embracing Changebeautiful!

  23. There seems to be enough room in that gorgeous home for all the people swooning over it! What a lovely home!

  24. Very cute! My first visit - got here from Wow Us Wednesday and I really like your blog! Loved the house tour and the salvaged wood sign,

  25. Wow, I could live here in a second. Love the sun room, well, all the rooms are great.

  26. What a beautiful home! I love it inside and out!


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