Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I WANNA live there, WEDNESDAY - #1

I live in a pretty incredible area - It's an historical neighbourhood loaded with tons and tons and tons of charm - just steps away from the city center, it's also a pretty expensive neighbourhood :( in which I live in basically servants quarters compared to what I'm surrounded by.)

Because there's days I don't have furniture makeovers to show you - I've chosen Wednesdays to showcase and feature one home that's for sale around here.................( or apartment - or duplex - or teepee )

Here's the first one in the series ( and it seriously almost makes my palms too sweaty to type.)

This is around the corner from my FLAT -( ONE FLOOR ) and all it would take would be to win a lottery  - is that aiming too high - should I keep my dreams in perspective?
Tell me what you think - would you be dreaming of this?

The Exterior

The beige one smack in the middle


This is the entrance way - do you need a moment to absorb that fact?
I still haven't yet - THE ENTRANCE WAY???????
It's basically the size of my flat, lol
and what a dream come true to have a fireplace in the entrance way -
can you imagine the x-mas decorating
( I don't know why - but everytime I see a new house - I imagine it decorated for x-mas, strange that , really -
but then again I'm as strange as they come )
oh - and I would paint all that wood out - except for the stair treads and the floors everything would be WHITE

Oh - James - please take all these lovely ladies coats - I'm dying to show them the rest of our home - lol

Wouldn't change a thing - ok maybe I would paint the walls - but look at that
BAY WINDOW - look at those MOLDINGS - look at that FLOOR

Dining room - LOOK  at the little niche to the right - built ins?

Upstairs landing   - this had me at "skylight"
Perfect place to hang POM POMS from, lol?

OMG - there's a stair case in the KITCHEN - ( for servant's back in the day? )
Isn't this adorable?  Again I wouldn't change a thing except painting the walls.......

another view of the kitchen

Master Bedroom - ok seriously - do I need to even say anything here
except that this may not be a good series for me - I may end up in a serious depression -
because this room REALLY is the size of my home I think!

MY OFFICE - loving the corner fireplace - and the radiator covers and the
chandelier and the floors and the windows -
AGGGHHHH - too much!!!!

Check the floors - even in the basement - and a little bitty BAY window........

There are no photos of the backyard - but it could be swampland for all I care - really - they could tell me the entire back yard was made of quicksand - and that guests have been lost forever - they could tell me it
was a cess pool - I WOULD STILL BUY IT.  It "fits" me - every last detail -

And all this could be mine for just a little under a million dollars - 995,000.00 to be exact - which although may sound over the top, is actually a STEAL for this area....................

Now where can I steal that kind of money from.............................
JOHHHNNNN, start the car.

dahlink I love you but give me park avenue

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  1. OH.MY.STARS!! You had me with "the entrance way". I would gladly give up a kidney and half my liver for the kitchen. If I had a bedroom like that I would entertain (!) in it all day long.
    It's official. You have ruined my day...

  2. I tell you what Suzan - that bedroom would have some mighty fine celebrations going on in there, tee hee - ( is that too racy? ) I might even do a somersault and couple of cartwheels every night from the doorway onto the bed!
    The Flying Wallenda's would want to hire me!

  3. The bedroom is the size of my apartment too. I think we live in the same house, m'dear.

  4. Excuse me while I pick my jaw up off of the floor! WOW gorgeous!!!!

  5. Some things you just can't do a copycat on! I do feel it's a tich out of my price range. ~ Maureen

  6. Love it- We have rehabbed two old houses in the historical district of our town. I love the feel of an old house...and I would live in one of them again if I could...but...would have to move them on the water to please MyHero- xo Diana

  7. Gorgeous house. Love the floors and fireplaces. That is so funny about Christmas decorating. Whenever I see old white colonial homes I always think how beautiful they would be at Christmas time. x

  8. I could so see myself living there, but gosh, where could I paint furniture & do crafts? Even the basement is too pretty set up painting and staining stations. Ummm, I think if I could afford to live there, then I wouldn't NEED to paint furniture or do crafts!

    And just to show that you're not weird (or maybe I am too?) I think about decorating for Christmas when I look at houses.

  9. What a beautiful home! The trim work is just stunning! What a wonderful space for entertaining; and yes, I could definitely see a Christmas tree there! Beautiful!!

  10. Beautiful with a capital B. I'd live in it too even if the backyard was a snake pit!

  11. Wow... Beautiful! Thanks for your comment. Following you too!

  12. i want to live there too1 The staircase is gorgeous!

  13. The very first thing I thought of before I even read your post was "I would so love to decorate that mantel for Christmas!!!" Then I read your post and about flipped trying to write this comment so fast. My fingers are flying over the keys because I must be in sync with you or we must share a relative somewhere cuz' I think we have the same DNA!

    Beautiful post, thank you so much for sharing this lovely home with us, and for sharing yourself!

  14. I came over from Heaven's Walk.
    What a wonderful post!
    This would be my dream home, for lovely.

  15. Okay now you've got me depressed too! Love all the woodwork, is this downtown Montreal?

  16. What a stunning place! Wow! It is all beautiful, but what a fabulous staircase and floors!

    Thank you for sharing this lovely place at Potpourri Friday at 2805!

  17. What a gorgeous home--those floors--yow!! Thank you for sharing it with us.

    1. No reply blogger!!!
      Thanks so much Athena - hope you make it back to this post to know that I've replied!

  18. Hi Suzan!!

    Oh My Goodness!!!!!

    That house is absolutely gorgeous!! The master is so beautiful and huge!! It is so elegant. Can you imagine having a 1920s party? The person who buys this house is very fortunate.

    Wish it was mine!!

    Thanks for sharing and have a great week!!


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