Friday, February 6, 2015

A Friday Chat ( about this & that )

We were watching an old episode of Match Game last week.
For those of you that don't remember that show - it involved a hilarious star studded panel - 6 of them -
and 2 contestants.
The gist of it was a question was read out with a BLANK stragically placed in the middle or end of it.
The contestants chose what the blank would be - and hoped that the panel would come up with the same responses - points were gained for each " Match ".
Oh and it tended to get a little risque ( this is an old show so quite risque actually for it's day )

Question:  ( or as close as I can remember it )

A Football coach lamented that while most teams were going to the Super Bowl - his team was so terrible that he'd be going to the _______ bowl  ( play along if you'd like )

John yells out excitedly  - FISH BOWL !!!
Suzan says - Fish bowl?
Suzan says - WTH?
John says - Yeah - all crammed into a fish bowl
Suzan says - Please don't explain it - it makes it even worse.
Suzan says - You could never go on a game show
John says - What would you pick brainiac?
Suzan says - TOILET BOWL - obviously - c'mon John - what does a Fish Bowl have to do with a bad team?
John says - Only you would pick toilet bowl.................your mind's always in the gutter.

And we watched as the contestant responded with Toilet Bowl.
And we watched while she got a perfect match as all 6 on the panel said the same word.
A clean sweep.

John says - That does it - I'm finished watching - what a ridiculous show.
Suzan says - How did the Montreal Canadiens do against Buffalo ?  ( our Hockey Team )
John says - they lost - you know they did
Suzan says - Ugghhh - hope they're not going down the fish bowl..................

You wouldn't want to see him watching Wheel of Fortune - it's actually painful to see.
Sometimes I shed a tear for him.


I was sick last week -

John says - NOW will you start putting bloody socks on in the winter?
Suzan says - Socks have nothing to do with catching a cold.   Colds are viruses.
Suzan says - Look - I'm not dancing in the snow for crying out loud - I'm walking around my house.
Suzan says - Well I'll put flip flops on if it drives you that insane - but that's not why I got a cold.
John says - Why do you always have to be such a rebel?

OMG - A Rebel in Flip Flops...........................take a walk on the wild side.................
( in flip flops, that's me, I'm a risk taker obviously )

Please don't ever tell him that I sometimes ( most times really ) put my bare feet into my fleece lined boots if I'm just going somewhere quickly - I think he'd call an intervention.

I told you all that John's on a mission to keep the heating bills down last week.
Well not only are we playing tag with the thermostat - we're playing tag with the fire place too now.
( it's gas - so just a switch )

Suzan says - Listen to me very carefully - if I turn the fireplace on - DO NOT come behind me and turn it off 5 minutes later.
John says - We don't need it on 24/7
Suzan says - It was only on 5 minutes - that's a big leap from 24/7
Suzan says - I think that's how I got my cold actually - the house is too cold - I can't stand it

Later we were putting groceries away -
I lined up all the meat on the counter

John says - What are you doing that for ?
Suzan says - Well if you're going to keep the house like a freezer we might as well take advantage of it.

I cook a lot of small meals in the toaster oven...................
I made a chicken in there last week - while I was preparing veggies to go with it - I asked John to turn it on

John says - Do I put the dial on toast?
Suzan says - Yes John - while most people have roasted chicken - I think we'll change things up a bit and have toasted chicked - ( that's the rebel in me I guess )

2)  I explained to him that the timer only lasted 60 minutes - so it would have to be turned back on for a bit.
I came upstairs to do something or other - when I came down the toaster oven had turned off -

Suzan says - Didn't you hear the the bell?
John says - Yeah - what was that?
Suzan says - The oven - it needed to be turned back on -
John says - Oh - so did you turn it back on?
Suzan says - No - I feel like having raw toasted chicken..........................

The funniest line by a politician this week....................

A true Dirty Harry moment lol
John McCain snarling at protesters - " Get out of here, you low life scum ".................

Canadian politicians, on the other hand, are masters at denial - changing " select " words into
Fuddle Duddle
Pierre Elliot Trudeau - watch him get out of this one ! ( and his disgust of reporters LOL )


Winter started late here -
But it came - February is my worst month - I hate it ( even Valentine's day can't make me like it )

John says - Well it's not all bad - the Twin's birthdays are in February
Suzan says - They were premature - they were supposed to be born in April - which is one of the nicest months...............

It's the month where a lot of people end up depressed - and I get it.

By February - if you live in a 4 climate part of the world - you've had just about all you can take of short days and cold weather and snow.

At least there's hope - February's a bad one.
( even if your twin daughter's were born in it )

At least it's a short month - and one week of it has officially passed.

Have a great weekend everyone -
I have a few birthday celebrations this weekend - and then I may just hibernate for ......................
( with socks on ) 

Much love,


  1. Good morning Suzan. Happy Friday yeah end of the week!!! Love your this and that this week. You and John are the cutest. I am with you on the no sock thing. I cannot stand to wear socks. I wear the ugg boots that you are not allowed according to the fashion police to wear socks in ever!!!!! So love those and I either have my flip flops on or slippers not socks all winter long! I will be so excited when February is over and hopefully March will be better.
    Have a great week end.

  2. I am constantly barefoot in my house and my feet are always frozen. What we need are some adorable slippers that we are excited about wearing. Socks are boring.

  3. Fish Bowl?!?!?!?!?!?!? Dear me ~ I about PIMP at that one!!

    Hugs ~

  4. Fish funny.
    You and John are a hoot. Just never know what to expect from the both of you.
    Have an enjoyable weekend.

  5. Oh.My.Gosh! You had me wiping tears I was laughing so hard! You are quite the toasted chicken loving, flip flop wearing rebel, and you know you're headed straight for the fish bowl with this post! I LOVE it!!! Please come share your blog posts at the Home Matters Linky Party! We'd love to have you for a visit. The Door is OPEN. :)

    Life With Lorelai

  6. My feet live wrapped up in my homemade heat bag. Luckily it has a cover so I can wash it.... occasionally! Socks are so constricting. I always figure the turnaround happens at the end of January. We are almost out of the deep freeze! more frozen fish (bowls)

  7. Thanks for the chuckle this morning Suzan while I sip on my morning java. The rebel in me doesn't wear socks either in the winter and shhhhh I also slip those bare feet inside my boots. Flip flops 12 months of the year over here! I hear ya re: February, it's cold, there's more snow than we know what to do with, and the roads are crap. I'm also with you on not celebrating Valentine's Day. I want the pampering, chocolates, flowers, and dinners out throughout the year and not just one day when "that's what you're suppose to do".
    ...I'm not the average girl from your video. And I ain't built like a supermodel. But I learned to love myself unconditionally, Because I am a queen...

  8. I don't know how you do it. I have to wear socks all the time during winter. My husband and yours are on the same team when it comes to the thermostat. He would let me freeze to death if it would save him some money. Have a great day. I hope you feel better. I've been sick too. It is the pits.

  9. laughing . . . laughing . . . laughing - you're a hoot!

  10. I'm almost always barefoot in my house. I have to be really cold to put socks on. Oh bowl? Huh?!? I don't get it.
    We've been pretty dreary lately but we still need rain so I'm not complaining but the sun was a very welcome sight the end of this week! Looking forward to our 80 degree day they are predicting this week!

  11. My John could never get a single one of those match game things right. That was such a fun show and so "off-color" for its time.
    I go barefoot all winter in the house,t oo. Can't stand walking around in socks but I do wear tights quite a bit.
    I am in Florida for a few days and hoping that winer will seem short after I get home. Can't stand the cold this year! xo Diana

  12. Flip flop rebel! LOL! It was 70 here yesterday. We took the boys for a picnic out at the farm. (Sorry)


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