Saturday, February 28, 2015

Well excuse me........................

But I think you've painted my chair .........................

I wanted something Spring/Summer like - because I've definitely got a bad case of winter doldrums
And so I went with this fabric which I ordered on line.

Most of you liked it - some of you didn't -  John HATED it - while I secretly fretted over it not being what I imagined - it's hard to order things on line and get an accurate perspective of what it'll look like in person.

I told myself that if it didn't look good on the chairs I'd use it somehow in the blue guest room - but I really had a vision in my head

I saw a white French Provincial Dining Set in a Paris Apartment once - with bright colorful chairs - and it got filed away in my brain for  " some day "

It took it's time getting here but " some day " finally arrived !

Ooops - sorry - the fabric isn't stapled in the above photo !

I distressed the edges a little - so that it didn't look quite so pristine

Another thing I worried about was that I just eyeballed the measurements - ( who does that ?  really, there's something wrong with me I know )
But luckily I have just enough for 6 chairs - and I do mean JUST enough !

Here it is all stapled - nice and neat

Most of you that follow know by now that I'm a black and white and grey kind of person - I love color in other's homes - but have never been one to apply it in my own - so I don't quite understand why I'm almost giddy over these - but I am !
Doesn't it look like the happiest dining room chair?

They even make John happy !
Well he's not dancing around with glee or anything - but he actually said last night that he really liked them - and that's GOLD coming from him.

Suzan says - We'll paint the dining room completely white - and these will be the feature !
John says - I'm not sure about that
Suzan says - You're never sure about anything until you see it - you hated this fabric until it was on the chairs.
John says - I haven't made my mind up about keeping this set...............

Ok - we'll let him think I'm selling it -
But I'm not.
I can't.
I'm too in love.

I finished one of the arm chairs as well

I primed them first ( because of fear of tannin coming through AND to save money on paint )
By doing that, it only took 2 coats of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Pure White

The dining room ( or the office for that matter ) have not been touched yet - it's sealed off so that I don't have to look at it - but here's the seller's photo

Dear God ..............really, just Dear God

I don't even know where to begin - there's panelling and wall paper to come off ( including on the ceiling ) and those horrible heater covers and the color of the floor and and and ............
I'm sure it was lovely in it's hey day - but hey - that day has long since sailed.
We need to change the windows - and put in French doors to the garden - maybe add a window seat - this is going to be a lot of work.
But I know what's going in there when it's finished !

Ok there's only so much I can say about a chair LOL !!!

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone
I'll be painting a few more of them today -
And then a table
And then a buffet/hutch
And maybe, just maybe, a chandelier !

I've got sunshine ( on a cloudy day )
When it's cold outside, I've got the month of May......................

This is a 2 song post



BETWEEN NAPS ON THE PORCH                                 COASTAL CHARM
A STROLL THRU LIFE                                                     SAND & SISAL
STONE GABLE                                                                 KATHE WITH AN E
YESTERDAY ON TUESDAY                                           ELIZABETH & CO.
SAVVY SOUTHERN STYLE                                           FROM MY FRONT PORCH TO YOURS
MAYBE I WILL                                                                 THE CHARM OF HOME
FRENCH COUNTRY COTTAGE                                     TOO MUCH TIME ON MY HANDS
MY TURN FOR US                                                           MISS MUSTARD SEED
REMODELAHOLIC                                                          CHIC ON A SHOESTRING
THE GIRL CREATIVE                                                       LIFE ON LAKESHORE DRIVE
KNICK OF TIME                                                              THE SHABBY NEST
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  1. LOVE, Love, love that fabric with those chairs!! So cheerful ~ what a great tone they would lend to your DR! Definitely the happiest chairs anywhere!

    Perfect song ~

  2. Suzan,
    I love the chairs and the fabric. That is so different for you! I cannot wait to see the office/dining room area. The windows and floors in there are gorgeous. You will work your magic for sure in this room.

  3. I love those chairs!! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  4. The chairs are lovely, the coloured seats will look beautiful in your room!

  5. Oh my goodness, I am in love with them! The fabric is perfect and the detail on the chair backs is so beautiful! The dining room photo is quite unattractive, but I definitely see lots of potential and when you get through working your magic on it, it will be gorgeous! Happy painting!

  6. Love them! So happy. :-)
    That room...oh you poor thing. If the wallpaper is textured - paint over it! Especially the ceiling. Or put beadboard over it. Yikes. I can just see it all painted and fresh though and with the new table and chairs, a cozy, happy room. Oh how I wish I could come help you! It would be so satisfying!
    That fabric gives me happy thoughts! Have a good one,
    I want sunshine on a cloudy day!

  7. See- It's the winter this year, Suzan. It has made all of us a bit stir crazy. Remember I put COLOR in my dining room -windows and table...weird. I DO LOVE your chairs though. They look like graphic art to me. Perfect against the white backdrop.

    We certainly have tuned into the same music over the years.....
    I don't need no money, fortune or fame.
    I've got all the riches, baby, one man can claim.
    lol - I could claim more if given the chance. Have a great day. xo Diana

  8. Wow, Suzan, that dining room does need a facelift, haha. I can't wait to see the transformation. And I love your chairs...the fabric is really pretty!

    1. AND you have to believe me when I tell you it's far far worse in " person " LOL - that's the " good " pic !!!
      Thanks for the chair love Julie !

  9. I love those made over chairs! The fabric is fabulous and it adds such a cheery touch. Great job!

  10. I do really like the chairs. I see I'm in the minority here and I probably just shouldn't even say it, but I like the dining room in the seller's picture, lol. AND I think it'd be a great office too. Working with those windows all around would make me happy. :)

  11. Love the fabric and the finished chair. You did good!

  12. Love your chairs....gorgeous!!!


  13. I am so in love! Sometimes we have to take a risk and then we find we're absolutely in love! I did that with my hubby! ;-) ;-) <3

    1. Thanks SO much Laurayne !!!
      LOL with your hubby !

  14. Pretty chair! I love the loopy lines - so Frenchy. The fabric is pretty, too. You certainly are to be commended for your vision of what the DR can be!

    1. Thanks Ellen !
      Any room is just a box waiting to be done, right? LOL !!!

  15. Love the chairs and the fabric. I can see why they spoke to you...I would keep them too. I know when the time will work your magic in dining room or office, whichever you decide to use it for.

  16. Love it, the light distressing and the beautiful curve of the chair back and legs. The fabric is fun and flirty - like Spring. Good.God.That.Room! And people think the '70's were mod and hip. Good grief! I hated everything about them, the muddy colours, mixes of bad pattern, it was a migraine waiting to just happen. Oooo french doors, a window seat - squeeee! I can't wait. xo Patty

  17. I agree there is something very strange going on with the walls/panelling/whatever the hell those things are! BUT I really like the ceiling - or at least I would if it didn't look like someone had been smoking 20 woodbines a day in there for years :-D A bit of the Suzan white paint/grey paint magic and I think it could look super cool. I'm also very taken with the windows but then I live like a mole so any room with double aspect and THREE big windows looks like heaven to me LMHO Chairs are gorgeous BTW, sometimes you just have to surprise yourself, woman can not live on monochrome alone you know ;-))

    1. There's panelling - then a strip of wallpaper - then panelling - then a strip of wallpaper LOL - over the entire room !
      AND I love the ceiling - it's the only part of the room that I like actually - just not the wall paper that's up there currently !
      Those 3 big windows are completely useless - it's the darkest room in an already quite dark house - ( not sure why it looks so bright in that photo )
      I'm hoping French Doors make the room brighter -
      I've been living on monochrome color for a very long time - maybe that's my problem LOL !!!

  18. Love, love, love that fabric - simply glorious!! I too measure fabric by eyeball. Works most of the time. :) Can't wait to see the entire set and dining room some day! You do such fabulous work.

    1. Thanks SO much Betty !!!
      Some day will hopefully be within the next couple of months !

  19. I love how your chairs look painted white what a difference...and with that fabric they are just gorgeous!!!!

  20. I must say I really love the pop of colours in that fabric but of course, I'm very partial to turquoise too. The chairs look amazing and I can't wait to see the dining room's after photos. Have fun with this makeover! xx Pam

  21. I think I am seeing a new Suzan who likes color !?! The dining room pic looks like something from a 1980's Country Living. I am betting the fabric will change on those chairs when the room is completed. I'm just saying ...

  22. I never would have picked that fabric for you, but it clearly makes you happy and that's all that matters! I love paisley. You now have springtime in your home!

  23. Love love love the pretty pop of color with your chairs, Suzan! Such a happy, springy look! And oh my word! Your dining room is utterly amazzzing! It's got so much potential! I can hardly wait for you to wave your magic wand over it. :)

    xoxo laurie

  24. I just love seeing your before photo, because I know this room will end up looking absolutely nothing like it does now. I can't wait to see your style applied here, and I bet we will hardly recognize it as the same room once you work your magic. And if your pretty chairs are any indication of things to come, it really will be magical!

  25. I have a sudden urge to find some chairs with fabric on top of them... just to change it ;)

  26. Suzan, your chairs are lovely and I do meant lovely! If they are the inspiration for your dining room, I cannot wait to see it!

  27. That fabric looks lovely on your "new distressed" chair. But, good luck on that dining room. I can't wait to sit back and enjoy, I mean, feel sorry for you as I see all the work you do in there.

  28. Gorgeous. You have a fabulous eye and I can totally picture your room already. Those chairs scream spring with elegance and charm. Can't wait to see the room when it's complete.

  29. Your chairs are so lovely. The fabric is awesome. They look great.

  30. Love the choice in fabric and the back of these chairs are just stunning!

    1. Thanks SO much Gilly !
      Their my " happy " chairs LOL

  31. That *room* really belongs to you? Oh, my goodness. It can't possibly be yours. Please...make it stop!

  32. Those are the most knock-out chairs I've ever seen....Good Gosh....they are magnificent and I can see a white room really rocking these chairs....

  33. What beautiful fabric!
    I would love it if you stopped by and shard this on Monday's " Something to Talk About" blog hop!
    Have a great weekend!

  34. Hey now...I like that fabric and I am looking forward to seeing what you do in the study. Thank you for sharing at my Show and Share Party.


  35. Love that fabric! Thanks for joining HSH!


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