Thursday, April 5, 2012

Blinded by the light ( revved up like a deuce, another runner in the night )

I will not name this post with the joke that goes with this piece -
I simply refuse to - it's too tacky - too obvious -

John is picking this up tonight ( already went once but it did not fit in the car ) so it will be a runner in the night ( isn't it dressed up like a deuce? )

Whoa - enough orange for you guys?  Even the floor looks orange doesn't it - I wonder
what color their curtains are?  My sunglasses broke yesterday so I cannot possibly go with
John to pick this up - I am afraid my sensitive eyes would be " blinded by the light "
BUT, looking away from all that ( and please do - this was only meant for a quick before post )
check out the legs - and the small upper drawer - and the fitted glass on the top - and the handles - and the orange paint and the orange floor and the orange wall...........................

Am I cheesy enough to say the next thing? - don't say it Suzan -

too bad - here it is
Orange you glad I'm going to make this piece over??????
( Well I didn't use it as my title anyway ).



  1. Lolz!! This is a great piece, but yeah, somebody took the Tangerine Tango colour of the year concept a little too far....

    It definitely needs your expert touch.

  2. Bad pun, but yes, it deserves better. Actually though, I kinda like the orange it could look really good against a not orange wall.


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