Monday, April 23, 2012

Lots of projects

I once again have too many unfinished projects................I have a real problem with the last of anything - the striped dresser needs the handles put on - the Union Jack dresser needs handles - the Union Jack desk needs handles and some waxing - for some reason I tend to stop before I should and move on to the next thing on my list..................some kind of disorder behind that I am sure.
They have not sold yet - and as soon as I get a request for one of them I'll move my butt and get it finished but until then?  Wonder why?
Hey Nicole can you help me out with why I do this, lol?

In the meantime I did this a couple of days ago -

John likes how the color of the diamonds are the same color as the couch ( ascp Coco )- he doesn't know
yet that I intend to sell it - but it really is too big for our living room - and guess what?
I HAVEN'T WAXED IT YET..........surprise surprise surprise.

Have a good one all

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