Monday, April 30, 2012

I feel busy ( oh so busy )

I feel busy and witty and bright

Well maybe not so bright - but here we go, I have started painting the kitchen
Remember how much I hated the orange tiles ( I cannot say TerraCotta because this is just such a blatant attempt at a forgery )

ASCP is supposed to be able to cover anything ( even glass supposedly ) so I took my Coco and painted them

and have started painting the cupboards white - ( with glass handles - need me my sparkle )

and added a little subway art to the kitchen wall

and started another dresser - 

this is ASCP's newest color Antoinette - and I love it ( truly deeply madly ) 
I took the mirror off to paint separately - but aren't the lines of this dresser
I can't wait to finish this one - it's to go to Piorra Maison 
( sometime this week so have to move it.
And that's all folks - 


  1. ASCP on tiles? Wow!

    I love the Antoinette colour too. So girly and soft.

  2. Look'in Good. I can't wait to see it!

  3. You have been busy and it all looks amazing! I love the lines on the dresser :)


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