Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My name is Suzan and I am a bookaholic

I was cleaning out my bookshelves last night - and came across this

and my heart skipped a beat - this was my favourite book in grade ( I am assuming 4 lol )
I spent most of my school years reading as much as I could get my hands on - devouring every word
like a starved child - in grade 1 the library consisted of 3 shelves the length of the chalkboard - and I
had read every book by the time christmas arrived and memorized some of them of which I would stand
on one leg hopping up and down and recite to the teacher, lol, what a weird child.  So I was allowed to
go to the other classrooms after school finished and borrow books from grade 2.  I can still remember
the excitement of opening the first page - wow - this was as big as christmas for me, honestly, and I can
tell you it remains with me today.  It's a passion - put me in front of a T.V. and I can barely keep my eyes open, give me a book and I can sit up all night until I've finished it - I'm a greedy reader - cannot portion it out to a little bit every night.

Ok so we've established my passion for the written word - but this post is about something else.  My tendency for petty theft.  We all know of my escapades of sneaking out in the middle of the night and cutting down branches, right?  If not, you can read about them HERE  - so I opened up this long lost treasure of mine and lo and behold the first thing I see is this

Property of Bedford School -  School Board of Greater Montreal - this book is on loan to the student
( loan being the operative word here I suppose, I could still return it ) If lost or damaged a penalty will be imposed.
Please tell me you remember the famous Seinfeld episode about this subject, lol.

Anyways, it gets better.....................

The date reads Oct 3, 1968 - AND IT IS NOT MY NAME!!!!!!!!!!! I'm free!
Poor Vasilios came to Canada from Greece and could not speak a word of English when he entered our class - ( I can remember being drawn to children from other countries - and taking it upon myself to teach them english - oh I could have some funny posts about that!!! ) and he promptly developed a crush on MOI. -  when valentines day came he gave all the girls a card
like this

(OMG - will you think I am really really weird if I tell you I can distinctly remember this particular card -
I couldn't tell you where I've put my favourite earrings last week - but I definitely remember this card, lol)

BUT he gave me a little Eiffel Tower broach.
If that was the start of my love of all things Paris, thank you Vasilios,

Ok so again I digress - back to my story -

So now I am wondering did I somehow use his crush to my advantage to get this book from him ( I must have - because my name is certainly nowhere to be seen ) Was I harbouring dishonest tendencies at the ripe age of 9 years old?  And really I could just picture myself doing it - I could just imagine that I HAD to have this book - the frightening part is that I somehow managed to have him give me his copy ( there's something   innocently romantic about this Bonnie and Clyde story, isn't there? )
If that was the start for my love of Poetry, thank you Vasilios

And here was the reason I had to have the book most of all

If that was the start of my life of crime - I have no one to thank but myself - ( but Vasilios is
definitely an accomplice )
Your petty neighbourhood thief -

P.S. If the library Police come knocking on my door do you think I could get away with blaming Soda again?

She would have been a puppy in '68 so that would make her hmmm  44 years old ?


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  1. Thanks so much!!! BTW - I cannot send you an email - you're a
    no reply blogger so hope you check back!

  2. Really nice blog :)
    Greetings from Poland ✿ܓ

  3. 44 wow, now that would be how many years in dog years :) Very sweet, thank you for your visit.

  4. OMG you gave me my laugh for the day! Susan, Susan, Susan... I stopped by to nab your picture for FB and got a laugh instead!!!

    Your too much.
    talk soon

  5. What a great post! The picture of Soda is just precious! Looks like she pooped out after reading for several hours. :-) Thanks so much for sharing Soda at our Rockin' Pet Linky Party! I'm now following and look forward to reading more of your delightful blog. Have a great day!


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