Friday, May 4, 2012

Covered in paint

I am happily covered in paint tonight - pink - black - offwhite - you name it, on my clothes, my hands, possibly even my hair - my hairdresser sometimes can tell what colors I've been working on...............

Almost finished this one

except for that one drawer - which is now in the process of being glued and clamped - will show the
before and after when it's completely finished...............but it's soooo pretty.

and I am now working on this one

another subway dresser -

and am picking this one up on Sunday

this is also supposed to be a subway dresser - but I have to tell you - this is the first time in my life that I feel slightly sick about painting something - the tiger stripe veneer on this art deco is fabulous, isn't it?
I'm really really torn with this one - it may have to sit on hold for awhile.
I am a fanatical recycler - if I spot something in the garbage that John has thrown out that should be recycled I promptly remove it from the garbage - wash it - and put in the recycling bin - grumbling the whole time mind you - but I do it, every time - because recycling matters.
And that is why I have such a passion for the furniture that I give a second life to.
But it seems a sin to try to give a second life to something that is still so beautiful ( and apparently in impeccable condition ) am I destroying a part of North American furniture heritage?
My God - my whole like is consumed with guilt - I am always feeling guilty about something - please don't tell me it's going to start now with furniture too?

Will keep you posted on this one!



  1. If the dresser is in really good condition you could just put some danish oil on it. It would be so beautiful.

  2. Another blogger just ruined a beautiful art deco dresser.
    Think again on this one. If you don't like it unpainted someone else will find their treasure.

  3. If it's in good shape I wouldn't touch it, it's absolutely beautiful. A friend gave me a waterfall dresser that was painted lime green - it even had its original hardware. I stripped it and oiled it with tung oil and it turned out beautiful. And it's nowhere near as beautiful as this one.


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