Thursday, December 13, 2012

O Holy Night



My favorite Christmas Carol - bar none.

I used Annie Sloan Graphite and White - and dollar store glitter. And can I tell you that I have glitter from one end of the house to the other?  This stuff is like rabbits - it multiplies I swear -  how can 1 itsy bitsy little bottle create such havoc?  It's on my face - in my hair - stuck to my feet - on my clothes - pajamas - housecoat - and I swear I thought I saw some in my potatoes tonight at dinner lol!
I colored in the wording with a white crayon pencil ( using stencils )
The wood is actually a melamine shelf left over from one of my makeovers.

And now I'm so excited I can hardly type - have any of you heard Anita from  Far Above Rubies renditon of O Holy Night?
I've listened to it over and over - John sang in a choir for many many years in England and here in Canada
( if I can ever get him to agree to it I'll post his version of " Were you there when they crucified my Lord " )
and he was in awe of Anita's voice.................
AND it isn't only her voice - it's the passion and the love she puts into this song that could reduce me to tears.  I bet you can't listen to it only once!
Warning it's addictive - and may cause inner peace
What a beautiful talented lady.......................
I wish I could be sitting beside you when you listen to her the first time - just to see your expressions

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  1. Such a creative idea. It turned out really great!

  2. This turned out so beautifully! Thanks for sharing with us how you made it out of simple products. I am getting ready to start glittering some bleached bottle brush trees...I guess I should prepare to be glittered myself, huh?

  3. So, your plan was to make me sob like a baby? Seriously, one of my favorite hymns. I have sung it in many places and the notes in the last phrasing always both thrill me and kill me.

    Glitter? I have not touched the stuff since my sons were in their teens and I thought I would edge glitter some letters and make a garland for the tree. Long story short, I ended up appearing at work with long streaks of glitter in my hair. I looked like a hooker in a suit.

  4. Wow,wow, and wow - I have goosebumps... Beautiful voice... Love your sign - such artistic talent. The glitter is so much fun....I have glittered several things this year and I have to agree that stuff does grow and covers everything but, I love it. Have a great weekend...

  5. Oh Suzan! You have just started my day out beautifully! Your project is great and I hear you about the glitter! That video is just amazing! So very talented! I would love for you to talk John into doing that video! That song was one of my favorites when I was younger! Tell him the United States of Danni wants to hear it!!

  6. All beautiful....

    Glitter potatoes is an awesome idea. Do you think it would look as attractive in rice?

  7. Cute artwork! But... I was left wanting to hear some comments from John about the glitter everywhere!

  8. Your artwork is gorgeous! I love it but what really thrilled me beyond words is Anita's rendition of that song. I am blown away and am going to post it on my blog, too, later this week- xo Diana

  9. One of my favourite Christmas carols... and a beautiful piece of art too!

    So, are you adding Glittered Potatoes to your Christmas menu this year?

    Happy weekend,

    ¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
    (¸.·´ (¸.·`¤... Jennifer

  10. So beautifully sung, very emotional...she sings straight from the heart to the viewer's heart. Incredible...
    Debbie :)

  11. She does have a beautiful voice - lovely to listen to as I work on some Christmas projects here on the computer.

  12. You are so creative and so right. Goosebumps. Thank you.

  13. This is so incredibly beautiful! I just love it and will have to make one for next year. Thank you for sharing :) Have a lovely day!


  14. oh, i love this! how beautiful! stopping by from diy by design.

  15. You really know how to give a girl cold chills. Her voice was gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing. Love the glittery trees. It always amazes me when I use glitter how that when I pour the excess back into the bottle is looks as though none has been used. And yes, I find it everywhere! They say it makes every thing purdy. Sure hope it does the same for this gal because I am always wearing it! Thanks for linking this to Share Your Cup.


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